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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Hengist, Horsa and Vortigern - 449 AD

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Hengist, Horsa and Vortigern - 449 AD

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
449 A.D. Hengist, Horsa and Vortigern

It is a mixed-type campaign (a single) inspired by medieval chronicles written by Venerable Bede, Gildas and Nennius.
The events take place in the mid-5th century England.
In 449 A.D. British king Vortigern invited Saxons and Jutes to fight for him against Picts and Scots. They came in three ships under the brothers Hengist and Horsa and landed at Ebbsfleet not far from the old Roman fort of Richboroug. For their services Vortigern allowed them to settle in the Isle of Thanet. Soon, however, the newcomers turned on their host. Horsa was slain in battle (not with the Picts, as may well happen in the scenario, but with Britons near Aylesford) and Hengist with his son Esc (or Oisc) afterwards ruled the kingdom.
It is a part of a whole series of Early Medieval England campaigns which we hope to submit to your attention in the nearest future.

Any criticism would be much appreciated. Nothing we create is perfect,but it is worth trying to bring at least something to perfection.



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Map Design4.0
I played this scenario on hard and found it to be interesting,but not too difficult.With nearly all stand alone scenarios that are pretty good,they leave me wishing the designer would have held on to them longer and expanded them to several levels.Thus making them a true campaign.Also,as far as i can tell,there are not any bugs in this scenario.

This is a mix of limited role playing with a fixed force.The Hero is weak and does no regenerate,so you have to be careful with him in battle.You can have a little fun by joining in on the cut scenes to do some battle,but this is not how the game rolls out.It's always fun to see how you can affect the outcome by going around the instructions.

There were some good triggers and cut-scenes.I liked the fact that the cut scenes were rolling while you were playing.I also liked the limited technology tree.It added a twist to the game.

Map Design:
As with the designer's other scenarios the map design is appealing.There is good use of elevation,eye candy,good use of terrain and a strategic use of resources.

The storyline is unique with easy to follow instructions.Again,with a stand alone scenario i feel as though there is not enough content to place it on the cutting edge.

In closing i would reccomend downloading this stand alone scenario.There is some very interesting aspects to observe.And this comment is to other designers or would be designers.
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
"449 A.D. Hengist, Horsa and Vortigern" is a single scenario, a mix of FF and interactive cut-scene with B&D elements. It is part of the five set Early Medieval England series by Enoth. The events take place in the mid-5th century England and are inspired by medieval chronicles written by Venerable Bede, Gildas and Nennius. You play Hengist, a Jute who was invited by the British King Vortigern together with his brother Horsa and the Saxons to fight the Picts and Scots.

PLAYABILITY: This historical scenario starts as a cut-scene, which is well done and later becomes an interactive cut-scene at the players will. All runs smooth; I encountered no bug or lag. Unfortunately the victory conditions demanded to destroy the buildings, hunt down the last villager. 4

BALANCE: The scenario was played twice on hard and is too easy. If the player takes his time as told, there won't be many enemies left and if you rush behind Horsa to the battle field, you may find that the survival of your main character is not necessary to win. 3+

CREATIVITY: Good use of triggers, creative cut-scene, history and the story with a twist are to mention. It added to the game play that the player could determine when to take part in the action. 4

MAP DESIGN: Custom made, definitely better than random, with terrain mix and elevations. 4

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The good impression starts with the author’s description page, informative history section, clear objectives, enough hints and a small story with a twist, a family affair, not enough developed in game, but well supported by the history. The scenario has an introductory bitmap which I saw in other of Enoths’ work and IMO a designer should provide a different BMP for every upload. 5-

OVERALL: Worth a download.

OBSERVATIONS: Some of these Early Medieval tales are a bit short and they would suit better in one upload, especially as they use mostly the same sounds and all the same bmp.

SUGGESTIONS: Set a trigger to make the player loose when Hengist dies.

IN CLOSING: I recommend all of Enoths’ work; just enter his name in the search section. If you are interested in the Early Medieval England series, the other downloads are: The Martyrdom of Saint Alban; 410 AD Romans leave Britain; 429 AD The Life of Saint Germanus and 635 AD Aidan comes to Northumbria.

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Map Design4.0
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