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Fear Me

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
This is an update of the Devastation Ai and it does not cheat. It has been renamed Fear Me. It is vastly improved and now will play any civilization, but it still only for death match. In 1v1 on Arabia, tiny map, with Huns or Saracens, Fear Me should be able to defeat all presently available Ai?fs most of the time.

In death match, clearly the Huns are the best civilization. Other civilizations that Fear Me, does pretty well with against Huns in 1v1, besides Saracens, are the Chinese, Mongols, Persians, and Teutonic civilizations.

In 2v2 with random civilizations in death match for both teams, a pair of Fear Me?fs should also be able to defeat all presently available Ai?fs that are teamed as a pair against the Fear Me?fs. In multiplayer, Fear Me will attempt to coordinate with its ally or allies, and will train trade carts for trading, and will respond to requests for resources if the standard requests in the chat menu are used. Fear Me will also request resources from allies if Fear Me runs critically low on one resource or another.

Fear Me is optimized for use on land maps. Fear Me will play on any map type, but will only build docks and ships in exceptional circumstances. Specifically, the Fear Me Ai will only build fishing ships if it is critically low on food, and will only build war ships if all enemies have been eliminated from the land. Generally the more open the terrain, the better the performance of the Fear Me Ai. On maps when there are crowded or enclosed spaces, such as black forest or fortress, the Fear Me Ai unfortunately sometimes build many units in an enclosed space and creates a "traffic jam", trapping the units.

Fear Me does not include any scaling for difficulty, but the game includes built in scaling. In particular, at the hardest difficulty level the game initially provides Ai players with additional resources. And at easiest difficulty, the game prevents Ai players from killing villagers. Recommended difficultly level for the Fear Me Ai is hard, not hardest, for the fairest Ai v. human game.

For the fairest game against the Fear Me Ai, use the normal reveal map setting. Regardless of whether the setting is for explore or all visible, Ai's perform as if the map setting is normal for reveal map. So if you play the Fear Me Ai with map explored, you have an advantage because from the game start you will be able to tell where the resources and relics are, while the Ai is required to explore first
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Doktor Mabuse
Very strong as HUN.
"It does not annihilate - it devours"
- seems to be the right description of this Ai`s HUN`s.

Other CIV`S also nice made.
Of course there is no AI i would gibe a 5 - as you know.
(Or at least not till ALL of the other CIV`S are as deadly as the Huns.)

But no need for that - good Job.
(But there is need for me to put some work on my AI ;))

Rating: 5
(Best AI I have ever seen. Great to practice defence against rush.)

Additional Comments:

I've been using this AI for decade just to keep practising on.

I have modified the AI so that it plays by MS Zone rules i.e. "no siegefag", "no trebfag".

When I removed the siege and limited the trebs to a maximum of 3, there was one other problem. The AI mass produced Cavalry Archers. Si I removed them too.

Now, it plays by the standard rules.

If you rush the AI, you can beat it. But give it 5 or 10 minutes to build up and it can win you if you're not fast enough!

Can I upload the modified AI here? I have tried uploading but I think you can't upload files anymore.

Now that Age of Empires 2 HD has been re-born, I think this game has kicked off again.

How can I upload the modified AI? All credits given to original creator.


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