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Simple But Sweet 3.0

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Ok, well, I think this is the most sucessful AI I have created yet. This time SBS 3 stoops down to your level if it is set to standard. Or it will cheat ONLY on hard to add a little extremity to the challenge. There are also rush possibilities also, thanks to for everyone helping me on goals etc. . I have fixed many errors and added some new stuff to make SBS 3 better than ever :

1. ATTACK FIX - Now it attacks more than once! That's why I didn't want you to download the previous SBS 3.

2. RUSH!!!! - I think this will work... Test it out. Works on medium - hard level.

3. COUNTER UNITS - Counter units for almost every unit there is!

4. ALLY INTERFACE - Now it tributes to other players besides player 1

5. WALLS - I discovered walls can give SBS 3 an advantage in the early stages of the game.

SBS 3 can beat COMs in about a little over an hour or less.

Well, you're on your own! Anyway, any comments or reviews would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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Tobster hey what does the defconsts stand for? default constants? thanks.
Tobster O.K then. thanks.
lastchance02008 i think this ai has some disorder about building a lot of lumber camps or mining camps (can't remember) lol. just thought i'd point this out. otehr than that is was a GREAT AI. keep it up
Tobster It only does that when they are persians. all ais make persians do that for some reason. its not like they are outposts so maybe its a bug in the origanal game program.
Emperor Mars Hi there. I was playing your AI and its good, but and I think theres a bug with lumber camps. It doesn't build then sometimes in dark, So can't get to feudal. I think the problems with the order the rules are put in one of the files. When the AI goes through the rules it keeps building the amount of farms you put. This is fine, but means it never reaches 100 wood to build a lumber camp even though you have lots of villagers gathering wood. I thinks thats the problem, but may be something else.
Visual_Basic yes, i had the same problem when i tested the ai.
Btw. for which settings is the ai written? Because i tried it on arabia-RM (with persian and some other civs) on hard (with low resources) but it started to build outpost in dark-age (i think up to three). This may not be very effective because the scout allready tries to discover (and usually succeeds) a certain region around your town-center. And at the beginning you may use your resources on much more important things (like houses, lumber-camps and farms).
And you said your SBS 3 is very effective vs. SBS 2, but to improve your ai you should also try to play vs other ais (e.g. Kosmos, AlianceThunda, and many more, just ask at
However, i believe your ai would easily win vs standart-ai so it might not be such a good idea to test it vs that ai either.

i won't go on with critics until i know which settings are the right - then it would be all for nothing :)

keep up the work, anyway! Allways nice to see new (or old?) AI-scripters.
After testing many games on Arabia, Dark Age Start RM, I still not find why SBS3 got an 4.5 rating (and in top downloads O_o )

Starting build order: 2.0
Its build order need improvements, and the Script has some bugs which may make it stay in Dark Age til 45 mins or forever. (usually with Byzantine and Persian civ)

Effectiveness of Attacks: 2.0
In fact, SBS3 doesn't decide the "attack-time" properly (i.e not "smart"), and also need more improvements of attack-groups and Combo-units.

Adaptive to other strategies: 2.5
I suggest you test some other AIs than the standard computer. There are many AIs which develope a certain stratey to a surprising extent (and give this AI a real trouble)

Balance Economy and Military: 3.0
but SBS3's strategy is pretty single-minded, I thinks

Flexible in different settings: 2.5
I haven't tested much in other setting like team games or other land maps, but anyway SBS3 showed some potential in this aspect, so I guess it's worth 2.5

Overall: (2 + 2 + 2.5 + 3 + 2.5) / 5 = 2.4

I hope you'll improve and update it soon. It has a lot potential. I think you should visit to develope the SBS's potential. There're also regularly AI Tournaments (AOC) there which is a great inspiration for anyone interested in AOK-scripting.

[Edited on 08/03/05 @ 11:10 AM]

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