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Mexico V1.3

Author File Description
Hector Ocampo
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Just take a look on this few words:

Tested on 37 games.
35 won
2 lost
Enemies: Zycat V1.01, The Duke AI version 1.6 and Yakuto2

A must download and a must try. If you are planning to play against it, try on hard mode unless you are an unexperienced player or newbie. If you are an experienced and very good player try hardest mode.

You can play nomad map, Islands, archipelago, metropolis and others including all the standard maps.

If you are an AI scripter take the challenge to try your AI against this and have fun!!

Please report any bugs
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Doktor Mabuse I will take a Try, man......
Will give you a Comment - in the meanwhile my new Upload (Update) - i even don`t know why it don`t appear - but i loaded it severaltimes up......

Nevertheless, i give you a try....
Doktor Mabuse I won`t give you a Rating, coz the Scale(now) is very high, and so a fair Rating would be unpolite - due to the other Ratings given (all are to high) - so it is best to give you a comment....

ahmm, first i enjoyed watching your ai. It has a new Approach, and that is always interesting.
I don`t want to speak of Won and Lost Games - this is in my Opinion nevertheless important - but in the End a matter of Time....
I like your flexibility on Map-Types and our AIs had hard struggles on NOMAD (I love it in the last Days) revealing some weak Points (all weak Points of my AI are "Bugs") - of course already fixed (hihi) - so it was worth the download in every Case - I hope that you will also Date it UP - coz i love NOMAD and want even harder Struggles......:)

To the other Points - try some other "Attack-System" for your Attacks with huge Military Quantities - the flat "attack-now" is better for lesser Military-Counts, beside this your Troops are sometimes a bit Under-Developed(Imperial Crossbowman, Knights, Skirmishers), the Combination of the two results in a devastating Counter-Attack - your Ai can hardly stand against.
You have a Good Defense against Raids(of Course could be better)

- other Attack-System
- better Troop Development

and it would be much stronger for sure.....

I invite you (if i`m able to do that) to the
(Artificial-Scripting Forum) - were we can discuss some of these things - and of course coz AI`s Scripters are always welcome - and nevertheless..... There are sometimes Tournaments...
So if you are an engaged Scripter - TONTOCLAN and NOMAD is calling.....!
Hector Ocampo
File Author
Hello Doktor Mabuse:

You are right about everything. Of course I'll visit you on Thank you for your comments and be sure I'll take care of your comments. Thank you and I'm glad you enjoyed it.
kingjames Very Good , Worked Well in Scenarios.
Well balanced AI. It is playable on any pop limit, any random map and almost on any scenario, it could be played almost with any setting. It doesn’t have any instruction for king of the hill, defend the wonder, etc. maybe it is a less importance lack. I haven’t decrease the rating for this, but it could be great to have this AI as complete as possible. It makes good gob on maps like Archipelago, nomad, islands, metropolis, graveyards. The AI plays very fine on land map or mixed maps, it makes between 30 and 34 villies on dark age. In my opinion they are a lot of villies, however it works quite well. The AI reaches castle between 19 and 23 minutes, depending on the civ and if it is a land map or water map. It is a non predictable AI. Sometimes it attacks extremely strong, sometimes it works like a defensive AI. Impressive response to early attacks, inclusive when it doesn't have any military unit. It works fine with allies and sometimes it makes very good job helping the allies.

When it is on castle age it builds a TC almost immediately and it began to train monks. This is a very strong point. It build a second TC some minutes after castle research. Very interesting to see it on archipelago or island maps.

Extremely good on economy, strong when attack. Strong defense. A very good job was done here. However it uses weak military units on castle or imperial in conjunction with strong units, IMO I don’t think it is a good idea but actually it doesn’t care on the results, this AI has a good quantity of won games.

I think the author could do an impressive job if he works on new and better versions.

In few words: Amazing job in a small file, with a good opportunity to be excellent in the future. My rating 4.5
Warturtle Wow!!
Incredible AI. But I agree about it is not so strong on early castle. However it seems to be thinking like a human!! I was amazed when I saw it was killing villagers to make a strong attack. I have seen this before on other AI's but Mexico V1.3 made it with intelligence.

I think it is not so good to repeat some comands on the script, for example to build a Town Center when it has zero. You could save memory space for your AI if you reorganize the order of your commands.

Hardly to say but it is a good AI, I think I'll post a review. I usually don't like to write anything in the forums I have a lot of fun reading and learning about others but maybe I have to make an effort this time.
Errkalla Grozhny
I must respectfully disagree, in part, with Warturtle's review. This is an awesome Ai. Beatiful economic management, though it could feudal a bit sooner. It deals well with water maps, including trade thereon, unlike most other Ai's. Generally quite aggressive from castle age on. Yes it does start out with a low powered mix of forces, but they are well balanced, and the economic chaos caused by their more or less unrelenting assault, generally collapses an opponent quite quickly, especially in conjunction with an ally of the same Ai.It is the current 2vs2 champion among the Ai's on my computer,beating out many of my past favorites, The Duke, Missionary Monkey( an excellent defensive Ai), Zycat, and Farmertron. It bested Farmertron in under 56 minutes. Apparently the 2 Farmer's were unable to establish who was the sling and who was the shot! This is, thus far, the finest example of an Ai i have had the pleasure to experience. I see very little need for any improvement. Awesome job Hector, Keep up the good work!
Weisi the Great of Stavka MMmmmm quited itself after a few hours.... just after booming and getting a better army than other AIs.
Lacks the ES brute force... but better navy :o)

[Edited on 04/05/09 @ 05:03 PM]

jacksanto With all these good reviews,imma go and pit it ageinst some other AIs ive found....i might post the results and such later.
jacksanto it lost on hard to standard, and standard alone, but then zycat beat the standard but i like how it was interactive though, it's also good on team games, it then beat the standard, with my and zycats help.

[Edited on 03/02/08 @ 07:17 AM]

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