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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Presents four AI files designed mainly for scenarios:


Bonhomme_03 is a moderately aggressive file. Its main features: simulation of economic activities: villagers do their work, trade units move between markets and docks. Military units: all kinds of infantry (swordsmen and spearmen), archers (no skirmishers), monks, rams (but no other siege-engines). They attack from time to time either in small bands or en masse. Attacks can be quite effective because little distinction is made between military, civilian, stationary or moving objects, i.e. all military units do not hesitate to attack enemy fortifications (one of the major causes of lagging - custom AI willing to attack an enemy unit, a tower or a castle standing behind a stone wall, but can not make itself attack the wall first).
All kinds of research (blacksmith, university, town-centre, dock, barracks, archery-range, monastery, castle) and development from the Dark to the Imperial age are available.
Bonhomme_03 is sensitive to the changes of diplomatic stance made by the human player. If you change from ally to neutral or to enemy it replies correspondingly. It is difficult, however, to persuade it to resume alliance (only by means of triggers + a huge bribe). Bonhomme_03 is taunt-sensitive (only when allied with the human player), answering taunts 1 - YES, 2 - NO, 3-6 (food, wood, gold and stone come as tribute), 31 - ‘attack an enemy now’, and custom taunts from 51 to 70 (these ones work with triggers only). This feature allows many possibilities of allied cooperation, joint attacks, mutual support, etc.

Bonhomme_04 is basically the same AI as Bonhomme_03. The difference is that it does not answer your requests for different resources (taunts 3 to 6 are included simply as trigger-activating signals, so your allies do not give you anything unless commanded by triggers) - in some scenarios you are not expected to get extra resources from your allies, even if they have more than enough.

Knight_01 AI builds stables instead of barracks, trains all kinds of cavalry and mounted archers. Can be good for nomadic civilisations like Hunns and Mongols. Most other features are similar to Bonhomme_03 AI.

Skirmisher_01 AI. An emulation of ‘town militia’ - it trains spearmen (pikemen, halberdiers), skirmishers, monks, some rams (these ones can be excluded in ‘options’ if necessary). No heavy infantry and no cavalry - medieval town communities focused their activities on trade, not on war. Most economic, research and development features are the same as above.

All these AI-s are no-cheating. Designed for scenarios, they are not really war-crazy and can not compete against most really militant AI-s made for random games.

Credits: practically all AI designers ever submitting their files to the AoK.Heavengames.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Nice Work.
I like BONHOMME_03 for it's ability to attack using different facts. It advances to my satisfaction because it stockpiles resources in the Dark Age. When it goes Feudal it starts building it's military by the masses...IMHO. It then attacks one town at a time...if the conditions are right. I don't play much on water maps and by looking at the script this must be great for the Vikings due to the longboat creations. I haven't used the other ai's yet but I plan to. If they are anything like BONHOMME_03 they will be great.
Keep up the good work!!!
Official Reviewer
Rating: 5
Bonhomme by ENOTH is an aggressive AI. It actually has four AIs in it. Bonhomme_03, Bonhomme_04, Knights and Skirmish. Each Ai is different but all have the same aspect. They are all aggressive but for example the Knight AI doesn’t build infinity but cavalry and the skirmish builds pikemen and skirmishers. The AI is really useful because it makes the computer players attack by themselves and not care about fortifications. With these AIs scenario designing will be a whole lot better. Enemies will attack automatically and more aggressively and it will make scenarios much more fun.

Additional Comments:
A great AI and it will make scenarios much better.


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