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AI Tourney: farmertronv1-1

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Tournament #5
farmertronv1-1 by hZ_Farmer

Division #1: Viking
Division #2: Viking/Teuton
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Farmertron is Imp age flooder. It will Imp between 30-35 mins, and then flood around 35 min with a single upgraded unit type such as Champs or Eagle Warriors. It will scatter defensive towers near its resources.

I've seen Farmertron lose many times to Tiger flushes. It's Imp Flood may or may not beat Phoenix depending on how close Phoenix's castles overlap.

Against beginners who don't want an attack before 30 min, Farmertron is a good choice. If you are really slow, then the flood will overtake you. As Mayan the Eagle Warrior flood is nice to watch, but can be countered with a Viking Champ flood of your own by 35 min.

In 1v1, Farmertron is not that challenging since my real opponent is the clock and my own 30-min Imp. But in team games, Farmer can be a persistently annoying enemy who is tough little cockroach to kill.
Farmertron is a beautiful AI, half stupid, half smart. Its stupidity is only half bad though, as it seems that its ignorance works to its advantage and seems to win alot of matches against unprepared AI's and human players.

The thing that makes farmertron my favourite ai is the fact that it doesnt stop attacking, unless severly taken care of. He attacks using just champs alone, unless there is 2 of him on the one team then the less-valued civilisation is given the sling-command and attacks with archers and pikemen, while the shot-command is given to the more prefered civilisation and it attacks furiously with champs. The 4 most prefered civ's with farmertron are viking, goths, japs and aztecs. All having unique champ abilities, and it is arguable as to which is the best, depending on your attack methods.

The things that make it beatable by few AI's are- its lack of attack until imperial age, medium paced age advancement(only a bad thing because it doesnt attack until it hits imperial), it often becomes hell bent on getting to a certain destination, and often the path to that destination goes right past a castle, he is hell bent on attacking all units and villigers in a town before destroying buildings whereas if it attacked a few castles and military buildings at the same time it would benefit alot to destroying that player/ai's town( 2/10 times he actually will destroy a castle that is bugging him), and (this problem goes with so many AI's its not funny, not at all) after having his town shredded but not completely finished off, he doesnt re-build and go straight to farming-woodchopping to gain decent resources for another rise(again, anyone who reads this please for gods sake do something about this if your AI does it, its sad and would be very entertaining for a never-say-die attitude on an ai, all it takes is one villiger, to walk away from the chaos and find a remote-quiet spot, build a town center and climb back up the food chain) Although he does seem to continue woodchopping sometimes, that does nothing, im talking about a complete re-amp of resources and a re-build of a town like he wants revenge on someone, next problem - After a while he will slow down the attacking, mainly in games with many people where he has destroyed a few players and is moving onto the next one, or when he just seems to be doing jack all to the player he is attacking, another thing is he sometimes attacks too often and just seems to be pileing up the opponents kill-rate, if he could just sometimes stop and rebuild his army before sending it, then continue with the continuos attack-rate, he would overcome some of the best ai's known, another thing is tactics, he seems to have only 1, kill all opposing enemies by continusly flooding them, if he could just sometimes change his attack method for just a while, attack a few castles alone, attack from a defferent angle, change his target to military buildings-only, then yeah that would also contribute to him being the best AI around.

Ok so now i have a few things to say as to what caught my eye about this AI, the first time i played against him, i stupidly enough had just downloaded my first AI's and 3 were farmertron, alliance thunda and zycat, lol i put all 3 of them on the same team and it was something like a team of 4 versus 4 individual civilisations, i cleaned alliance up(not knowing he is weak with civs that dont have horses), then farmertron (not noticing he had only built champs tho), and couldnt get past zycat and eventually called it a draw, the next time i played i put farmertron as my ally and me and him cleaned everyone one up like crazy, to this day i always have him as my ally as he has saved my butt so many times from alliance thunda empire and his extremely annoying fuedal age attacks, i have seen alliance thunda empire clean farmertron up like a messy floor, and i have seen farmertron do it to him too, in absolute disbeleif. often i am attacking a player and out of nowhere look over to my ally farmertron to see he has just taken care of the strongest guy on the map, i have seen him take care of every AI i have (alliance thunda empire and zycat being the strongest so far) but i cant say he is actually the strongest because of the unique situations where he actually beat alliance and zycat. I recently conducted a tournament with all of the AI's i have, 1v1, black forest, 200 pop, hard difficulty, 29 entries (some lucky ai's had byes) and the final was between zycat and farmertron, zycat winning it, also zycat went through alliance during the semis. Something i wanted to say was that the review above is wrong because in the quarts of my tournament, farmertron v tigerRM, farmertron absolutely annihilated tiger.

Im going to give farmertron a 4.5, mainly because of his unique-ness, strong military attack, strong economy, and because he is one of the best allies(im serious have him as your ally and verse a mix of weak/strong opponents 2v2v2v2 and unless he gets attacked very, very early he will help you annihilate your opponents. The only thing missing from farmertron is as i have stated above(somewhere up there lol) and these are small things when you think about it as a huge percentage of other AI's have the same problem and more.

Also, i would like to say that i am not an AI scripter, am interested in it, but find it confusing, some of the problems i have described about farmertron may not be able to be actually fixed but maybe just slightly improved. I would absolutly love to see a version 2 of farmertron, i know its been 7 years since the guy mad it but if he ever reads this, please try and fix these problems and some that you think could be improved upon yourself, or maybe if someone else shares my interest in this AI, could fix him up a bit, i know its a bit lazy of me to ask, but one day i might get around to having a go.

[Edited on 02/16/08 @ 06:50 PM]

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