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Gothmog II v6.0

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Version: Age of Kings
This is Version 6.00 of Gothmog II - The NON-CHEATING AI.

This is an interim upgrade but well worth a look. New features include...

1). Civilisation specific programming to take advantage of the civ Gothmog II plays.

2). Fast tracking up through the ages. Gothmog II now sets villager specific tasks so that he can upgrade quickly.

3). Modifications to the economy for improved/more realistic performance.

4). Numerous bug fixes and tweaks to improve the overall performance of Gothmog II

Comments and suggestions welcome

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
mani Sorry to say this, but this AI suck, and very easy!!!!!
I don't recommend to anyone to download this one and test it, it dosn't worth the effort

I don't need this lousy AI
Gandalf Gothmog, your AI didnt seem to include an .ai file, and didnt show up in the list of available ai's in random map.
X27 Yes, this is an easy AI to beat if you turtle. However, it doesn't cheat, and puts up an very impressive attack (for a non-cheating AI). Overall, this is a very good AI.
Durachu Hey! It's not nice to diss on someone like that. Have you ever thought of 'constructive critisism'?

It sounds good, im gonna try it

To mani: Can you make an AI script better than his?
Agent I think this AI is pritty good, it isnt super hard (or bing AI like) but it is very realistic of a real person. I think moni has something crammed to far up his.... well... any how. I have been using gothmag for a while before I left AOE2 and am pleased with its progress :)
Art of War hey this is a pretty sweeeet ai for a non-cheating one, ppl like mani doesnt really know cr4p about making ai's. although it's not TOOOOO hard to kill but it totally wasted my forward troops/base at the 1st time i play. this is cool, i'm lookin' 4ward to the next version (hey non-cheating ai rulz ;)
FinalChances A DARE FOR YOU!!!!!!

I make a custon map where your AI script doesn't work properly. If you want, I can send it for you. Contact me by, ok!!!
LAertes kudos*
LAertes Good for a non cheating AI and kuds to the designer for letting his work speak for itself when people where ragging on it.
Gothmog II is an AI by the well-known scripter of the same name. While it is somewhat lacking on the strength department, it is a flexible and versatile file. It has over a dozen files, and a comprehensive readme explaining the AI and how it works. It struck me that perhaps the readme exaggerated a little (making Gothmog II sound better then it actually is). Gothmog II's main problem is that it's slow, and can be overpowered by even a newbie human player. I tested it against many other AIs with my AoK CD, and it lost every time. When left to itself for a few hours, Gothmog II will slowly build itself up over time in both economic horsepower and military units, but seemingly skips many crucial technologies. In the time I played against it, I never saw Gothmog II upgrade its knights, or research the last set of Imperial blacksmith technologies. A few times, it will launch a halfhearted rush at the start of the game, but if you anticipate it, it is easy to knock over. If you build walls, Gothmog II is completely helpless! This is because siege rarely finds its way into Gothmog II's arsenal, so it struggles countering fortifications -- be it a defensive line of bombard towers and fortified walls, or simply stone wallings around its feudal age buildings. Gothmog II will build units starting from the feudal age, and also defensive towers, so rushing it is not at all easy. Gothmog II is a noisy AI, and it is recommended you download the full set of taunts from the Market. And I liked the liberal doses of humour added to the text messages. If you play as Japanese, Gothmog II will tell you "It's the Yellow Peril, remember Pearl Harbour!" If you ask it for stone, it will tell you "Just chop off a few of your peasant's heads, that will provide plenty of stone." It is, on the whole, a defensively motivated AI, attacking is most definately not it's strong suit.


-Inexperienced players
-People practicing their flush


-Experts who enjoy a tough game
-People who like to play defensively

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