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The Duke-AI Version 1.6

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
For the new version these things where done (apart of many, many other little modifications):
-improved strategy
-improved performance
-improved rushes
-new attack type
-new strategy for the Aztecs and Mayans -> The Eagle-warrior rush (just play a 1v1 on a tiny map and if you have luck your enemy duke will choose this strategy ;) )
-many, many more things

I hope you all enjoy! If you want to post feedback, bugreport or any other comment please the dgdn-forums:
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Ghost_B88 Any improvements on this mod lately?
nosaru Should make a version of this AI that will use extra pop space from mods like Variable Pop Mod....
Leif Ericson
DarkAngelBGE left AoKH years ago, so I doubt there will be an update to this.

Most AI scripts can't handle higher population mods because their number of villagers is capped at 100, so they can't make huge armies.
Rocky8299 Hello everyone.. This is a great site and I've had wonderful times playing with all your genius A.I's You scripters are a talented bunch!.. Any who I downloaded The Duke V1.6 and installed everything correctly.. At least to my knowledge lol, and no matter what I do when I use this AI I keep getting repeated messages of cool cool cool cool cool nonstop as soon as the game starts..I don't know why this is happening..I end up having to quit 5 min into the game due to the annoyance.. What sucks is from what I hear and read this is a GREAT AI!! It's never happened to other Ai's I've tried..If anyone has any clue why this is happening I'd be so grateful for even a guess.. Also I have AOC installed to 1.0c along with UserPatch 1.4Thanks guys and God bless :)

[Edited on 01/13/15 @ 11:31 PM]

Promiskuitiv Hey Rocky, to make this (cheating - didn't know that before i checked the code) AI stop spamming "cool" just open the "The Duke Military.per" in the "The Duke-AI version 1.6 - Main Files" folder and delete the content of the lines 18-22.

For some non-cheating AIs (except on the "hardest" difficulty level where the game makes all AIs cheat by default - so just play on "hard" instead) you can also check out the AIs in the ladder:,,,30&st=700. They're also a little more up to date in general.

I hope that helps!

[Edited on 01/14/15 @ 07:02 AM]

Rocky8299 Promiskuitiv, Yes it helped greatly thank you so much. I really dislike playing with Ai's that I'm not sure if they're cheating or not. The worst is when someone makes an AI claiming it doesn't cheat then come to find out from coders such as yourself that they do IN FACT cheat...That's such a let down but I greatly appreciate you sharing your knowledge with me and such a fast response.. I'm trying to organize all the cheating AI's and Non cheating AI's separately to make playing easier. But yes i DID know that the game and/or AI's cheat on hardest so I never play on that setting only hard. I will most definitely check out the websites you posted. I'm very intrigued with seeing how these coders keep making better and better AI's.. Anyway I'm rambling thank you so much for your response and you have a great day sir :)
Promiskuitiv No problem, just to not let The Duke look worse than it actually is: It doesn't cheat that much by default, most cheats only trigger on "hardest" or if you sent the AI a specific commands ingame.
But for me it's the same as for you, i really value playing games without any cheating (at all) involved.
tim_kos Hey everyone,

this is tim_kos, aka DarkAngelBGE. I installed AoE2 again last week and started playing again. I will continue the development of the AI.

@ Promiskuitiv: The duke doesn't cheat on "Hard" difficulty.

It only cheats on "Hardest" to provide an additional difficulty for real expert players.

@all: If you want to follow the development, please check out this repository on GitHub:

Kind regards,

[Edited on 08/03/15 @ 03:45 AM]

scripter64 Welcome back! If you'd like, please visit the AI scripting forum here on aokh or for the main AI scripting community. It's wonderful to finally meet you!
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