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BingAI v3.1 (land only)

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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
BingAI v3.1 - Feudal Rush (land only)

This AI file builds men-at-arms, spearmen, archers, and skirmishers, attacking in the Feudal Age with reinforcements
sent to attack every 60 seconds. It tries to harass the enemy villagers and keep them bottled up in the town center until battering rams can be sent in the Castle Age to finish
the job. No other types of units are made except for one scout cavalry for scouting and one monk to gather relics. The AI will progress all the way to the Imperial Age and get all of its unit upgrades, but by that point it should have either won or lost the game.

The AI will favor making troops to counter the largest enemy
threat that has been discovered - pikes vs cavalry, skirmishers vs archers, etc. It starts out with a preference for skirmishers to better withstand the withering fire of the enemy town center.
This AI usually beats late-army AI's such as BingAI v2.3 and SlakBot. More balanced AI's such as MDE Aggressive and
Doug's Test AI are able to parry the Feudal rush and win with unique units, knights, and siege weapons. A good human opponent should be able to defeat this AI by either relocating or training a concentrated defensive force to overwhelm the attackers as they come trickling in.

Set the difficulty to "hard" for the best performance without cheating. Set the difficulty to "hardest" to give the AI unlimited resources. This AI may have trouble on larger maps since the AI scouting sometimes won't find the opponent for a long time which ruins the chances of a Feudal rush.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Dan Cieslak Good job, Bing! This is a very novel AI; have you considered merging your two versions so that it randomly picks a personality (e.g. 35% feudal rush)? That would make it very interesting.

Any thoughts on adding Naval support?
Wong Edan This AI is very slow in advancing to imperial-age.
Try to restrict your army production in castle-age.

This AI is very weak if must face 2 or more alied team.
Barbarian This is a good ai to practice using weak units eg pikemen as this ai produces mostly weak units, worthy of a download.
Start the game at post imperial age, dm, it does hold it's own.
Aoking Is there somthing I did wrong? I played 1vs1 against this AI on a tiny 2 player black forest map in deathmatch mode on the easiest difficulty level and it didn't rush me at all. all it made was a scout cavalry and it NEVER advanced past the fuedal age. does it have to be set on hard or hardest before itl do anything?
CRAZEDMANIAC AOking did you read wat he said, bcuz if you did, you would understand why it didn't work.
no further comments other than that this is a very nice AI

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