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Havoc Bot v2.0

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Version: Age of Kings 1.0

The AI lacks the coding that tells it how to manage and gather resources! If you take out the cheating, the AI will LOSE. It will have no resources and won't know how to get more!

I added cheating because the AI is not as smart as us. You have a huge advantage over the AI since you have much superior resource managing techniques. I've also seen that the AI stops farming and gathering resources late in the game. This cannot be fixed and is evident on all the AIs, including the default AI. That means the AI gets no resources and lets you easily win. You can still starve the my AI though. Late in the game, the AI will "use up its resources" and start building mostly Pikeman, Skirmishers, and Light Cav. They will build wonders but since only one peasent works on it, it would take forever to build, so don't freak out when they start building one. The difficulty has been toned down overall but harder in the fact that it will counter what you build and is a lot mor efficent. It can easily beat at least 3 of any other AI out. It took out 7 default AIs but I didn't really test it with the other AIs much. All I know is that it can easily kill them. BTW, this AI will use Trade Carts.

I concentrated this AI on the military aspects of the game. Since good players can easily kill a AI by rushing it early or using other cheese tactics which the AI doesn't know how to counter, I made it harder to do that. It builds a military early so it can defend from a rush or forward buildings. It uses Camels and Pikeman since I've seen that people can easily kill the AI with an army of nothing but Paladins. On the AI's I've seen, they build nothing. They build peasents but no army until late in the game which makes their attacks futile. An early rush will easily kill them. They stop all farming late game and just waits for you to kill them. This AI is different. It defends and attacks and acually provides a long intellegent game requiring strategy.

Now this AI supports water and land. They will build transports and a navy on water maps, a few ships in part water maps, and no ships in land maps. It rebuilds the walls if they get knocked down or they chop out a hole in the wood. They will respond depending on what you build and each civ will act differently. For example, if you build tons on Paladins, it would respond with Camels or Pikeman. If you build archers, skirmishers will be made. The Mongols will tend to build a lot of Cav. Archers and Mangudai while the Japanese will use mainly archers and infantry. It defends itself unlike all the other AI's and will make it much more of a challenge to kill.

The AI does not build much siege now and they have an army composed of more living things. In the last version, there was too much siege and some people conplained. The AI is still very hard but it doesn't advance as fast, builds more peasents, and builds less siege. They use combined arms, even the Franks. The Franks build lots of paladins, but will still support them with Throwing Axemen and such. If you try to counter the Paladins with Pikeman, for example, they will build infantry to take care of them ;P

I myself really like my AI. I play it all the time. It's hard and fun and since you only need just one, it won't slow down your game. I first played MDE Agr AI and thought it was great, but lacked a lot of things and was way too easy. I modified it greatly for months and now, it plays like a completely different AI. Then I thought, hey! People want a harder AI, why not submit this in? That is how this AI came to be.

For the people who are ignorant and insult me saying "cheating sucks, no wonder it wins".
"This is very disappointing. I took out the cheat and it didn't do anything." Well maybe if you read the instructions. I don't really give a crap if you hate my AI. Because you can't beat it doesn't mean you can come up and flame me for it. I like my AI and it gives me a challenge. I'm going to continue making this AI for myself and my friends who have great fun with it. Be prepared for the next version!

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Havoc Bot is an old AI File, predating the release of the Conquerors Expansion back. It was one of the first AI's, being ID 16. Temjin_Bot's AIs were controversial in that he approved of having them use cc-resource adding cheats to improve performance, which was as debated then as it is now. I remember playing it on my old Win98 machine many years ago, and having trouble beating it. It uses cheats to gain resources, sure enough, but not so much as make it look stupid. Havoc Bot doesn't just drop ten barracks' ane create militia from all of them at the start of a low-resource game, I would never have noticed it cheating if I hadn't read it in the description. While some would question whether making AIs with cheats makes you a good scripter, Temjin_Bot certainly went to a lot of work with this. I played it several times (with my AoK CD), and found it a very tough opponant. It resists attacks well, and will harass your expansions to no end. It beats the ES AI at a ratio of 3/1, and performs reasonably well against other AIs (even ones written for the Conquerors Expansion). And remember, you must look at it in context. This was uploaded in the times when playing the game itself was a very imperfect art, with build-orders like the Flush and FC not yet around. Even though it's strength lies largely on the back of cheats, the scripter certainly did a good job writing this.
Rating: 4.5
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:
This is a very strong bot. When it versed 3 computers on Hardest, it won strongly. Ofcourse, the neverending resources helped quite a bit. There were just a couple things I noticed, though:

1) It seems to have trouble with walls.
2) In the first rush, the AI had all of its militia (a fair number of them, to be sure) to walk straight to the Town Center. On it's way there the party was halved by towers and defending militiamen.
3) Siege weaponry would much ratcher mow over peasants than destroy a tower or wall.
4) It advances WAY too fast. It was in the Feudal Ages in 8 minutes, and in Imperial Ages in 20 minutes (second best Imperial tech was 50 minutes). The cheat codes should be restricted so that, instead of giving it 6000 of each resource off the bat, it should only give it adequet resources for teching. Like, how many resources does the best player in this game have before he techs to Feudal? Watch replays and stuff for numbers.
5) The AI has cheats AND has peasants gather resources. IMO, AI's should either cheat or gather -- not both.
6) It has a nice sense of humor. Expand on that. Also, if a player is on the bots team, it might be an idea to have the bot spam the chat channel less. Or maybe even respond to player-given taunts (Like if a player says Raiding Party!, then have the computer gather his troops and kill something).

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