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BingAI v2.3 (land only)

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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
BingAI version 2.3 is the final revision of the BingAI version 2 AI that implements an imperial boom followed by a paladin flood. This AI is for land maps only since it does not make ships.

Changes for this revision include:

1. Added an "unlimited resource" mode when difficulty is set to "hardest". (This AI will only cheat if the difficulty is set to hardest.)
2. Persians will now make half elephants and half paladins. Teutons will now make one third Teutonic knights and two thirds paladins. Saracens will now make half mamelukes and half knights. The rest of the civilizations will still make all cavaliers/paladins. Monks and trebuchets are also made for support.
3. The command to tell reinforcements to join an attack will not be given unless there is at least one trebuchet available to participate.
4. Age times have been improved again with castle times in 18-20 minutes and imperial times in 23-25 minutes for a 75 population cap.
5. More castles and towers are built for death match games.
6. It will now keep a lower profile when trying to build up to attack strength instead of throwing endless units into losing defensive battles outside of the town.
7. Reinforcements will now be sent to join the fight in shorter intervals.
8. Extra villagers are made before imperial age for 25 population cap games.

Fixes for this revision include:

1. Fixed the problem where it would not make any military units if it hadn't built a mining camp. It will no longer wait for mining camp technologies if there are no mining camps.
2. Fixed the problem where it would run out of space in the town for more buildings on the higher population limits. It will gradually expand the town size if key buildings are not being built.

This AI was designed to beat other AI players. Good human players will find its unit mix to be easy to counter; AI players are unable to use the tactics required to defeat these units. Also, this AI will only attack when it has reached maximum attack strength since that provides the
greatest chance that the attack will succeed. The tactical AI only scouts in a random pattern, so it is impossible for the AI to know the relative strength of the opponent for timing an earlier attack without cheating. The "defensive" tactical AI is much better at fighting than the "offensive" tactical AI, so attacking with less than an overwhelming force is a waste of resources. This is not an issue with unlimited resources, so the AI will attack earlier when difficulty is set to hardest.

Hint: Playing against an AI with unlimited resources is very difficult. There is a bug in the game that makes it a more reasonable undertaking. If you destroy a building that is under construction before it is finished being built, that AI player will be unable to build another building of that type for the rest of the game. Attacking a villager that is building the building will cause the villager to cancel the building, so don't confuse that with the building being destroyed. You have to kill the villager with one blow (before the building can be cancelled) and then destroy the building, or you have to destroy the building faster than the villager can build it.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Johnny_Blackwind Wicked imperial time for an AI. Nice expansion. Putting out
some defenses 18min. in the game and researching all the
econ. technologies would help though.
ColdLine A neat but by no means necessary additon would be a random name generator. I'm not the person who knows how do do it, or if its hard or easy to do, but if the comps can do it, why can our ai files do it? I also want to comment on how good this ai is, it plays very nicely and hits hard and fast. Might want to make it build TA's when playing franks to further improve it. Good Job!
Aoking I sure am glad that I played with this AI instead of against it to see what it can do. If you want to counter this AI then you need VERY good defenses along with an army of either pikemen or camels or both. this is a very nice AI

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