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AI VNS_Halen_ alpha Sep2004

Author File Description
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Version: The Conquerors
This is a slightly updated version of AI VNS_Halen_ (ID 245), result in some bugs fixed and some slight changes.

NOTE: Please read the ReadMe file for the correct settings, especially the preferred civils. VNS_Halen_ can play 2 civs: Huns and Vikings. Other civs will result in an early resignation.
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Official Reviewer
Please use the update form next time.

Blacksmith Administrator

Author's Description from AI ID 245:

VNS_Halen_ is a sweet AI for Age of Kings – The Conquerors Expansion. You can use it to test your AI as well as to improve your skills in AOK-TC with many level of difficulty. Besides, it’s a very simple AI which might help beginners-in-scripting to make their own AIs.

VNS_Halen_ is cool at AI-vs-Human games, and it’s good in AIs-war, I think. I’ve tested it (1vs1) with many powerful AIs: Alliance Thunda, Archon, Assaiki, ER_EW, Gensaric, Goths, Kosmos, KnightRush, Mexico, Saiyan, Tiger, The Babyking, VNS_Caesar, VNS_Tarkan, VN Game Development Team, Zycat...

Just unzip and VNS_Halen_.per into folder AI - next to folder age2_x1 (for Example : C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesAge of Empires – The Conquerors ExpansionAI) - then you can select VNS_Halen_ from Single Player/ Standard Game/ Computer.

Game: Random Map (can play Post-Imp DeathMatch, but best in RM)
Location: Arabia, Mongolia... (all Land location)
Size: fits the number of Players
Difficulty: Moderate or more difficult (should be Hard)
Resource: Standard = Low
Population: 125+ (200 recommended)
RevealMap: Normal better than Explored
Speed: No Problem
Victory: NP (VNS_Halen_ won’t build a wonder (^_^) )
Lock Team: either ON or OFF (checked recommended)
Civilization: Vikings / Huns
(if you play Post-Imperial DM, choose Goths / Huns for him)

(At first I designed VNS_Halen_ for Huns only, but when I nearly finished, I wanted to prove that other civils can defeat Huns. So I picked up Vikings (RM) and Goths (DM). However, after my friends had tested it, they advised me to keep Huns for VNS_Halen_, and I did it. Therefore you can choose Huns for VNS_Halen_ (both RM and DM). If you think my AI is better with another civil, you can send me an email )

VNS_Halen_ is nearly a non-cheating AI (it only uses cc-players-unit-type-count 0 to detect resource, and some cc-commands when you send some special taunts to him). If you want it to play harder or extremely harder, chat 11 or 102 to it at the beginning of the game and it will get TAUNT-CHEATS mode: Human-player mode or Super-VNS_Halen_ mode.

HUMAN-PLAYER Mode: chat 11 to VNS_Halen_ in first 5 minutes of the game, he will get the following resources:
- 380 Food + 200 Wood + 50 Gold in Dark Age to get a fast Feudal
- 100 F + 300 W during researching Feudal
- 300 F + 450 W in early Feudal
- 420 F + 450 W + 50 G in middle Feudal
- 400 F + 450 W since researching Castle Age.
Total : 1600 Food + 1850 Wood + 100 Gold = 3550 (too much ?!! But a Hardest Computer get total 8000 Resources – with 2000 each ^^ )

And some other food if you play in Location SCANDINAVIA.

SUPER VNS_Halen_ Mode: I think VNS_Halen_ has the Level of zone-rate 1570->1610 (in HUMAN-PLAYER Mode and Hard-Difficulty) ; if you think it’s too easy for you, chat 102 to VNS_Halen_ in first 90 seconds of the game and do your best to fight the SUPER VNS_Halen_. Super-Mode will get more resource than Human-Player Mode.
(I am ready for hearing somebody call me cheaterGay (>_

[Edited on 06/06/08 @ 01:05 PM]

xian_n a very good AI, can defeat most AI easily in arabia map.
Rating: 4.5

This is a great AI File - for use on open LandMaps

it will play an aggressive Flush, for additional Difficulty you can enable a CheatMode - which makes it harder (a good and smart Way to use Cheats).

It will adapt to the Units its enemy is using.
Also it develops very nicely Camps to gather resources.

It has the strengh to get good results in AI Wars - indicating some Work has gone into it, and that it is able to deal with Opponents on equal Circumstances

I recommend to add this File to every AI Collection it is definately worth the download.

It`s only downfall is that it may be not so good in Team Games

[Edited on 04/11/05 @ 04:59 PM]

gama I can't seem to be able to play with VNS_Halen keeps quiting very early in the game. Is there any special setting that I should be aware of. Many thanks.
Visual_Basic -------
I can't seem to be able to play with VNS_Halen keeps quiting very early in the game. Is there any special setting that I should be aware of. Many thanks.

as far as i know it plays land-maps.
And allways keep in mind that AIs have certain disadvantages ;).
You can believe me - this one is really strong - and if you think it's not good enough against you, just choose to play against two of them or even more.
Sir_Sober_Sides VNS_Halen is a very enjoyable and challenging AI. Under its guidance, the computer sends swarms of bad guys after my noble people! And I like how VNS_Halen forces me to earn the win. Don't I deserve the satisfaction of a victory, and not a resignation? Especially when I beat the Huns using AOK's favorite victims, the Byzantines!

Free Scarler Hey CheaterGay, your AI is bugged since it only plays one civ. If it isn't viking it surrenders. Is this bug only with my version or does everyone have this problem when playing against VNS_Halen? The reason why this is a bug is simple... because a good AI HAS to be able to play every civ! Even the standard AI (and that's a really bad AI) can do it!

Also, I have tested what happens when removing the line where it surrenders because it isn't viking, and it played the other civs just fine. So, will you remove the "non-viking-surrender-bug"?
CRAZEDMANIAC Ya it just quits if it isn't VIk's.
and (i was just testing) it won't play on any lvl below moderate.
Free Scarler Oh man, that's really a bugged AI... The Vader AI is IMHO much better since it can play more civs, and Alliancethundaempire is even still better since it can play all difficulty settings!

[Edited on 01/24/06 @ 04:39 AM]

Visual_Basic -----
Oh man, that's really a bugged AI... The Vader AI is IMHO much better since it can play more civs

The current (not available) version of VaderAI just plays with about 4 civs anymore - so you wonna tell me that it became worse?
(the available version is much outdated, and i'll update it when i get the time to complete it for all civs)

Of course it is nice to have an AI which plays all civs - because you can use "random civ" then. But to judge this ai, you should use the settings that are suggested by the scripter.

Btw. i have another version of VNS_Harlen which can play with other civs (than vikings) as well. :D (In fact i have about 7 different VNS AIs)

If you want to play against a good ai which can play many different settings ATE is number one anyway.
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