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Attilla v 1

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
This one plays as the huns in strictly land maps
its quite easy and will give u a good build up time
non cheating & imo quite enjoyable against human opponents
mebbe it needs lots of upgrading so plz send ur feed backs good or bad
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Attilla (I won't belabor the misspelling) is for Huns only. Probably to tie in with the name, but it limits the script's use. Despite the fact that the Huns are a rush civ, Attilla will only fight in the latter stages of the game.

The first thing you should notice about it is that it is noisy. It chats frequently, sending messages like "building feudal age farming system" or "defence". Perhaps the author used these to remind himself what his AI was doing, but it isn't good. The AI will tell you exactly what it's up to, and so you -- the wily human -- can easily adapt your strategy. If you really need "reminder" messages sent whenever an AI fires an important defrule, use chat-local-to-self and play from the AI's point of view in random map mode. With the technical problems out of the way, we can move on to gameplay.

Attilla doesn't manage such a good economy. It farms far too quickly, when there are still sheep and other natural food sources around. According to some tests done a while ago (I'm just going by memory), it's cost effective to start farming gradually from the 18th villager. You had farms going by the 15th vill. Attilla does apallingly slow feudal, castle, and imperial times. It builds additional town centers with no proximity to resources. And the whole game, it built less then seventy villagers. One-hundred villagers is best for a strong economy.

But military is this AI's saving grace. It rapidly builds up a strong force of heavy cavalry and pikes in the late castle age, and good SNs mean it can fight back competitively against a human player. The only problem being is that it pumps out a lot of monks -- even when there are no relics avaliable. With few miners, your AI has difficulty keeping up both monks and knights.

While micromanagement is fine, the counter unit system is completely helpless. Paladins and halberdiers are great, but it is ignoring one of the best goodies the Huns have to offer -- the Heavy Cavalry Archer. While in the early going Attilla's raiding poses a challenge, an imperial-age army of halberdiers/arbalests will roll your AI over.

I do not recommend this AI to anyone except newbies.

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