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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Please see "Readme"-File for Information -

This is the original AllianceThundaEmires-Version and it is the best balanced.

For improvements i need a bit Time to think about.

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gamefreak93 note: you do not need gold for a castle, you need stone.
andyblast Do I have to put ALL the *.AI in the folder & clutter up my pull down menu or do i just need a specific one to play like the general versions of ATEX & Zenith (non-specified raid or flush). Also, if i dont play with tourney version, do i need to keep the -=T13=- folder & T-***.ai & T-***.per too??
andyblast First of all, thanx for the improved folder-isation.

Also, I've now got the following Alliances in my HDD (tho yet to play with Empire):

1. AllianceThunda Empire (This one)

2. AllianceThunda Phalcon (One which was on this ID before, with all specialised strats seperately)

3. AllianceThunda Zenith v2.3b (with both tourney & cheater versions, along with some special Raid/Flush strats)

4. AllianceThunda Extreme v9c (with both tourney & cheater versions, along with some special Raid/Flush/Yurt strats); also having the taunts which I hope, work for newer versions too)

Problem is, Which is the most updated version (Cheat & non-cheat both) that I need to keep?

PS: Also, how is "AllianceOpponentKit" different from all these?
Doktor Mabuse Hi !

Sorry that i response so lately - i rarely check my E-Mails :)

You can delete all former Versions - only the "Empire Version" is of use.

The new Version will also use the Taunts.

There is no additional Difference from Hard vs Hardest in the new Version (the difference of 500 pre resource at beginn of each Age stays the same).

The OpponentKit is basically the same - you could "build" your own Opponents or use the "selected ones" - the Advantage of the "pre-selected" is that the Computer will start the Game earlier as the Engine does not parse all the Code (per Player !!!) before Game-Start.

I can take a while if you want to play vs 7 EmpireVersions before the GAme Starts (but i will improve this as i got aware that the parse-times are too long - and will reduce the Code to a minimum - by now there is a bit "waste")

thx and CU

(i will update this Version for sure in Order to be stronger and smarter)
andyblast Excellent AI. Forget all other Alliances, just get this. Absolutely terrific Land/Sea mix-strat on mixed maps.

Prolly the best AI here...
Berserker Jerker
Official Reviewer
The Alliance series of AI’s have gone through various updates, and new versions, eventually arriving at this version, Alliance ThundaEmpire. Each showing an improvement over its predecessor, I suspect it will not end here either, as the author is still very active, and is constantly looking at ways to improve this already truly impressive AI.

Alliance ThundaEmpire is one of the most versatile AI’s there is. It performs well on any settings, and with any civilization, the only exceptions are “Wonder race”, “Defend the Wonder” and 25-population limit. Whereby the AI promptly informs you of this and resigns. It even has the ability to detect what type of map it is playing without using the “map-type” fact, and select the appropriate strategy to suit. This means it can choose an effective strategy even on a map that contains the wrong AI-map-type-info, as is often the case with custom scenarios. The AI doesn’t cheat, except for the usual extra resources given at the start of each age when playing hardest difficulty. Coupled with the fact the author has taken in to account the difficulty levels on easier settings, this means you should be able to find a good balance no matter what skill level you are at. I recommend playing on moderate to start with, and then try a different setting according to how well you fare against this AI. Even the most experienced player should find playing on Hardest a real and enjoyable challenge.

The AI has an extremely well balanced economy, trading well with its allies, and/or using the market to balance its economy when needed. As most AI’s do, it will concentrate on Food and Wood for it’s main source of income, creating a good mix of military units without overly wasting gold. This ensures it doesn’t run out of gold on the map until late in the imperial age, by which time it is usually in a strong position, and/or trading with it’s allies market.

Its ability to build effectively is also equally impressive, building a good amount of support buildings, ensuring it can create troops quickly and effectively. Castles always seem to be placed effectively, and generally not all grouped in one location as some AI’s tend towards. Many AI’s will place forward buildings, but often they are placed at the worst possible time and locations conceivable, and left completely undefended, wasting time and resources. Alliance ThundaEmpire doesn’t, it places buildings with an almost human like thought behind it, it’s as if the author were there watching your every move. I have yet to see the AI build walls, but this is by no means a detriment, as doing so can often block a vital resource, and waste precious resources.

Military Strategy:
The AI’s military strategy varies greatly; it doesn’t always try to flush, it seems to choose a strategy that best fits its civilization, map, and population limit. Generally it chooses a good mix of units that are upgraded and well balanced. It will defend its resources and buildings aggressively, and very effectively. If you do manage to mount an effective strike against this AI, there is a humorous Grrrr.. sent via a chat message. When the AI goes on the offensive, it does so mercilessly. It doesn’t send one big mass, nor does it send a couple of large groups to attack. It seems to send a few small groups testing for a weakness, and then in ever increasing ferocity, it sends more and more small groups that become extremely hard to defend against. Another very interesting strategy I have observed, is it will often attack immediately after successfully defending against an attack on it’s own base. This usually ensures that its enemy is at its weakest, and can have devastating results for its enemies. So be prepared to suffer the consequences if your attack against this AI fails!

There is only one area that this AI performs less well, this being on island maps. The strategy is attacking with numerous small groups; this means a transport rarely has more than a few units onboard when it delivers an attack force. With little or no support the AI often fails to make sufficient headway against its enemies. It still out-performs the standard AI in this area though, and I am merely directing the author to a possible area for improvement.

The AI includes a list of taunts it will react to when playing with it as an ally, and also includes a few AI signals the AI will react to; meaning scenario designers can use these to their benefit if using this AI in a custom scenario.

After countless tests with this AI against various other non-cheating AI’s of a similar class, I have yet to see it beaten on a 1v1 equal footing basis. On Arabia maps it can consistently beat three Standard AI players that are allied together, something that is a true testament to the ability of this impressive AI. Overall this is without a doubt one of the most impressive AI’s I have seen to date, and this AI covers almost every area of the game. I could continue with this review for several more pages, covering some of the finer details, it is that comprehensive. Alliance ThundaEmpire is ideally suited for all levels of players, and provides a much greater balance on easer settings than that of the Standard AI. I highly recommend you download this; you will NOT be disappointed.

Note to the Author:
I know you believe no AI is perfect enough to receive a 5, but to give Alliance ThundaEmpire anything less would be a crime! Thank you for creating this AI, and providing me with hours of enjoyment.
This is a good, solid AI. It is able to play with any civilization on any map type. There are only two complaints that I can think of:

1. This AI does not seem to build castles or walls. It seems to rely on its ability to take down an enemy before castles/walls become necessary; however, I have seen the default AI opponent totally annihilate AllianceThundaEmpire because ATE refused to fortify its position.
2. This AI does not seem to produce unique units. This is probably related to problem number 1 (no castles).

Overall, a good AI that builds quickly and efficiently and uses the basic units well. However, not having to break my way through walls and tear down castles takes away a lot of enjoyment for me. I still prefer the default AI to AllianceThundaEmpire.
Doktor Mabuse @LPype:

(in memoriam to your Review):

My AI builds Castles.

I has (atm) no Strategy that make it build EARLY Castles, but it builds them anyway. Everybody who would have tested my AI carefully would have noticed that.

Just play DM or high Res-Start and you see (immediatly) that my Ai builds Castles.

Secondly i ask myself why you give an Ai that don`t give you as much Joy as the standard-AI and also lose vs standard-AI 4.5 Points ?
Doktor Mabuse But of course - i want that you like my AI and that it deserves the 4.5 Points you gave me -

so i will develope an AI that builds an early Castle (probably more later ;)) and UU as main UNit.

Sorry though about the Walls - i really have no place for them in my AI


theliberator This is the best AI I have ever used. It actually poses a challenge to me (I cannot play aganist human players on the Zone, due to by horrable internet connection). I would give it a 5 if I left a rating.
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