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Downloads Home » AI Files » AzKing v1.1 with taunts

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AzKing v1.1 with taunts

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
The straongest AI in the world.
If you want a tough rival, it's AzKing! If you want a dangerous enemy, it's AzKing! If you want the strongest&best AI, it's AzKing! I'm confident of it and I challenge you:)
In this 1.1 version, all the words says to ally and enemy are made to taunts, AI will say aloud to you in game.
£­if you find any bug, please contact me and I'wll fix it as soon as possible. Please give me a review and a rating. Thank you very much!
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IMO no AI file deserves 5 Rating until it can Play with ANY Civilization, ANY Population, ANY winning Condition, ANY map & ANY Game type!
And this AI has requirment of ONLY Aztecs and other Requirments!
Okay as only aztec civilization, this AI is not that strong as Ulmighty Aztec can be! This AI rarely uses monks, few Eagle Warriors, Almost or very few Jaguar Warrior, Fairly Crossbow mans, Some Skrimishers, Some Pikemans and ALOT Champions! It does not build seige Workshop until Imprieal Age or Late/End of Castle Age!
I maked a recorded game of This AI and some most Popular AIs of Heaven Games! Random Map, 200 pop, Conquest, Arabia, Hard. And 4 teams with 2 allies! The AI's were Azking & Azking, Zycat & The Duke, Mexico & SBS and Kosmos & Saiyan.
This AI concentrated on food early than wood than gold in dark and advanced to Fedual very fast! After reaching Fedual it immediatly upgraded Economy and Started building Militias, Archers and Pike mans. But the AI was buying alot of food and Sold alot of Stone! Even when Food reached 250 and Stone Reached 85 it kept buying food and selling stone. Than it attacked Maxico with pike mans, Man At arms, Skrimishers and archers and unfortunatly Maxico had 2 castles up 1 Near there TC and second near lumber and Azking's all military died immediatly with Castles, Even Mexico was attacking Kosmos that time and it's all military were there. Than it rushed again and again but was not able to reach there TC and take down castle. It even didn't had seige workshop that time and had 1 castle and it's ally another azking had 2 castles and were there same type of military was dying from Maxico's Castles too! Than Zycat and The Duke attacked together and immediatly desroyed It's 1 standing castle and killed it's Crossbowmans, Skrimishers, Pikemans and Man at arms with Long Sword mans, Scorpions, Rams, Crossbowmans, Skrimishers, Pikemans & jaguar warriors! Even when Zycat's Rams were attacking it's TC the Azking's Military units were standing with Military Buildings far behind there base! And at that moment it's ally another Azking bringed Champions and Crossbowmans and they died too and Finally Zycat and The Duke defeated Azking with Late Castle attack (They did Flush to Kosmos)
This AI resigned!
Does well on Food and Woood and TCs but it needs to build more villagers (More than 50%), It needs concentrate on gold and Stone too I saw very few villagers minning (Nearly 8 in Castle Age!) and Last but not least it Needs to TRADE with it's allies! I didn't saw them Trading!
Does do good fast castle attack sometimes but it needs to change it's Strategy! I saw it using same strategy 10 time continiously in different games. And it needs to build seige workshop in it's raid too! If Enemy has some castles this AI dies!
I know that Aztecs are not good in Defence but it really needs to build some castles and Walls. Walls would help this AI alot!
It collects relics but It does need to build more villagers and Trade Carts!
Great AI! Great Fast Castle Attacks! But needs some Improvments! It could be better! And My rating is low because it is only for Aztecs and Has alot of Requirments!
Recommended for Newbies! Fun for Intermediats! And Easy for Expericned players!

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