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Dyaph Chapter One The Elven Commander

Author File Description
SUMW Creations
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Role Playing Strategy
I updated this campaign becouse the balance wasn't so good, it's much better now.
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SUMW Creations
File Author

I'm S. Ubachs, the creator of 'Dyaph' there is a soudtrack coming up, but I had to mail Angel Spineman first, becouse it's about 7 megs. The prologue is coming up (It's a little weird, but the 1st scenario comes up firs and then the prologue) but I first thought I wouldn't make a prologue so...!

Enjoy playing this campaign,

S. Ubachs - S.U.M.W.-Creations
Darius This looks like it could be a great scenerio, but I did encounter one bug, I couldn't get through the gate to ride the train although I had already done what the dwarven guy told me to (kill that camp). Maybe I did something wrong, but please look into it.
SUMW Creations
File Author

It'll take a week or some longer for the prologue to be finished!

S. Ubachs,

SUMW Creations
File Author

Do NOT mail to!!!

He doesn't checks his mail!

Mail to


S. Ubachs,

SUMW Creations
File Author
Thw SUMW-Creations Website is now under construction, check out later, it might be finished!
Mookleman I found another bug. At Porak, when the Major tells you to get in his boat, one time I tried getting in but it could only hold 8 units AND it didn't go anywhere, and the other time it just suddenly took off before i could even get 1 of my units in. You could solve this problem by advancing Porak to a higher age and making a trigger where the boat becomes the player's to control. Just a thought, but it's a bug that needs to be fixed.
Eagle Warrior 2000 Hm...I guess my account is deleted, so I have a new one...

That's very strange indeed, I tested it and it worked, well, I'll explain what you have to do to travel, maybe you did someting wrong. First: Put your men onto the boat, then, select the Dock and the boat will travel to the other side of the river, then, on the other side of the river, select the Outpost, the boat will travel back to porak. Continue this untill all of your men are at the other side of the river.

If there's still something wrong, mail me:
Map Design5.0
This campaign is about an Orc named Dyaph who has to eliminate the Elven Commander, on his way he'll meet some ppl who give him objectives

- Playability: A 5, I had no problems with the objectives or anything, there weren't any bugs at all, and it was a good RPG-game.

- Balance: A 4, although the balance was ok, it isn't worth a 5, I completed this scenario the 2nd time I played it. The balance isn't so good becouse of the units you'll get, they are too strong, but on the other hand, you are really ournumbered by the enemy so it's still hard to complete it.

- Creativity: A 5, I saw some nice trigger tricks and the objectives were pretty original, ofcourse, the train triggers, wich I have only seen in "The Nexus-Campaign" before was a good thing, and it was a lot better than the train in "The Nexus-Campaign". And, there's a nice thing(I
shouldn't be telling you this), if you complete an objective you'll get some saboteurs just outside a village, but, if you'll continue your journey and you have the saboteurs in your group, they will suddenly betray you and blow themselves up, so you can start all over again :)!

- Map Design: A 5, the map was really beautifus, with lots of different types of terrain that really fit in the RPG-Fantasy environment, Great!

- Story/Instructions: A 4, the instructions were just fine, they are easy to understand and you won't get any trouble completing them. The story was a little less to this campaign.

+ points

- Great map
- Good playability

- points

- Lack of story
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Dyaph Chapter One The Elven Commander is a single scenario, a RPS with FF elements, the story is fiction, you play Dyaph an Orc and King Byrcus of Azaroth sends you on a quest, your objective to kill Yrdagh the Elven commander.

PLAYABILITY: The first time I played this scenario was right after it's release, this was the third time and I am still asking myself what is the secret, the charm of this fun scenario to have that high replay value. There were ambushes, a side quest, and a final battle, maybe it was playing an Orc or the superb train? This is subjective, there was no bug or lag, it was fun and I love it. 5

BALANCE: This category didn't keep up with the playability. The scenario was played on hard and moderate, there are surprises and reloads but overall it was too easy. The author had some good ideas to balance though, your hero is not self healing, in a group he marches front and there was no monk on the entire map. On two occasions you get strong units and win leaving your wounded hero behind. 4

CREATIVITY: I still remember how enthusiastic I was about the train in the Nexus, well this one will blow you off your socks. The train alone deserves the highest rating, the best I have seen in AoK with a great sound of whistles and steam engine, there were a locomotive, wagons, a railway station, and platforms. On top of it, the best solution for an allied transport boat, you click an outpost or harbour when ready which avoids that the boat leaves before the units boarded and a good unit selection, Orcish warrior - Berserk; Orcish archer - Chu Ko Nuh; Orcish Ranger - Tarkan; Elven warrior - two handed swordsman; Elven archer - longbow man. 5

MAP DESIGN: This was above random map quality and parts were top, but a strange mix of palm, jungle and oak forest with bamboo denies a higher rating. It is a fantasy world, but that's not an excuse to use the editor at random. 4

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: Always clear instructions, a bmp, but not much of a story. 4-

OVERALL: Short, fun scenario.

SUGGESTIONS: To have more challenge and a place with a monk is worth a thought and try more story, why does Dyaph go out to kill Yrdagh, what is the history of Azaroth?

IN CLOSING: The train alone is worth the download.
Map Design4.0
Dyaph Chapter One The Elven Commander is a single-scenario fantasy RPS. Unusually, you control a force of orcs and elves are the enemies. Dyaph is commissioned by King Byrcus of Azaroth (incidentally, Azaroth is the name of the human continent in Blizzard's Warcraft series) to eliminate the elf commander. On the way, he meets a few...friends.

Really fun and replayable in a sense that few campaigns have ever been able to capture. A captivating blend of several different styles, and no major bugs (although I encountered a minor one at the dwarven village, if Dyaph doesn't go close enough the saboteurs don't change ownership). Dyaph's gameplay means you see action almost immediately, cutscenes are short and your objectives clear. The linear gameplay suits the scenario well, there are surprises, ambushes, side quests and even a train.5

I played on hardest difficulty and won on my first try. You face small groups of enemies and the orc troops are overpowered, any one of them being able to dispatch half a dozen elves alone. The only parts of the scenario I found remotely challenging were the wolf-hunting part and the final battle with Yrdagh's forces. The dwarven reinforcements made the scenario too easy, especially since you can wipe out masses of enemies with a single saboteur. 3

Probably the most realistic train ever to grace a campaign is found here. Almost every unit is renamed -- although I wouldn't go to the extent of calling them "new" units as the author does. The unit selections are well rounded, the map original, and the gameplay is superb. 5

On one side of the coin, the author has great design skills. The map is a pleasure to look at. Terrain is mixed well, it actually feels like walking through a forest, instead of just a path through trees. On the other side, eye-candy is overused. The streets of Azaroth are covered with unrealistic-looking flowers, there are oak, bamboo, and palm trees used all at once, and it makes no sense to have skeletons lying around in the water. Technically, the map wasn't well designed, my men kept on getting stuck against trees and going completely the wrong way, and sometimes the paths were a bit hard to spot underneath all that dirt and flowers (for instance: I got lost near the main military camp because I didn't know where to go). 4

While a scenario with Dyaph's premise seems like an ideal vehicle for a good story, there is none to be found here. Basically, the theme is watered-down Tolkien. Go kill the other guy's leader for no apparent reason. Your victory message consists of "Great job! Yrdagh is dead and the orcs rule again!!!!" Hints are sufficient, outlining gameplay thoroughly. 4

Worthy of a download whether you like the genre or not.

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Map Design4.3
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