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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
This AI is good! Usefull commentary is very welcome!
AI Facts:
- This AI DOES NOT CHEAT! (except on hardest difficulty)
- This AI plays at his best WITHOUT cheating on HARD difficulty.
- This AI is designed for LAND maps.
- This AI has 2 strategies which depend on the difficulty level.
- The AI detects all civilizations, and has for each civilization his own strategy! Some civilizations have two strategies!
- Every Civilization has his own strategy with creating units, doing researches and building buildings.
- If Saiyan_AI still lives after 1 hour and 30 minutes, it will create a lot of units which won’t cost any gold. (pikes, and skirmishers)
- The AI has a good Economy system.
And a lot more.

Other Facts:
- The main “engine” came from PhoenixSupreme.
- Lots of AI’s were killed by Saiyan in tests.
- AI is 100% mine.
- Please read the README File, for all the information you need to let Saiyan_AI work optimal.

Thank you
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
I would've posted my comments about Saiyan a week ago except I have been too busy playing and enjoying Saiyan. After I have played the feeble, weak, and unchallenging wall-building Duke, Saiyan the Flusher was a welcome breath of fresh air.

In Tournament AI's, Saiyan may finish in the middle of the pack. But against people who play the computer, Saiyan is HIGHLY recommended. It will challenge many newcomers and experienced rookies alike.

It shares a feudal aggressiveness found in Tiger. Where Tiger will try to build (1) forward Outposts, (2) forward Towers, and later (3) low-end army units like Spears and Skirms. Saiyan is slower to feudal, around 16 min with pop 32, but brings a stronger army with upgrades to MAA, gets infantry armor, builds at least 2 barracks and an archery. Saiyan will then send a stream of an early but balanced army of MAA's, Skirms, Spears, and Archers along with villies that skip Outposts and go right for Tower building.

I have found Saiyan to be a most challenging AI. I've tried a fast castle (16:30) and boom against it, and it gives me a very tough time. It will keep the stream of MAA's, Spears, Skirms, and Archers coming 4 at a time. It targets your military buildings first, and unlike some other AI's it will target your villie's.

Likewise its defense is pretty nifty. It sends it balanced over to repel small raids, and for larger raids it will immediately relocate all villies far away from the battle.

What I have found works against it is a moderately fast but strong pop 32-36 sub-20 min Castle. I have an easier time if I skip a Market and Blacksmith (right away) and shoot for a Barracks, Stable, and Archery near each other. Hence I can fight Saiyan's balance with my own balance. As wood allows, I then make a Blacksmith as well as another Barracks and Archery.

It also helps to keep your villies alert and have them attack other vils that try to build towers.

If you are relunctant to build an army, Saiyan will whip you. It will keep that stream of 4 then 8 then 12 then 16 units, etc, coming and coming. So you must hit it head on and reduce his ranks. Send your knights around and take out villies - watch it though because he will sends Spears after you.

I think it is the best land AI that I have encountered in an opponent. I don't give it a 5.0 because there is always room for improvement. I'd like to see it reach feudal a min or 2 earlier, and begin its attack earlier. Also since it spends so much on a prolonged Feudal attack, it won't Castle until 30 min or later - and only then because you have been killing some of its army. Don't thin his ranks, and he'll just save the food and gold to Castle quicker.

When I playtest an AI, I will try to play 8 - 12 games of 1v1 against it in order to provide a thoughtful, deliberate review. I usually play Random Civs, although someone suggested that I set Farmertron to Mayan.

If you want a late Imp battle, go with Phoenix or Farmertron. If you want something slightly better than the default AI, try Dragon. If you want something worse than the AI, try Duke. And if you want a late Feudal attacker, Tiger or Saiyan are wonderful AI's. I counter Tiger's weaker Flush with outposts, awareness, and maybe a flush of my own. I count Saiyan's stronger flush with a strong Castle.

Side note: if you want tips on getting a decent Castle time, you can check out my free 60-page guide:

One-Eyed King's Fast Castle Guide for the Terminally Slow

It may come in handy against Saiyan! Very, very good AI and I can't want for the next revision of it.
Saiyan is definately one of the faster AIs avaliable for download at HG. It is capable of doing a blazing 9:xx feudal time, and will then immediately start training an army. It will focus on Men at Arms, but also skirmishers, archers, and spearmen. A notable downside is that it doesn't train cavalry, leaving it at a considerable weakness against an opponant that makes an archers/siege combo. I guess the designer's intention was an AI that focuses on ground troops, but no cavalry is a factor that detracts from the overall strength, and as such deserves mention.

Other then that, no real faults found. It is tough, and will adjust itself to whatever strategy you choose to go for. It shines on Arabia, where it can beat AIs that were specifically crafted for that map, but isn't quite so good on more confined maps like Highland or Black Forest. Such maps aren't it's strong points, it is a rush AI.
Rating: 4.5
This AI is really good, though when the starting age is Imperial Age, they seem to build up their military fast and easy. After about 20 or 30 minutes or so, they appeat to have about 200 units even though I set the population limit to 125. The AI also appears to work together to destroy one enemy at the time. I give this AI an A

Additional Comments:
I tried to make all 7 computer players with the Saiyan AI, but somehow, the computer just quits the game what so ever. For that bug, this killed the rating about .5 points. If I'm going to use this AI for a scenario, I'll credit you for their amazing boom.

[Edited on 04/10/05 @ 05:10 PM]

morgoth bauglir
Rating: 5
This is certainly the best AI file I've ever seen. It has no problems whatsoever (At least no problems that would bug me) and has marvellous speed. Not just that, this AI isn't just a fast Boomer, it's a great warlord as well. In my humble opinion, this is the unrivaled ruler of RM AI's. I've put it to battle against other AI's downloaded here from the blacksmith and Saiyan_AI owned them totally. It can even beat AI's especially designed for Arabia maps (For example) and I think everyone who have rated it under 5 are ignorant hicks (No offense, I just love this AI).
It seems to have some great human behaviour, making it a great offline training machine. As I said, no other AI can't rival it (Without cheating, of course) and it provides a real challenge against human players as well.

Great name, BTW.
wow, the AI is really intense!! I love the way it uses different tactics (like choosing a different path to your base if the one it wanted to attack is too well fortified)!

Very challenging and very well made!
Rating: 4.5

Good Ai with very interesting strategy.

Additional Comments:

I've played this Ai many times, and its very fun to play against for variety purposes. The thing that always made it cool to play against was the tower dropping it always tries. Always fun to see that. It's definitely better than the Ai the game comes with, although it's not too hard too defeat. It does really well early on with the very impressive mixed rushing tactics but it falls short later game. I find that once we enter the castle age and especially during the imperial age it gets very weak. It tends to be slow to upgrade it's units and make stronger units. By the time I'm massing arbalests or paladins or whatever, he is still making not-upgraded at all knights or pikemen and skirmishers and archers. For rushing this Ai does not dissapoint and the towers are really a nice touch which makes it always a pleasure to play, but late castle age and any time after that it starts to get really weak. Great Ai though.

There's a video of me playing against it on Hard.

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