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Simple But Sweet 3.0

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Ok, well, I think this is the most sucessful AI I have created yet. This time SBS 3 stoops down to your level if it is set to standard. Or it will cheat ONLY on hard to add a little extremity to the challenge. There are also rush possibilities also, thanks to for everyone helping me on goals etc. . I have fixed many errors and added some new stuff to make SBS 3 better than ever :

1. ATTACK FIX - Now it attacks more than once! That's why I didn't want you to download the previous SBS 3.

2. RUSH!!!! - I think this will work... Test it out. Works on medium - hard level.

3. COUNTER UNITS - Counter units for almost every unit there is!

4. ALLY INTERFACE - Now it tributes to other players besides player 1

5. WALLS - I discovered walls can give SBS 3 an advantage in the early stages of the game.

SBS 3 can beat COMs in about a little over an hour or less.

Well, you're on your own! Anyway, any comments or reviews would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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File Author
You would be suprised of how powerful SBS 3 is now. I have recorded a game just yesterday with SBS 2 v.s SBS 3. The results were spectacular. You can download it Here - SBS 2 V.S SBS 3 .zip
Tobster This is easily the best Ai i have ever downloaded. Keep up the good work!
File Author
Sure! And thanks for the review!
Tobster Reviewed. Keep up the good work! P.s can i use this in my campaign?(with your name in the credits) P.s* if i delete the resouce and villager pers will this still work only for fighting and unit production? Thanks
File Author
Oh, and about deleting the files, you must also delete the thing on the "Simple But Sweet 3.0" file, where it says:

(load "SBS 3 whatever you wanted to delete")

in order to adjust it the way you want it. Any further problems, e-mail me at and I'll customize it fo you.
I have found this Ai file to be one of the best around. However there are a few glitches in the Ai. The rushes, although powerful, could be repelled, leaving the enemy with a slow fuedal and a weak economy. Also, if the Ai was rushed itself then it would not train anymore units and instead just attack with their smaller,weaker units. In the previous version, there was the problem of no cavalry being made. This time it uses the cavalry logically,the armys are well balanced and the imperial armys are especially strong. The problem of short bursts of villagers rather then a continous flow has been solved and the villagers take logical patterns of work. The cheating in hardest is actually not a spoiler, because Ai is much more stupid then humans anyway. Cheating in Ai is what makes it fair. I also found that the ages were fast but not rushed. prioritys were balanced and logical. Gameplay was balanced as the Ai wouldnt cheat itself to an early win or fall easily to a well planned attack. If you make another version you should sort out the problem of when it is rushed and make the resource collection more effiecant E.g more town centers. A must download. Do it now!
File Author
PS : This AI only cheats on HARDEST not HARD. Sorry for the mistake. And you can delete the cheating portion on the 'Military Production' PER file.
File Author
I guess I could prove it! :D

- a review would greatly appreciated!
File Author
Are you getting into AI programming? It's pretty cool. But anyway, a defconst is a defined constant. You can give it any name you want. It's a shortcut. Like I have

#load-if-defined DIFFICULTY-HARD
(defconst max-feud-militiaman 4)
if the game is on hard difficulty, the militiaman-line (swordsmen, any kind) will be 4.
My code for training militiaman-line is similar to this:

(unit-type-count militiaman-line <= max-feud-militiaman)
(current-age == feudal-age)
(can-train militiaman-line)
(train militiaman-line))

So really a defconst is a shortcut, so you don't have to do way more work. You get the idea. If you have anymore questions, carry this onto forums or forums and I'll help you out if you are wanting to become a scripter too.
Tobster Thanks. This Ai is becoming more useful by the minute!
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