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The Underworld

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
The Underworld Campaign includes:
-A giant map with a lot of eye-candy, but dosen't make much lag. (Playtesters found very little.)
-Upgrades for the main units. Daedalus, Helious, and Majestic. Tells info about the upgrade also.
-The read-as-long-or-short-as-you-want thing, like in The Swallowed Realm series, by Shadow.
-Real forests. In real life, you can walk through forests, and so can you.
-Everyone talks to you.
-All people have a name. (Example: Human, Elf, Troll, ect.)
-A Fighting Arena that you can place a bet. Winner is random. Builing is enterable.
-A Soundtrack. If you want it, email me.

The War of Heroes has taken place, and the country has been torn apart. But most of the fighting did not take place on this land; only a cupple of buildings are in ruins. The War of Heroes took place because of two major people-The Downsons, and The Empire. After the 25 year war, both sides were destroyed. A new clan was developed named The Illuminati.

The Illuminati was controlled by a man named Morphas. Under Morphas' controll, the Illuminati went into great power, and somehow, Morphas died. Most people think it was planned, others don't know what to think. They say that he had a heart attack, but Morphas was always moving, he was never overwight. But, somehow he died...

Morphas did have one child- a son. No one knows his name because of all the rumors going around, no one can tell. Morphas' son took power about a hour from his father's death. And with this power, he started a construction of a "robot" which looks like a human, orc, elf, ect. but is controlled like a slave. Instead of flesh, they have a ruber-like substance. Instead of blood, they have nothing. Where bone should be, is steel. With these creatures, the Illuminati started to ship them off all over the world. But, that wasn't the end.

Morphas' son then stated that all "mixed breeds" shall be killed, and for the kill will be a reward. He has hired people, and large amounts of rewards to people who bring in dead bodies of mixed breeds. The Illuminati has become the "king" of the world with its robots, and the deaths of thousands. But, the smallest leak can make the biggest difference.

A man that is half human and orc lives in a small town named Denton. This half breed is named Daedalus. Daedalus is 21, and has never known his parents. He was raised in Denton all his life by a man named Tenchrey. Tenchrey is the town priest, and seems to know about everything. Although, Daedalus thinks that Tenchrey is not telling the truth about him.

One day, Daedalus was sleeping in his house, and was awaken to hear voices shouting a cupple of feet away. He decides to check it out...and so his fate will and has, started.

The story continues in The Underworld II 2.0
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File Author
Is THAT your computer? HAHA! What a piece of shit! Oh, and if it wasn't your computer that makes the snow bright, what does? Oh I know, you're going to say; since I "stoled" the start, the snow looks the same in both The Underworld AND the SR series!
Blood Angel I thought that this scenarion was rather great,withgreat eye-candy and superb story line. I think that the Weapons and items wee very well discribed. EXCELLENT.
Meat_Wagon_ Actually if you knew ANYTHING you'd know thats a good computer you putz. Oh, and I can't say comments without you interfering? WTF is wrong with this picture?
File Author
Well, MW, why then is your snow bright then? So much for your "great" computer! Or are you just a pussy? Oh, and the reason I keep interfering with you because you say that I "stole" from the SR series, when I didn't!
shadows166 Well..I recieved a mail today from Bearded Dragon..concerning this mess...

I just looked at the map myself and, sadly I have this to say.
The beginning(including the title beginning) is the same. I know my maps..and my designs. The beginning town was EXCALTY the same. Houses were in the same place, the paliside farm walls were there...the market with the market opening beside the church was there. Sadly...
Now, I have no hatred for Bearded Dragon. I just wish he hadn't done that. Its very disrespectfull and not very creative. was only the beginning it slips my mind into non-important. Meaning simply..this was rude, and disrespectfull. But I am not mad, I just hope you do not do it again. The rest of the map was fine and I enjoyed it much.

(sorry for the typos..I am in a big hurry)
Official Reviewer
After reading all the comments about the Underworld being a rip off from the Swallowed Realm series, I decided to download all of these campaigns and draw my own conclusion.

First of all, let me say that I have put a great deal of time in analyzing the various maps. Now, my impression is that there are indeed some similarities. As an illustration, the beginning is presented in the same manner. The first town shares an awful lot of things in common with the SR3. However, I have to say that Shadow makes a good point when he said, “houses were in the same place, the palisade farm walls were there… with the market opening beside the church was there”.
I noticed that the houses had moved slightly, the palisade has moved one unit closer to the edge of the map in Underworld, and sadly every other thing were there but they had moved.

In short, we simply can’t say that it is a copy, but a very good imitation. It is obvious that Bearded Dragon has played the Swallowed Realm series. I don’t think people should get upset at him because he has done a wonderful job with the map design and he should be given some credits.

Finally, I think Shadows should be impressed in some way because imitation is a form of flattery.

Vixron Great job man, "The Underworld" is very good and fun to play.

This is a must have RPG for RPG lovers.
Tobster 'meat wagon' is wrong. this game is well better than the other thingy. and so is the second one! Its not your place to tell him what he can and cant do in HIS campaigns anyway;if you wanna yell at the quality of a campaign make one yourself. And what kind of a name is 'meat wagon'anyway?
NeoVanquisher Hi.

So this is the Underworld Campaign which zyxomma100 wrote about.

But I don't really understand why the AI file which was included, couldn't be readed.

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