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Immobile Units AI GOLD

Author File Description
Zanzard Lothar
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
This Ai file has been created by Zanzard Lothar.

Installation: Just unzip the two files in the AI subfolder of the AOK main folder.

This file should work properly in AOK and in AOK:TC.

The author would like to thank the Rasher, Herodotus, Magnus and Ingo Van Thiel for the help they provided in making the first Immobile Units AI.

This Ai is supposed to make the Ai's villagers and military units stand still doing nothing.

If enemy units come near the military units of the AI, the military units will move and attack the enemy units and then stand still again if the enemy units leave their sight or are vanquished. Military boats also should behave like this.

Kings, villagers and transport ships of the AI will stand still and will try to run away if attacked. Units of the AI will execute orders given to them by triggers (at least most of the time).

Feel free to use this AI in any scenario of AOK, and feel free to edit it to suit your needs. The author is not responsible for any problems created by edited version of this AI file.

The Immobile Units AI comes with an extra feature: you can choose one of the 8 different kinds of behavior that the AI units will have about ranged units. To choose one of these, go to the "Terrain" tab of the map editor and under "Ai map type" choose one of the following:

Archipelago: Ranged units tend to fight in a hit-and-run manner.
Baltic: Units try to dodge enemy missiles that are shot against them.
Black forest: Units try to do both of these 50% of the time.
Coastal: Ranged units tend to fight in a hit-and-run manner and units try to dodge enemy missiles that are shot against them 50% of the time.
Continental: Ranged units tend to fight in a hit-and-run manner 50% of the time amd units try to dodge missiles that are shot against them.
Fortress: Ranged units tend to fight in a hit-and-run manner 50% of the time.
Gold Rush: Units try to dodge enemy missiles that are shot against them 50% of the time.
Highland: Units will always try to do both of these things.
Any other map: Units will mostly not try to do neither of these.

If the units are set to try to dodge enemy missiles shot at them, they will probably succeed more with slow shots, like trebuchets and mangonels, than with fast ones, like archers.

The TRUE map type does not matter with the Immobile Units AI. For example, you can create a water-based map and choose the "black Forest" setting for the AI type without any problems, just as you can create a land-based map and choose the "archipelago" setting for the AI.

What Immobile Units AI GOLD cannot provide:
-Immobile fish boats (fish boats will not tend to stand still).
-Immobile trade carts (to keep them still, make sure the player with the trade-cart has no markets, or that this player has no markets to trade with).
-Trade cogs will behave just like trade carts, though they trade with docks.
-Monks will pick up relics provided that they have a monk and a monastery and they can see the relic.
-If the computer player has a single villager, the villager will not stand still.
-If the computer player has a king and a building that can be garrisoned, then the king will try to garrison at this building, regardless of how far the building is from the king.

If you find any other bugs or observations about the AI, post them as a comment on the description page of this AI file on AOKH blacksmith.

Thank you for your interest in the Immobile Units AI GOLD!
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Daniel Heyya dood,
i was just wondering if you could tell me which editor you use(ing) for you aok:tc ai- my old one gave up the ghost for some reason and yeah i was wondering if you could tell me were you got your editor or if you could send it to me
p.s- were do you find the time for writing such a huge ai??
its really good!
Cloud This thing is great for RPG scenarios!
CheeZy_monkey0 This is a great mod, and is used in many RPGs. Very helpful

[Edited on 11/08/08 @ 08:53 PM]

This mod is very useful in all campaigns: b&d, rpg, rps, FF... ect.

This AI worked very good on any civ, on any map, and in any scenario.

Many freeze AI's have been made before, but this one greatly stands out because of the extra feature (pick an AI map type and the units act differenly).

This AI is very useful, especially in RPG, and RPS campgaigns.

Final Thoughts:
I think this AI is very good and it deserves the 5.0.
This is a great AI, if you have not downloaded it, then do it now, this AI is very useful for RPG games, the new behavioral system makes this standout from many other idle ai out there.

Overall is think that the author had done a gift to RPG makers, i want to see this AI in everybodys AI folder in a split second.
Link 377 In your guide for making Ai's. It's not:
Difficulty-level equal <whatever>
Difficulty equal <whatever>
LordHunt This is a real nice AI, instead of wasting all those triggers commanding villi's and stuff to stop moving or, "Every one attack now" they just stand there. GREAT!!!
Scud Everyone now uses Immobile Units AI Gold, in in almost evry single scenario, lol, Thtas how useful it is.

[Edited on 05/26/05 @ 07:13 AM]

scythe24 Ok, there is a bug that I found when I downloaded this. I tried to make the computer players for my upcoming scenario have this as their AI, but when I tested it, a message came up that said "Player 8, File: Immobile Units AI GOLD Err.5001 File open failed" and then all the computer units started moving around. I then switched the Player 8 AI back to Standard and tried it, but it did the some thing, except with Player 7. I tried this with every computer player and it didn't work. I then tried the original Immobile Units and it still didn't work. If you can, someone please tell me how to fix this!
Berserker Jerker
Official Reviewer
It sounds like you didn't place the ".per" files in the AI folder, only the ".ai". Ensure you place both the "Immobile Units AI" and "Immobile Units AI GOLD.per" files in the AI folder.
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