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Zycat-AI Version 1.01

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
This is an update of my A.I.

Changes from previous version :
- Made it much more aggresive in Random Map at Hardest difficulty, flushes are more frequent (and harder, too).
- Now it will train Infantry on Post Imperial Death Match, last time it won\'t even when using infantry civs.
- Improved strategies on Post Imperial Death Match.
- Fixed some issues with Post Imperial Death Match.
- Fixed some civs\' Random Map strategies.

For those who never downloaded this A.I before, here\'s a list of features :

- No cheating, except at hardest (by No Cheating I mean no cc-whatever commands, not even strategical only cheats).
- Handles any map size, any pop-cap.
- Handles standard map types, custom maps (Random Map Scripts) are considered as a mixed map.
- Handles any game type.
- Full economic management (gatherers, market, and resource management system).
- Fast upgrade through the ages, while maintaining survivability.
- Civilization specific strategies emphasizing every civ\'s strength.
- Team Cooperation between Zycat A.Is.
- Player Interactivity (chatting and responds to taunts sometimes, but does not taunt).
- Random Personality.
- Human player friendly.
- etc.
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Vviinncceenntt Why the main.per cannot be opened? The computer is so stupid!
File Author
Make sure that you installed it properly in its subdirectories (select "use folder names" when extracting using WinZip, etc.)
File Author
No, don't. Put them on their folders. The files that must be put in your AoC A.I folder is and Zycat.per, all else goes to the AoC A.I folder\Zycat-AI

You must extract them with recursive subdir (they'll automatically create the subfolders for you).
Vviinncceenntt I put all files to AI folder and when I start playing in game(random map, death match, scenario......with info:timer=00:00:00, score of all players=0), a box appeared to tell me that it failed to open main.per(I forgot the exact name:p); although I continue the game, the computers with your AI did be very stupid!
This is the first AI that I have tried and I think it is twice as good as the computer. It actually sends the right counter and may send a couple units or more at a time not just one. I actually had to run to the safety of a tower with my flushing units and if I take away main wood they just relocate not just try coming back in three seconds later. Very well done. I think two hard opponents will give me real fight.
Macdaddy I like KC and JoJo but at some point I am gonna want to hear something else. What file should I delete or what can I change to stop this? For those who have not seen my review first AI I have tried and I love it compared to Computer!
Macdaddy Hey just tried to FC against it and it kicked my butt. Very good once it is in Castle. game lasted over an hour with me resigning. (on Hard)
File Author
Huh? Never encountered that before, thanks for notifying me.

Probably it's time for another patch. A.Is are never complete ;)
DarkAngelBGE Hey, Zycat my friend! Well done! I have one advice though: delete all the chat-local-to-self lines, because if somebody starts a game with more than 3 zycat AIs then the error will appear "String table full" and only 3 comp opponents will run properly the know. so simply comment those lines and everything is fine ;)
Zycat AI is definately one of the best AIs which can be downloaded here.It has the best economy in all the AI files I've tried(including the Duke series,Tiger,Alliances,etc.)--it will train at least 100 villies if is not under heavy pressure,thus it can handle most of the attacks from AI opponents quite well.ZyCat AI also showes an extrodinary interest in relics,in a mutiple AIs' war,usually it will collect most of the relics and this helped its economy.The possible improvement to its already very good economy is,it should employ more farmers than wood choppers in later castle and early empiral(from under 40 to about 50 should be OK),so that it can train more food/gold heavy troops,and buy vital technologies quicker.

About military:The strongest part of this AI is in empiral age.At about 50-60 minutes mark(depends on situations),it will reach the 200 population cap with nearly 100 military units(if no large conflict had taken place earlier),most of them are fully upgraded.This can crash most of the AI opponents(or rookie human player) easily. On the other hand,its early military is not very good,although it will train troops(depends on the strategy it employed),but usually they are merely none upgraded spears,skirmisher,archers,sometimes with a few knights,the the worst thing is,it sends in its troops one by one,not in groups,making those feudal/casle attack like suicide(IN emperial it did the same thing,but the overwhelming numbers can compensate it).It is also not smart at using seige and monks,like most of the other AIs:It is not uncommon that it sends in a unprotected ram or treb into the enemy town and monks being killed by a palladin when succesfully comverted a skirmisher.

The main weakness of ZyCat AI is its defence,usually it will place its large wood cutting opperation(the majority of total 30-50 woodies in castle age and later) in one place,far from the original town,without protections,if more than a few of its villager are killed,then its economy/military will screw up,and it will almost never be able to train enough troops to fight the enemy back sinec it will rake replentishing its villeger count as the top priority and its number of farmers are always far from enough to support training lots of villagers and troops at the same time.It will also build mining camps near the enemy territory when its own mines are depleted thus sending hordes of villagers to death,and will build mines everywhere on the map when all mines are gone(I think it is a minor bug).Sometimes the AI will try to wall up its town wwith pallisides,but often very late and not very effective,since its massives woodies are usually outside of it,hope this strategy will be removed from later versions.

So as an opponent,Zycat had little chance with a decent skilled human player,but it will be a tough fight if you fight aginst 3-4 Zycats.It will fight well agaist other AIs usless it suffered heavy villager losses when it is booming in the castle age.Its good economy will help it recover from mistakes in castle warefare(due to its not-so-smart military tactics).

As an ally.Zycat is very reliable/predictable,you can almost always leave it on its own,and don't have to worry about it unless it happened to have placed its massive woodies under enemy castle fire or near enemy's military buildings.It will also send a formidable force to aid your conquest of enemy town,although it is usually is very late.
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