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DevilsMessenger [DM] (Random Map AI - v3.4)

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
The following enhancements were done.

- Attacking troops no longer retreat to Town Center after destroying a target.

- Feudal age gathering/exploring modified slightly.

- Turkeys now supported.

- One of the early attacks modified.

- Diplomacy taunts now respond with text messages to your request.

- Included scenarios modified slightly.

Please post any problems or comments here so I may address them.

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Official Reviewer
Author's Description first version:

Hi All,

Here's a short description snippet from the readme file. AI attempts to castle, and does, in < 15 minutes
at various settings, but not the default setting it is when submitted. At the setting that it is now,
AI will castle at approximately 15:30 game time with 24 villagers. This will differ on different maps.
These stats are on the 'Hard' setting.

The AI will not play well on a randomly generated map without some starting map resource modifications.
Since CP can't hunt boars, you will need to replace the two boars with 5 deer. Other then that, all
other random map starting resources should be unchanged. See below for more on this.

To test the AI two scenarios are provided. One with relics and one without. It is recommended to use
the scenario with relics to fully see many of the strategies this AI employs.
Player 1: Is YOU
Player 2: Is another AI (You choose)
Player 3: Is [DM]DevilsMessenger AI
Player 4: [SLAVES]MiningAI.per (Do little more then what the name suggests. Included in zip)

The GOAL of this script is to simulate a human player. It does use many cc- commands but does NOT use
any cc- commands that give it free resources on any setting. More on this topic is in the readme file.

[ SCRIPT DESCRIPTION ] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Most of my tests were on "All Techs". Script did perform nearly
equally well without using all techs. What ever techs are not available to a race are considered
Britons mostly. Does work for any other races that have Archers, Trebuchets, Infantry and Cavalry
however with downgraded performance.
Any population.

- 8 sheep (8-32 tiles from starting TC)
- 6 berry bushes (8-16 tiles from starting TC)
- 9 deer (4 deer + 5 extra deer to replace the 2 boars CP can't hunt) (12 - 18 tiles from TC &
- 0 boars
- NO forest at a radius of 12 tiles from the initial TC EXCEPT the 4-5 Trees near the start TC
- 1 Gold & 1 Stone mining location within 12 - 20 tiles from starting TC
- Ratio of 5/3+ (Gold/Stone+ - in terms of gold pile units not actual amounts.)
- Begin with a stockpile of 200 Stone/Wood/Food and 100 Gold
- NO adding of free resources through the use of any script command on any setting, except where
by default by the game itself.

NOTE: If the resource stockpile is 200F, 100G, 200W 200S (Standard) at the start of the game the
AI will still Castle quickly but
will only arrive at Castle < 15 minutes 5% of the time.

[ MAP START RESOURCE SETTINGS (MSRS) ] -----------------------------------------------------------------
Easiest, Easier, Medium, Hard (Assuming MSRS) (Fastest times during testing) (200 of every
resource at start)
Feudal Time : 8:30+
Castle Time : 13:54+ (13.54 best time during testing - 17 villagers instead of 24
and /w 200 GOLD)
Imperial Time : 36:00+

Easiest, Easier, Medium, Hard (Assuming MSRS) (Fastest times during testing) (200 Food,
Wood, Stone and 100 Gold)
Feudal Time : 8:50+
Castle Time : 14:54+ (24 Villagers)
Imperial Time : 30:00+

Hardest (Assuming MSRS) (Fastest times during testing, NO adding of free resources)
Feudal Time : 4:30+
Castle Time : 9:30+ (variable villagers)
Imperial Time : 15:00+

Any map. Script attempts to figure out whether to use a Navy without the use of constants.
This may change though. It is recommended the user select whether to use a LAND
([DM]DevilsMessenger[L].per) file or NAVAL ([DM]DevilsMessenger[N].per) file.

Any. Script is coded to use what ever it has. The more it has the faster
it will proceed.

Collect Relics/Conquest. Wonder is not built in this version. Only if allie asks through
the taunts.

[ TAUNTS ] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
o 3 Food (Use for both to ask AI for FOOD and AI uses it to ask you for FOOD)
o 4 Wood
o 5 Gold
o 6 Stone
o 31 Attack now!
o 36 Stop attacks. (20 MINUTES)
o 37 Tell AI to build a wonder.
o 43 Tell AI to create trade cart.
o 47 Wish to Trade. (You need to call this Taunt before you request for resources from AI.)
o 46 What is your name. (Prints AI version and author info.)
o 44 Tell AI to increase camp distance to 72 squares if not already higher.
o 48 Tell AI to increase camp distance to 144 squares if not already higher.

[ RECOMMENDED USE/MISCELLANEOUS ] -------------------------------------------------------------------
This script is intended to be a powerfull Ally to any human player or a
competitor against other AI's rather then an opponent to human players. If you use this
script as an opponent you might be very disappointed. You're likely never to be be attacked
and in the rare event that you are then you're probably going to die. Have Fun!

Unzip to the AI subdirectory to Install.

This AI uses several different strategies. I won't spoil the fun and mention them here but under different
threats it performs very differently.

Devyn / Tonto_Devyn / DevynAOK
DM is a strong, and very well scripted AI. When you download it, the first thing that should strike you is the file's size. With almost twenty seperate scripts, readme files in .html and .txt format, and some scenarios for testing, DM is one of the largest AI files ever uploaded to the blacksmith. As an opponant, I lost to this AI the first two times I played it. After that, I was able to learn it's patterns and counter accordingly. DM loses to some other well-known AIs (Zycat, AT-Zenith, etc.), but is a strong adversary against a human player. DM is a very fast AI, which castles at around the 16:00 minute mark with 24 villies, and trains a variety of units. It also has an elaborate in-built taunt system which rivals that of the ES AI. Overall a fine AI and certainly worth downloading.
Wolverine245 I copied and pasted all files which are inside "DM FINAL"folder. but it says script error.
WHICH Should I copy and paste ,please reply.

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