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The Turks [DM]

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
The Power of Turks
Ottoman Empire ; 1v1 Deathmatch Games
Seljuks ; Team Deathmatch Games

Game Type : Deathmatch game
Age : Post - Imperial Age
Victory : Conquest
Map Type : Land Maps
Map Size ;
For Ottoman (1v1) : Tiny
For Seljuks ; All Sizes
Population : All Populations (Preffered 200)
Civiltizion : All (Preffered Franks, Huns , Mayans ,Aztec , Chinese , Korean , Goths)

Good Luck To All

Note : I found a bug in 'Goal' commands so I used timers like 'Goal' commands

Mail :
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The Ottoman Empire and the Seljuks, which are both included in the download are the two toughest Ai's that I've played so far for post imperial deathmatch. (What is the difference between the Ottoman and the Seljuk Ai's, I couldn't tell any difference from playing them). They beat every Ai that I tried them against (The Dragon, PhoenixKnightEV1.21, a Bonecrusher variant, and RD-ChampioNv2.

The Ai's work okay for multiplayer also. But if you have more than one Ottoman playing or an Ottoman and a Seljuk they all start tributing each other and trading with one another, and attack only you, even with teams locked, which makes for a really tough game. So if you play multiplayer with mulitple Ai's, make sure all the other Ai's are different from the Ottomans or the Seljuks, unless you really want a challenge.

I think they are very good Ai's, and just need a minor improvement to be great Ai's. Specifically, they should build docks and ships, so that they'll be more powerful on maps that have water.

Good job, hope to see more of your work here.
The Turks is actually two AIs, Seljuk and Ottoman. They both play almost identically to a human, but Ottoman is slightly stronger. In a 1vs1 it wins 80% of the time. They are both strongest with Huns, but can play any civ.

Its start is a lot slower then that of many AIs (even the standard ES AI) because it constructs buldings in an illogical order. Even when playing as a cavalry-oriented civ (Huns), its first building is always a barracks, you should always build a stable first. With its other two vills, it makes a castle and a town center, slowing it down even more. For a non-Hun civ, it just builds a house, once built the villager goes on to help his friend with the barracks, while the newly-created fourth villager starts on the castle. By the time it starts really churning out troops, a human player can have several paladins ready to attack.

It adapts to civs well. For Koreans, expect to see a lot of war wagons and halberdiers. For Saracens, you'll see a combination of champs, pikes, and mamelukes. It economises well, never wasting its precious starting gold on useless units. The plus of having a second town center built right away is that it developes a good economy very early. Once while playing it I discovered it had three mining camps and over 20 vills mining gold while I only had ten villagers and no gold mining at all. If the civ allows, it will build bombard towers at every possible opportunity. If it manages to survive your initial attack, it is in good stead for surviving the rest of the game.

One of its key problems is that it often has idle military building time, particularly in the early game. When its first barracks is up, it doesn't create anything from them. Similar problems happen with stables and archery ranges.

Far from the best DM AI I've seen, but definitely worth checking out.

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