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Kosmos v2.41

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
This AI is a non-cheating AI.
This AI has 17 strategies(archer rush, skirmisher rush, scout cavalry rush, etc.).

- Game Type : Random Map
- Map : Arabia (land map)
- Starting Age : Dark Age
- Population : 125-200
- Civiltizion : Any

[version1.42] 12/28/2003
- bugfix
- improved booming
100 villagers: 35:54 (best time)

[version2.10] 11/28/2004
- bugfix
- improved army behavior

[version2.41] 1/19/2009
- much improved booming and Imperial age attack
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Doktor Mabuse Hi Bari !!!

I tested your AI and it`S differnt Strategies.
(Luckily the defconsts for the -BOUNDARIES are easy to find and overseeable.)
A Pity was that my Japanese (or whatever)is very bad (okay : not existing) and so i had to test them all out.
From "Yarisan" to .... "whatever it was"

What i wanted to say: Your Scripts looks really good to me.
It`s Economy and the many TC`s and the ability to train UNits quickly looks very good to me.
Although it was a bit too Aggressive in some Situations-so it tended to send always his Army from a certain Unit-Count to my Men (18Knights for example)-no matter how many Units i really had. ("i" is in this case AllianceThundaZenith - i am scripting also AI for AOK.)
If it have not done this i am pretty sure that it would be MUCH stronger. So maybe you may ask for the enemy-Military Counts. Your AI is able to train UNits really fast and can also Boom like Hell(and seems to switch like desired from the one to the other)

And the Palisade-Walls: Coooool ! Looks really good.

Anyway, i wanna invite you to
to the ArtificialIntelligenceForum to visit us.
In the Past few Months we were a few more but the Summer seemed to turn some Guys away - nevertheless i hope they will return someday.

We hold sometimes Tourneys or whatever and your AI really have great Potencial.
So i would be proud and glad and you would visit us.

CU - and i hope that there will be further Versions of KOSMOS

P.S: I don`t give you any Rating -who needs this...?
Your AI is well made and somehow amazing. It contains new Features and is looking great.
File Author
Hi Doktor Mabuse.

Thank you for your comment.
KOSMOS is AI like a human player(for example, training units fast, Palisade-Walls, many TC's).
I watched hundreds of human player's record games. And I scripted it.
But it may be too Aggressive. I will improve it.
Doktor Mabuse Hi Bari, nice improvement.

After getting yesterday a few defeats in a Row - even in TEAM-GAME, grrrr - i decided to take the Challenge - so i tuned my AI yesterday a bit in Multiplayer (IT WILL NOT LONGER GO FOR THE relics so early, instead build only UNITS)

So check it out ATZV23 B

I hope that there will come other strong Upgrades from you in the Future - it is really Fun to BAttle with your AI
(even if i only play AI vs AI Battles)

I will kepp up the work - watch out for a C-Version it will be much stronger than the current (the B-Version was only to keep it in the Race)

If you get it so strong that i do not see any possibilities for my AI to beat it - you get the ... 5Rating from me...
... but this will not be easy....
Doktor Mabuse Man, i tested it over and over... your CAV-Archers are Hell.
It is the strongest Combo i ever seen - i do not know what to do against...
YUMIKI rules. Anyway i try to improve my AI , so that it maybe can stand against thee.
Doktor Mabuse Cool, new Kosmos Update. :)

Will check it out - keep the great work !!
Doktor Mabuse Hi !!

At there will be an 1v1 ARABIA AI-WARS Tournament at 2nd February (Deadline of Entries). Each Participant can enter with TWO Scripts (they need to play different Strategies), also each Round (there will be 2 Games per Round and about 5(or even more) Rounds total) the CIV`s can be changed (and they can be also changed each Game of every Round) - as long as you make a List which CIV`S should be used during the Rounds.

(For example you could say Game1 of every Round with HUN, Game2 of every Round with CELTIC - or Round1 HUN, Round2 Celtic, Round3 Aztec etc etc)

However i invite you to participate, because KOSMOS is a well made AI and perhaps you are interested in something like that.

File Author
Thank you for your many comment.

I'm interested in 1v1 ARABIA AI-WARS Tournament.
I'd like to participate. and I will Update KOSMOS for AI-WARS.
Doktor Mabuse Don`t forget to join the next 1v1 Arabia. :)
Rating: 5

This is an outstanding AI. Smart Scripted, many Details and many good Strategies.

Of course not all Strategies are equal in strengh and/or useability

It is preferred for open LandMaps and is definately a must have !!

Well done, great work !
Balduran656 My only problem is that it doesn't advance through the ages as quickly and doesn't produce enough units.But besides that,good AI
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