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Swan for Tournament 1v1 Arabia

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Swan for AOC 1.0c
Designed by Tea315(Leo), a Hong Kong guy

Thanks for DarkAngelBGE and Mabuse for their great help on solving my questions/problems on AI.

Thanks for Cat's unit ID list, which helps me much, yeah very great help. Without it an AI is weak and cannot doing much thing, especially the corse ID and group ID and also Mabuse his "The Art of Attack and Defense in AOK" lead me to know the 3rd attack method - attack-group, which cause the special soldier behaviour. That special soldier behaviour has annoys me 2yr. Even I have spent more than half year on study it but cannot find out how to make or what is causing that, now found out.

This AI propose is for the AI tournament, only for 1v1 Arabia, Hun, pop200 random map, resource normal, start age normal, conquest. With plan A to plan F, but in fact only plan C, D, F will be active in this AI, no cc-add command, no any cc- command on any parameters except "0" Gaia, whatever... the tournament's rule is so. I think it will sure make some bug on this AI as no cc- command as I just edit from the original has cc- command *.per to no cc- command. time to edit time to test anymore before the tournament deadline...Too bad!
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This is a very useful and strong AI which should be of use to many players. Made by Leo for an AI tournament, this one looks like a real winner. Swan was designed to flush, and so is a good trainer for the mother of all maps, 1x1 Arabia. Even though the author expressly said that it works best with Huns, I find it works equally well with pretty much any civ. As far as I could tell, it does not cheat. When I played against it, I lost. The second time I played against it, I also lost. I only won my third game by a sneaky strategy -- building small clumps of walls near its base. As Swan's troops fan out in search of targets, they see the walls and start attacking them, the walls effectively act as decoys and so giving me time to build an army. Unlike many flush AI's, it is still viable to play against well into the castle and imperial age. As it reaches castle it abruptly changes it's strategy to a Crush (Castle-rush, although just plain "crush" would be an appropriate name for what it does :-) ) and starts running knights into your base, harassing villagers. Later on, it sends in rams to pulverise any buildings that might be left by then. It drops expansion buildings all over the map, making it very difficult for you too acquire new resources. In closing, this is an extremely good AI, the best flushing AI I'ved ever seen.


-- Intermediate/expert players
-- 1x1 Arabia fans


-- Newbies
-- Maps other then Arabia
-- Imperial-age boomers
Berserker Jerker
Official Reviewer
Swan for tournment 1v1 ara is a well made AI that is designed for specific game settings. This being a 1v1 Arabia map, Hun civ, pop 200. It will however still work and perform well on other similar land based maps, and any civ, as well as playing against more than one opponent. It won’t work for water maps, as the script doesn’t build ships, and it should always be used with a population limit of 200, as anything less effects it’s ability to mount an effective attack. It doesn’t trade with allies, and will always use a similar strategy. (usually flush – a strategy whereby the player attacks early in the Feudal age) So as you can see, this is not the most versatile AI there is, as it is directed at a very specific area. If you are looking for a good flushing AI to play against on land-based maps, then Swan AI is a good choice. There is little in the way of balance for easier game settings, and therefore it is not ideal for less experienced players.

Swan has a reasonably well-balanced economy, and will produce a large number of villagers to support this. It will not trade with allies, and this can have an effect when gold begins to run out. The AI was intended for a 1v1 basis, so I presume that is why trading was not included. The AI limits mining stone in the early ages, usually with just a single villager mining stone, which is just enough to support the building of extra TC’s in the Castle age. It concentrates on the other resources until it reaches the Imperial age, and then switches a good number of villagers to stone mining, and starts to build Castles. This is an interesting strategy and certainly seems to add to the flushing ability of the AI. One area that seems to let it down though is balancing economy via the market. “Co-oping” with the AI (playing as the AI by setting the AI for player 1), I did observe several times where it had an abundance of food and wood, but little or no gold, or visa-versa. This was restricting it from gaining a faster Imperial time, and creating/upgrading units. I felt that with better market management the AI could be improved. This is certainly true in late imperial age where gold becomes scarce, and the AI loses much of its ability to create effective units, and hence guarantees its own demise.

Swan builds a great many support buildings; this ensures it can create units at an impressive rate. It will build forward building also, usually this is not the most successful tactic, but due to the fact it is usually on the offensive, it does seem to work in this case. It tends to be quite late in the game before it builds Castles, and it never seems to build towers. Coupled with the fact it doesn’t build walls, this means that it can suffer greatly from little or no defense for its villagers. Often using hit a run tactics with Cav archers, a player can take out many villagers, and draw away defending soldiers as they retreat. With no defensive buildings, villagers have nowhere to hide, and the attacking units take little or no damage. If this tactic is used on two fronts, you can effectively strangle the AI’s economy, and its ability to mount an effective attack. This is rarely a tactic you get to use however, as on a 1 v 1 basis you will almost certainly be preoccupied with defending against an endless onslaught of soldiers attacking you early in the game, and altering the AI could upset the ability to flush so effectively, and as a wise man once said, [I] The best defense is a good offence [/I] ;)

Military Strategy:
As already stated the AI will always attack very early in the game. It uses a strategy called “Town size attack” when attacking. This ensures that almost all of its military units attack at once, and they defend themselves while traveling to a target. So setting up traps to attack marching armies will not work for this AI. The units are generally Knights, Cav Archers and Pikemen that are used (archers and spearmen/militia in Feudal), and these are upgraded quite effectively. It can be quite late in the Castle age, or even the Imperial age before you face any Rams. However this seems balanced, due to the fact that Rams will generally be built and attack sooner if you are successfully defending against the onslaught of endless non-siege units. The relatively slow building of Castles means you won’t see any trebs until later in the Imperial age, and I have yet to see any unique units created by the AI. I was quite surprised by this and thought the AI would suffer; yet the AI doesn’t seem to suffer any marked downgrade in its offensive ability by this, and still performs admirably in the Imperial age.

One really annoying problem with the AI is the constant chat messages that appear on screen, the amounts vary from game to game, but I’m very surprised that this has not be picked up on by the author or others who have downloaded and played this AI. There are numerous chat messages sent while playing against the AI, especially ones for the TSA (town size attack). This only seems to happen when the AI reaches the Imperial age, or when it starts attacking in large numbers, but it can and does indeed get extremely annoying. Occasionally it happens early in the game too, and seems to be linked to what civilization the AI plays against. I haven’t looked at the script in great detail, but I suspect these were intended for testing purposes and should have been altered to chat-local-to-self or removed completely. This doesn’t affect any of the AI’s ability, but nonetheless it should to be addressed.

Overall this is a good AI, (annoying chat messages excused) it will only work for quite specific game settings, due to its somewhat limited versatility, but it was never intended to play anything other than that stated and performs well on land based maps. It is ideally suited for experienced players that are looking for a challenging AI that attacks early in the game, and is an excellent trainer for those looking to play on-line against experienced players. If you are looking for a land based AI that flushes effectively, you will be hard pressed to find one better than this, and I highly recommend Swan AI. I look forward to seeing more from the Author, and hopefully an AI that encompasses every area of the game. ;)

Notes to the author
Please, please correct the chat messages, use chat-local-to-self instead of chat-to-all for testing purposes, I did email you prior to this review, but didn’t receive a response. I will update this review after you have corrected the problem, so please leave a note on the description page, or email me.
One area that might improve this AI is with the market as I stated above, this will certainly improve Imp times, and may help the AI continue its onslaught when gold runs out, that is if you can last that long against this AI ;)

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