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M@City on the Lake

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy

 (M) City on the Lake

Made by Matei
Version 2.0 (fixed bugs, more randomness, better eyecandy)


You are in the lush rainforest around Tenochitlan, the great Aztec City on the Lake. The jungle is rich in fruit, animals and wood, but most of the gold and stone has been carried off by the Aztecs to the city. However, the city has long been abandoned. Its buildings have crumbled down and its treasures are ready to take. Unfortunately, your enemies know this and want them for themselves. Who will claim the ancient City on the Lake?


- dense rainforest with gaps in it that may contain berries
- you start in a clearing near the shore of the lake which contains berries, turkeys, and small gold and stone piles; a road connects you to your allies.
- there is extra food, but the sources vary from game to game so as to favor no particular civilization
- the lake contains one large and several small islands where the city used to be; on these islands, there are relics and rich deposits of gold and stone
- there are random amounts of shallows connecting the city's islands to each other and to the shore; sometimes there are a lot of extra shallows making defense with walls near to impossible, other times it's just a matter of walling off; in any case, the islands are hard to defend because they're pretty small, crowded and susceptible to naval attacks; controlling the islands is a matter of life or death, though, because there is very little gold in the jungle, most of it is on the islands.
- intense combat on the shallow lake: both ships and land units duke it out
- sometimes, you start with extra things other than a town center, scout and villagers; these may include:
  - a market and trade carts
  - extra villagers (try being Chinese with this!)
  - 2 houses (what will you use your wood for now?)
  - a second town center (completely changes your strategy!)
  - 2 woad raiders (for rushing)
  - 2 longboats (for shore raiding)
  - a battering ram (for repelling flushes)
  - an extra scout
- in Regicide, you don't get 7 extra villagers and a castle, you only get a king and a keep; this makes regicide games more fun and gives you the option of killing the enemy king early in the game.
- LOTS of eye-candy: flowers, birds, lily pads, Aztec ruins and sculptures, and much, much more. Enjoy the scenery while destroying your enemy!


Download the zip file and move the .rms file to the "Random" directory where AoK is installed.

Enjoy the map!
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maximus_l succesfully downloaded this and unzipped into random file, but every time i go to start a game on this map it crashes my aok. It only happens when selecting this map!!!
ElfTheHunter This file has been nominated for an Orion Award for Best Random Map File. Congratulations!
Silver Wonder Like maximilian, my game crashes with this rms. But it doesn't do that when I select to play on it, it does when I select custom maps! This isn't because there is something wrong with my rms directory, as when I take the script out it works perfectly.

I am really desperate to play this rms, so will someone please help me?!
Bultro I experienced the crash too, and found the bug. It's because of file name, starting with "(". It crashes the game (at least to some of us!) when you select "custom" and it searches the random folder for rms files. Just rename the file, removing the parentheses.

By the way, good map! Maybe too much jungle... it covers a great part of the map and the playable area is restricted to the center.
WrathofAtlantis I also experience this bug as well, especially when I want to do 8 player in this map :(.

Anyways, nice job. the city of the lake (or Tenochtitlán) appear to be a sunken island, with bunch of swallows, i also like the eye candy, especially the ruins.
Azuvic Good Job !
One of the best custom random maps i've ever played !
atillathehun please can you reup that picture of the settings, because its gone
Official Reviewer
The links to the pictures broke and I removed them being obsolete. I asked Matei by email to give us the recommended settings.

Edit: Being an early download the picture showed how to select the map. Game: Random Map, Map Style: Custom, Location: (M) City on the Lake 2.

[Edited on 01/11/08 @ 07:00 PM]

Tenskwatawa Whenever i try to play this the game crashes. It looks good though.
Magor Willi Hello, I would like to ask you, if i can post this RMS on our website? I picked it for AOC tournament and now i have to use a direct link here, which is not practical for us.

Please reply on, or simply here. THX
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