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DM AI "433 AD v0.72b"

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
433 AD v0.7b(DM AI)

Scripted by AoC_DaVe

What is "433 AD v0.7b"?

"433 AD v0.7b" is an update to the DM AI Tournament-winning Ai - "433 AD v0.2b". This Ai has been created to play DM only, in the following settings as Huns civ:

- 1 Other Player (Or more if you want a team game)

- Green Arabia DM (Or Normal Arabia)

- Tiny 2 Player Map (Or larger for team games)

- Difficulty should be Hard (Or hardest for the harder version, obviously)

- Best at 200 Population (But can be anything more than 125)

- Explored Map (Or Normal Reveal)

- Post-Imperial start only

- Record Game if you want

What is "433 AD v0.7b" like?

This AI tries to fast market and heavily relies on getting the fast market to win its games. It then builds up its forces quickly and instead of rushing like in the previous, tournament version, this one will wait for it to build up before attacking, unless being attacked. It will throw down the stables, archery ranges and siege workshops first before building barrackses. It will ask/tribute resources in team games depending on how many resources it has.

How do I install "433 AD v0.7b"?

To install this AI, first download it. Once downloaded, unzip all the files to the main Ai folder which can be found in "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II\Ai" (where "C" is what the drive you installed AoK/C on. After that is done you can play it by running Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion and go to "Single Player" then "Standard Game". Select "Deathmatch" from the dropdown list and use the settings provided above. Then click on the arrow next to the computer's name and select the Ai "433 AD v0.7b" from the list. Once you are ready to play, click the Start Game button to begin!

What do I do if I encounter bugs or want to give a suggestion to make "433 AD v0.7b" better?

Just send me an email at "" or contact me on MSN Messenger as "". Thanks!

NOTE: For Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion, ONLY!
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
AoC_DaVe I've submitted an update, including a few bug fixes as well as a minor change to the main strategy.
AoC_DaVe Uggh, it's just been pointed out to me that I left out a file from the zip... Well, I've updated it now and the file is there, so hopefully no errors! Please download it again, sorry for any inconveniences.
Normally I'm not much of a fan of DM AIs, I find them far too easy to beat by far. But this one is an exception -- it was almost like playing against an intermediate player. 443 AD is an elegantly scripted piece of work with more then 27 files, and a comprehensive readme in .html format. A lot of work has obviously gone into this AI, making it a fun and challenging opponant. Note that it will only work on very specific settings. DM, Arabia, 200 pop, post-imperial start. It expands rapidly, dropping town centers all over the map, and harasses your expansions to no end. It follows the common DM Market Sling strategy (try searching the Strategy Archives), where you use the market to sell off surplus wood and stone, and use it to spam-flood the other player. It executes this strategy better then I've ever seen in an AI. An AI definately worth downloading, and Tonto_DaVe could become one of the great AI scripters. Now for a war story.

As soon as I began the game on the aforesaid settings, I dropped three barracks' with two vills, and set the remaining vill to building some houses. I then ran my scout over into 443 AD's base, and began harassing vills and destroying building foundations. This is why most DM AI's are very weak -- they can't really counter this tactic, as you they automatically delete building foundations if the villager who is building them gets attacked. This tactic worked very well, and soon I was far ahead. I had three 'raxes up, and began building forward castles when 443 AD's vills were still hiding inside the town center while my scout was running around outside. My scout eventually died to town center fire, and 443 AD was free to build up. It dropped buildings at an alarming rate, and was well prepared when my first attack came. It was able to repel my initial assault of paladins, hand-cannoneers, and halberdiers, but at heavier losses then me. By this time, I had two castles up, and could make my beloved war elephants. They pretty much shredded 443 AD's army of cavalry archers, and began attacking his base. By this time I noticed two problems: 1) I was running out of gold, and 2) I was facing a relic countdown! Dang...I had forgotten about the relics. My elephants were getting killed, so I quickly topped up production queues with my remaining gold and decided to go for broke. I managed to knock out its castles and destroy most of its base, but it continued fighting. I spent 15 more minutes simply chasing down vills and destroying rebuilt buildings. I won, but if I hadn't used my scout to raid, things probably would have turned out quite differently.
andyblast never mind that, that was supposed to go for another AI ;)
andyblast Not to be nitpicking but i like that all the parellel loading *.per's be in a seperate sub-folder as that reduces the clutter in the AI folder (& also, one knows, which all files to delete to remove the AI).
Nimaj Wow, awesome AI.

I sat in the pilot chair with it, and even with certain "random acts of God*" it still annihallated the enemy (Huns vs. Koreans, Arabia, Tiny, DM, P-I)

By "random acts of God" I mean me sacrificing its armys and vills. I only used Standard difficulty so it maybe could be beaten, but I was wrong...

And I totally aggree with the 5.0.

[Edited on 02/06/06 @ 01:15 AM]

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