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M@City on the Lake

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy

 (M) City on the Lake

Made by Matei
Version 2.0 (fixed bugs, more randomness, better eyecandy)


You are in the lush rainforest around Tenochitlan, the great Aztec City on the Lake. The jungle is rich in fruit, animals and wood, but most of the gold and stone has been carried off by the Aztecs to the city. However, the city has long been abandoned. Its buildings have crumbled down and its treasures are ready to take. Unfortunately, your enemies know this and want them for themselves. Who will claim the ancient City on the Lake?


- dense rainforest with gaps in it that may contain berries
- you start in a clearing near the shore of the lake which contains berries, turkeys, and small gold and stone piles; a road connects you to your allies.
- there is extra food, but the sources vary from game to game so as to favor no particular civilization
- the lake contains one large and several small islands where the city used to be; on these islands, there are relics and rich deposits of gold and stone
- there are random amounts of shallows connecting the city's islands to each other and to the shore; sometimes there are a lot of extra shallows making defense with walls near to impossible, other times it's just a matter of walling off; in any case, the islands are hard to defend because they're pretty small, crowded and susceptible to naval attacks; controlling the islands is a matter of life or death, though, because there is very little gold in the jungle, most of it is on the islands.
- intense combat on the shallow lake: both ships and land units duke it out
- sometimes, you start with extra things other than a town center, scout and villagers; these may include:
  - a market and trade carts
  - extra villagers (try being Chinese with this!)
  - 2 houses (what will you use your wood for now?)
  - a second town center (completely changes your strategy!)
  - 2 woad raiders (for rushing)
  - 2 longboats (for shore raiding)
  - a battering ram (for repelling flushes)
  - an extra scout
- in Regicide, you don't get 7 extra villagers and a castle, you only get a king and a keep; this makes regicide games more fun and gives you the option of killing the enemy king early in the game.
- LOTS of eye-candy: flowers, birds, lily pads, Aztec ruins and sculptures, and much, much more. Enjoy the scenery while destroying your enemy!


Download the zip file and move the .rms file to the "Random" directory where AoK is installed.

Enjoy the map!
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
WoodChuck (SCN PUNK)
Visual Appeal5.0
What can I say... WOAH! This is the best RMS i have ever played! Better than anything by ES!

Here's how it scored on the WoodChuck Patent pending scale of 1-10!

Resoursces _2 points_. The right amount of resoursces to start with. It has extra piles of stone and gold on the islands.

Topography _2 points_. You can get a large or small lake, different amounts of shallows, and lots of forest. It is a lake with a variable amount of Islands which contain stone and gold.

Eye Candy _2 points_. If I could I would give 9,000,000 points, and I can, because it's my scale. But then again, it has to fit a total to 10 or less! The most dazzling Eye candy ever! Better than most scenarios I have seen (that's saying something!) Everything looks great, and it makes you feel as in your in the jungle.

Features _2 points_. Everything fits to the same theme. The map is exciting and not OTT. Sometimes, you get a few units at the start to play with. In regicide, you don't get a castle or extra villagers; you only have a king and a keep! It adds flavor to the game, I can tell you!

Fun-a-Nidity _2 Points_. OK, so I made this word up, but.. WHO CARES? It means is it fun? But any way, This is most certainly a fun map. There's a surprise every time you play! You can never get bored! And it is grat in multiplayer too. It brings out the competitive side in you.

So? How does it add up?
Get ready for some complicated Math...

_10 points_ = _100%_ = 5.0 on the Blacksmith-o-meter!

A well deserved 5.0 Dude! Keep it up!
Visual Appeal4.0
This is the only 5.0 in the blacksmith in the random section, so i thought i would check it out. City on the lake has a Yuctan style theme to it as well as its theme of a city on the lake. It is almsot exactly like oasis except in the middle of the map is road with lots of gold, stone and dangers. This is surrounded by water and shallows.

Theme 5

The theme of this map was pretty good. It really liked to the way the exterior of the map looked, I felt like like I was in the Yuctan. The shallows with the flowers on them looked really good and really added to this theme. The only thing I didn't like was the "road islands" in the centre of the map.

Theme Improvements
- making the Islands in the center look more real would really help the theme of this map

Visual Appeal 4

All and all I really like the visual appeal of this map, it looked good. The shore lines looked real, the way your base was positioned felt like you were in the jungle. There were two things that were not visually appealing. The "road Islands" looked really fake to me and ruined a great map. There are several ways of creating ruined cities and i felt that the creator of this map chose the worst way. However everything else looks good and since it is above ES standards i will give it a 4.

Visual Appeal Improvements
-Making the road Islands look real would be realy nice
-using ruins, roman ruins and less road would help the city effect on the island

Playability 5

The playability was perfect all the way. I really had a fun time with this map. The various starting made this map a lot of fun.

Playability Improvements

This is an exellent map that just needs to be tightened up a bit here and there. The author of this map should give themselves a pat on the back for creating such a masterpeice. I would definatly recomend the downloading of this random map
Visual Appeal5.0
Now I don't have the X-pack, but I played this RM at a friends house and all I can say is: WOW!!!

The theme is awesome, totaly original and all the units that appear on the map fit in with the title.

Visual Appeal:
The visual appeal is great! The scattered forage bushes, flowers, and fallen leaves make the map look great!

The playability is another wow! This is a perfect map to play on.

Overall, I highly recommened it. It's an awesome map and it deserves a 5.0.
Official Reviewer
Visual Appeal5.0
Well, I am not going to be a popular reviewer for this, but, after seeing all of the comments on the scenario design forum I felt compelled to look this one over carefully.

I have reviewed the updated version, City on the Lake 2.

THEME: 4. This map has a lot going for it. The author really put a lot of effort into making a map that fit his theme of a ruined city in the lake. The appearance of the map is great. However, the map crashes fairly often(3/3 starts on Giant size, 3/4 starts on Medium size, 0/2 on Tiny or Small sizes, 0/1 on the Large or Huge sizes). If the author knew the map crashes a lot, he owes it to the players to state that in his description. Many people, if a map crashes the first time, will not even re-try it. This is my only complaint in the Theme section. Well, he states that the pieces of land in the center are always connected by shallows, but they are not, but that is a minor point.

VISUAL APPEAL: 5. One of the best looking maps out there. Nice job on blending terrains, forests, etc. Eye candy not overdone.

PLAYABILITY: 3. Here the map has problems. Sometimes the map gives great games, sometimes uneven starts. One of the random choices is to start with 2 longboats(10% of the time) - well these are unevenly given and in fact, EVERY time one or more players does not get his longboats! Also, some of the time extra starting untis are given, such as battering rams or woad raiders, which are a little overpowered for a dark age start (my opinion and that of many experienced players). Also, sometimes the starting positions are not fair - on a couple of starts 3 players on a 4 player team had no direct access to the lake and had to travel to the end 4th players camp to get access to it, a long way on a Huge size map(the enemy had no such obstruction on their side). Lastly, although the tiny clearings in the forest look nice and help get the high visual appeal rating, they affect gameplay negatively. There are (on purpose, I believe) many berry bushes locked into forest - they have no functional purpose and cannot be gotten without a Siege Onager! This is minor, but the locking up of relics in the same way on a regular basis is not minor. The negative features are a definite drawback to this game. Anyone rating this otherwise has not really tested it thoroughly or looked at the script well.

All things considered, there are many good features about the map, and as long as your game does not crash, you don't get the longboat option, and your team does not have the problem with inadequate lake access(which did not regularly happen, but is possible), you will probably enjoy the game!

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Visual Appeal4.8
Favorites: [Who?]2
Size:3.58 KB