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Swarming Samuri AI

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
This AI is a Japanese only AI (hence its name) and it\'s my first. It\'s a noncheating AI that pretty much focuses on melee troops and monks. This AI can play on water maps but it is still in development so don\'t expect it to play nearly as well as it does on land maps. S.S. does not vary in difficulty or play deathmatch games. I havn\'t tested it against any AIs from anyone else so if anybody could test it and report the score that would be great. Any comments would be appreciated, thanks.
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Swarming Samurai is a Japanese-only AI that relies on samurai/infantry and arbalests. While the AI has some merits, it's many playability issues make it difficult to recommend.

The AI plays like a mediocre human, investing heavily in walls and watch towers. One of its main weaknesses is that it only goes to the feudal age when it has around 17 villagers, which means it has an extremely weak economy and a late feudal time since it doesn't allocate enough vills to gathering food. It largely ignores sheep but instead harvests berries. This is another weak point, it builds a mill to get the berries but builds it too far away. And by "too far away" I'm talking in the vincinity of seven or eight tiles away from the berries. Whenever I played from Swarming Samurai's viewpoint, I noticed that it would build a mill, and then had foragers walking too and from the town center, completely ignoring the mill since it was so far away. It barely even touches the sheep before moving villagers over to berries, and this also contributes to the AI's slow start, since berries gather slower than sheep.

Another problem with Swarming Samurai is its villager allocation. As it reaches the feudal age, it immediately places several vills on stone and gold mining, instead of just collecting wood and food like a decent human player does. Since neither gold nor stone are really that important at the start of the feudal age, your AI is placed in an extremely vulnerable position.

Swarming Samurai dramatically improves as an AI if allowed enough time to build up, creating the versatile combo of samurai and arbalests. In the late game it aggressively expands to claim resources and pick up relics. But it's weak gameplay in the early stages of the game make it unsuitable on any sort of open land map.

It is a "chatty" AI, sending frequent taunts and comments to the human players. Once it builds a castle, it says "I'm glad I'm not in your predicament." Once it has a monk, it says "the relics are mine!" These comments, while humorous, are also frequent givaways. For example, Swarming Samurai tells you when it's about to attack, thus giving the human player time to prepare. Who needs scouting when your opponant actually tells you what he's doing? If you force the AI to play a civ other than Japanese, it responds with "you foul chinese man! I am not but Japanese!" This is a racial slur and probably would be considered offensive by many people, but as those are small issues and don't really affect the quality of the AI itself no deductions will be made.

Far more serious is the fact that the AI causes an error message when you try to play it, due to a faulty line in the despconstants.per file. The author acknowledges this bug on the description page, and tells us how to fix it. I'm not sure why he didn't just update a fixed version of the AI.

Recommended only for newbies.

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