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GuyShorashieV1.0-No Cheats

Author File Description
Guy Shorashie
File Details
Version: Age of Kings
*********************************GuyShorashie V1.0!***********************
********************************** Non-Cheating Version *************************

This Script Was Written and Developed by Guy Shorashie
October 2000


B---Installing GuyShorashieV1.0
C---The Things You Need To Know About This AI
D---Next Version !!!!!!!
E---Suggestions and Comments

Note!-Don't try to change the AI code, you can cause to a very large amount of ERRORS!, but if you think you know what you are doing and want to use this AI code as a base for your AI scripts,Please Credit me.

Note!-This AI have been checked Alot of times! so i don't think you will find any problems.
Note!-This AI series will never use forward-buildings
=========================================================== A---Introduction============================================

Welcome To GuyShorashieV1.0 for Age Of Kings (This Version Doesn't Support The X-pack)

Hellow,my name is guy and i'm from israel, before we continue i need to apologize,i don't speak and write english very well so i will have a alot of writing mistakes in this doc.i hope you will manage.

Ok, this is the first AI in a big series of AI's that will rule the "blacksmith",finally you don't need
to become entangled by a large number of AI's that don't worth a spit.

This AI is the most powerfull non-cheating AI you will ever find, it beat the "pheonix","angel of dead", "gothmog II",and every non-cheating Ai script in the "blacksmith" very easily, but this only the first version, wait for the next versions and then you will see that nothing compare to GuyShorahie complete version.

The Complete series of GuyShorashie AI's Will support the X-pack , All map types, Trading,Commodity, Very Complex Diplomacy , Leaders Mood, Wonders ,Any Game Type, Cheating (Only In hardest Level),
Different strategy for every civ,sea maps, wining by relics, wining by score, every difficulty level with different game level in every one of them,and every thing you can possibly want, and of course anything you suggest to put in.

Now when you have this AI series you can delete all the AI's garbage in your ai directory and enjoy this clean and uncomplex code that is the most powerfull and fun AI!.

For more information about this AI , Later in this doc "The things you need to know about this AI" ,Char C

=========================================================== B---Installing GuyShorashieV1.0!=============================

3 Simple Steps

Step1: Get Winzip Or Pkunzip
Step2: Unzip the file to the AI directory in the main AOK directory.
Step3: Enter random Or regicide game , click on the down arrow next to a "computer" player and select "GuyShorashie", (if you want to see GuyShorashie Play you can select it not in the computer player,but in the human player.)

=========================================================== C---The Things You Need To Know About This AI=============

This character will give you details about the thing that this version support and the things it doesn't support.

Support In:(map types)


Not Support :(map types)


Note!- Although that maps like rivers and baltic are supported (Maps that supported in this version and contain water ), this version of AI will not build any ships or docks.

Support In:(game types)


Not Support :(game types)


Support In:(difficulty levels)

Not Support :(difficulty levels)

Support In:(population)

Note!- This AI script will not work properly in population limit less than 200
You need to set your population limit to 200!


Recommended system requirements

64 Mb of Ram
P3 or Pentium2
At least 300mhz

*Download from the blacksmith the Empires.exe Crack file , so you don't need to use the AOK cd.
*Set in the option in the game, Graphic Details to Low
*Set in the option in the game, Disable the music
*Disable The "help texts"
*Use the "NormalMouse" command in the AOK startup

Support In:(starting age)

Only support in dark age start

Note!-if you start the game in later age the script will not work

Support In:(resources)
you can start with any resources amount, high and etc...

Support In:(victory conditions)

Support all the victory conditions, score,conquest,standart(don't build wonders).


General- Game Support

*All civs-every civ with his own strategy (will be improved in later versions)
*Trading- if he have one or more allies, GuyShorashie will trade
*Commodity-this AI contain a complex commodity system. this system help GuyShorashie to have resources of any types always, he sell and buy resources so he never have a short on resources.
*Spy-This Ai will spy in regicide games
*CaptureRelics-This AI will pickup Relics And try to steal from the enemy relics to achieve victory of that type, even in standart victory condition
*Units-All units in the game are supported,All seige , this AI will build all the unit Types exept ships.
*Resources Managment-This AI have a complex resource managment ,to ensure an excellent gathering tactics.
*Walls&Gates-are supported, and also double walls

Note!-Don't forget that every civ have it's own strategy, so if you win in the battle against the Mongols,it dosn't mean that you win against the Britons...

General- Not Support
*Wonders- this AI will not build a wonder
*Diplomacy-this Ai doesn't contain any diplomacy
*WaterMaps-don't support water maps
*Ships&Docks-this AI will never build ships or docks, even in maps with water that are supported, like baltic, coastal, rivers ,etc...
*Resign-this AI will never resign
*X-pack-Don't supported in these version
*Defend Relics Mode-this Ai will not defend relics
*Cheats-This version doesn't support the HARDEST difficulty level that contain the cheats. I have the supporting version in my home and it's great, it beat Havoc and bing easilly, but it isn't finished, so wait for next version!

GuyShorashie AI

This Ai is very smart, he will gather resources smartly, and sell and buy resources that he need, in the dark age he build mostly villigers and few militiaman, he will not attack until the imperial age.
in the feudal age he will build more few soldiers and more villigers,and start to build walls and gates.
In the castle age he will build a larger army to defend himself and many castles,and he will pick relics. until the imperial age he seemed to be very weak but when he reach to the imperial, everything changes, he will start to build very quickly,very quickly!, alot of villigers and a huge army,in the first minute he start his attacks, and never stop!!! until you are dead!.

I think you will find this AI very challanging.

This AI don't switch ages very quickly,so if you are a player that plane to send him an army in the dark-age, you will probably win, but remember, when he reach to the imperial age, you don't have a chance!!!!!!!!!!.

=========================================================== D---Next Version - GuyShorashie V2.0=========================

Next Version Include:

*X-pack-Units,civs,and buildings
*AllMapTypes-Including water maps
*Ships,Docks,&FishTraps-Warships,trading in sea ,transport, fishtraps, and etc...
*Wonders-The AI will build wonders
*Cheats-The next version will support the HARDEST difficulty level, with cheats
*Defend Relics-The next version will support the defend relics mode
*Better Intellegence
*Better Comodity System
*Better Resources Managment
*Different code, Better orgenized and much more fast
*More differences between the civs, more different strategies.
*More Reflexable - more random events and random strategies,way of act, fight ,etc...

Maybe Dimlomacy

Next Version Will Not Include:

*Diplomacy System - Maybe
*Leaders Mood
*Difficulty Levels-easiest,easy,modorate
*Feudal Start, Castle Start, Imperial Start

=========================================================== E---Suggestion And Comments===============================

You can send your ideas and comments , I will read and consider them all .

All ,you can send only to the "Blacksmith", No Icq Number and no E-mail address.

Have fun!
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
GuyShorashie Guy:

I must say that when i play my script now, i think it's not very good after all, i don't recommend to download this version, because the AI very week in all the ages until he reach the imperial age, and also i found new bug with the trade carts, so listen to me, i soon release the new version that will support both AOK & AOK-TC, Also i decided to add in the next version "Chats" & "Taunts" so you will enjoy, next AI will be much much much much HARDER and i promise it will be worth the download, but if you slow starter and wants to try this AI, ok fine.
avi great script, altough the computer is not very hard until he reach the imp', it's ok because it take long time for me to research tech's and build an army so it's ok,and he have a strong defence ,man this attacks are heavy,i wish you put in the next version diplomacy with chats and all this stuff ,please? work on the second quickly!
good job.
Dreamer Hey dude, I see you have used the Phoenix AI Gatherings too
zvrzvarog The AI really is weak. It should better build a mill before building a lumber camp. Research feudal age with more villagers not with 15.

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