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Blackwind Religion

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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
This script will bombard you with monks. You'll end up fighting your own men :)
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Bingmann This AI is great! If your strategy relies on hand-to-hand
"shock troops" such as paladins or champions, you will
hear a large sucking sound as your troops change sides.
This AI should be called "The Vampire".

Suggestion: Edit the script to set sn-cap-civilian-gatherers
to either -1 or 200 to prevent many villagers from standing
around instead of collecting resources.
Falconhurst Great AI.

I was surprised to find though that blackwind religion totally chews up BingAI v2.3, without building a single offensive unit except for monks & trebs! It's not even close; it's all blackwind religion from about the 25 minute mark on.

I thought blackwind religion would fall to the computer AI when rushed with infantry and archers(rock/paper/scissors), but I was wrong. This is a surprisingly viable AI, in spite of how shocking it may sound to build no conventional military units!

The AI is a little slow getting to castle (Bing AI beats it in speed here), and could benefit from some economic touch-up. Also it doesn't build a second town center until quite late in the game, so doesn't boom like it could. In spite of that it has no trouble handling the standard computer or Bing opponents. It wipes them out with their own men.

Someday I'd like to see an AI that really booms well and puts out villies from 3 or more TCs once you hit castle. Even with a pop cap of 200, this doesn't really play much differently than if the pop cap were 75. So it is easy for a boomer to beat this on an economic basis alone.

Keep up the good work.

Bingmann Make sure to choose a civ that has Redemption for this AI. Otherwise, an all-siege army will easily destroy it. Use only Byzantines, Chinese, Japanese, Saracens, Teutons, or Turks.

Falconhurst - The AI can only task 50 villagers. A 200 pop booming AI is impossible in the current version of AoK.
Aoking well this AI isn't as good as I thought it would be. In the case of this AI the best offense is a good defense. If you can put up walls,castles and/or towers then you can protect yourself from the enemy monks easily. then just pump out some trebs and some light cav (light cav are heavily resistent to conversion) then you can protect yourself from the enemy trebs. lastly just have some repairers on hand to repair your damaged defenses (especially your trebs) and you have a perfect defense against this AI. its pretty much a waiting game after that. if you want you can send some seige onagers (if you have em) to cut down some of thier wood to cause them to not have as much.

Put simply, if you can defend yourself and try to cut off this AI from as much resources as possible then you will EVENTUALY be able to defeat them.
gamerdaddy Gosh! AoKing must be an awesome expert to say those things! I play against this AI sometimes and even today it takes me a lot of effort to defeat it.
Anyway, Blackwind Religion is an amazing opponent, for both human and computer players. I find it so fun (and funny) when I take a look at its village and see all those monks reading and walking around, as they were very busy studing and preparing for battle! How I laugh when I see that! Even being sure that my village's doom is certain... LOL :)

[Edited on 03/03/11 @ 03:48 PM]

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