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The Underworld

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
The Underworld Campaign includes:
-A giant map with a lot of eye-candy, but dosen't make much lag. (Playtesters found very little.)
-Upgrades for the main units. Daedalus, Helious, and Majestic. Tells info about the upgrade also.
-The read-as-long-or-short-as-you-want thing, like in The Swallowed Realm series, by Shadow.
-Real forests. In real life, you can walk through forests, and so can you.
-Everyone talks to you.
-All people have a name. (Example: Human, Elf, Troll, ect.)
-A Fighting Arena that you can place a bet. Winner is random. Builing is enterable.
-A Soundtrack. If you want it, email me.

The War of Heroes has taken place, and the country has been torn apart. But most of the fighting did not take place on this land; only a cupple of buildings are in ruins. The War of Heroes took place because of two major people-The Downsons, and The Empire. After the 25 year war, both sides were destroyed. A new clan was developed named The Illuminati.

The Illuminati was controlled by a man named Morphas. Under Morphas' controll, the Illuminati went into great power, and somehow, Morphas died. Most people think it was planned, others don't know what to think. They say that he had a heart attack, but Morphas was always moving, he was never overwight. But, somehow he died...

Morphas did have one child- a son. No one knows his name because of all the rumors going around, no one can tell. Morphas' son took power about a hour from his father's death. And with this power, he started a construction of a "robot" which looks like a human, orc, elf, ect. but is controlled like a slave. Instead of flesh, they have a ruber-like substance. Instead of blood, they have nothing. Where bone should be, is steel. With these creatures, the Illuminati started to ship them off all over the world. But, that wasn't the end.

Morphas' son then stated that all "mixed breeds" shall be killed, and for the kill will be a reward. He has hired people, and large amounts of rewards to people who bring in dead bodies of mixed breeds. The Illuminati has become the "king" of the world with its robots, and the deaths of thousands. But, the smallest leak can make the biggest difference.

A man that is half human and orc lives in a small town named Denton. This half breed is named Daedalus. Daedalus is 21, and has never known his parents. He was raised in Denton all his life by a man named Tenchrey. Tenchrey is the town priest, and seems to know about everything. Although, Daedalus thinks that Tenchrey is not telling the truth about him.

One day, Daedalus was sleeping in his house, and was awaken to hear voices shouting a cupple of feet away. He decides to check it out...and so his fate will and has, started.

The story continues in The Underworld II 2.0
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Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
After playing “The Underworld” I must say that it was a pleasant experience, and I’m confident that other players will enjoy this game as well.

The playability in “The Underworld” is actually well above average.

This game is packed with little extras for your characters, and this really adds to the replay values. However, there are a couple of things, which prevent this game from gaining a 5.0 in playability. In the beginning of the game during the meeting you have to click on units in order to continue the dialogue, but there is a flaw for people playing through the first time. Because we don’t know who are these people, we are left having to click on units until we find the right one. This problem could have been solved easily by saying “click Fire Lord (Tarkan)” for instance. Another problem that I have encountered is that the game may crash whenever you enter the fighting area. The reason the game may crash is due to the “Change view trigger”, so I advise to save just in case if it happens. Finally, there is a lot of walking to do and this take away some of the fun.

The balance in this game was just average, and this is actually the weakest part in this great campaign. Through most of the games the enemies are pretty easy and they do not pause a threat. However, toward the end of the campaign, the difficulty increased dramatically. I think this will be quite a shock to most players who were accustomed to an easy difficulty because all of a sudden you are faced with a fairly complex challenge.

In terms of creativity I have to say that Bearded_Dragon did a very good job. In this campaign you will find all the little things that you enjoy in RPG. A good interaction with the map, the ability to find new armors, weapons, and more. Of course, some of the concepts we see here have been used in other RPG, but what matters is that the concepts are well executed.

The map design is a very strong point in “The Underworld”. The landscape looks pretty realistic, and more importantly the towns are magnificent. As an illustration, the Human City Equador is simply gorgeous. The whole city is built on a heavy fortified island, and this really adds to the beauty of the map design.

The story of “The Underworld” is well executed and this is another strong point in this game. On the downside, I have to say that instructions are not always clear cut. Sometimes I wasn’t too sure on where to go and because this map is vast this can be frustrating. For example, finding Lord Garvace was difficult since we were not given any clues as to where he was located. I will also advise players to talk to everyone because it is a must, and it can really help sometimes.

Overall, “The Underworld” is an excellent campaign, and I will recommend this game to any RPG lovers and other gamers interested in good games. Finally, Bearded_Dragon has done a great job, and I’m sure we are looking forward to new campaigns from him.
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
The Underworld is a single scenario; the first part of the unfinished two set Underworld series is a Mix of RPG and RPS with FF elements. The story is fiction; the events take place in a world of Orcs, Humans and Elfs. It is a time were the sword is used for public entertainment after the 25 year war and a good fighter can afford a big mansion with park and pool area equalizing the size of a town. You play Daedalus a half breed who spent all his life in a small town named Denton, until one morning threatening events force him on a journey to meet his fate.

PLAYABILITY: The Underworld is fun, truly a great scenario. I enjoyed playing it a lot, the RPG part as well as the challenge in the end, the story and Daedalus mysterious fate kept me interested, the characters were well developed, and the music file as well as the mod packs added to the game play. On the downside, I had to do some superfluous walks to which I will refer under instructions, but still it was a pleasure to reveal the map during these walks. I encountered no bug or lag. 5-

BALANCE: I played the scenario on moderate and hard difficulty. Apart from wolves, there are only three units to fight in the RPG part, the player is looking for clues and gold to buy upgrades, to meet people for information and help to confront the Illuminati. The final battle was excellent, challenging, full of surprises, with the necessary reloads, demanding me a change of tactic and some micromanagement. 5

CREATIVITY: The strong point of the scenario, it feels like a restraint to be limited to 5.0 with the creativity rating. All game aspects were creative, from the balance to map design; choice of mod packs, a dragon and the pre alpha castle; story; quests, and the final battle. The upgrade system is varied; you find, receive, earn or simply buy HP and AP enhancements. Gold is not a reward for side quests, you can win it through a bet in a fighting arena with a random outcome or find it in an abandoned mine. The homage to the Swallowed Realm Series, the tribute to Shadows was subtle, respectful and humorous. The start refers to SR 3, the towns are alike, with a town meeting, town hall, and clicking the buildings for talk. The unit choice also refers to the SR, Daedalus is Davub while Majestic is Tijis, which gave me a good laugh. Shadows Tijis lives outside town in a forest hut, the size of Majestics garden shed, smaller than his pool house. Also people tell your heroes, insist that you find things in broken carts, referring to the upgrade system of the SR on the world of Darron, while there is not a single broken cart on the giant map of the Underworld and a group of people in a town reminded me of Shadowmind. Well done, this was just great. 5+

MAP DESIGN: A lot of effort went into the giant map with the walk-able forests, a great detailed design of towns and landscape, mostly winter season with warmer regions to the southeast. The seasonal blending was a bit awkward, with snowy pines next to palm trees in a desert or three snowy pine trees spread out on the peninsula opposite the Illuminati entrance, next to jungle and oak with jaguars. There was misplaced, superfluous bamboo over the entire map while macaws flew above the winter landscape. The basic design is fantastic, but the motto was to implement what the editor delivers. 4+

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The story was well-written, good fictional history section, a Read Me and bmp, on the downside, I was more than once confused, had to wander about the giant map. For the first objective east and west got mixed up for the city of Kolgan and to find Garvace was annoying, because for some strange reason his town was the only place not mentioned in the scout section. The objective to find a man who hates the Illuminati in the human city of Equador stayed in the list until the end of the scenario. A guard in Equador tells you that you can find an important item outside town, to look on the ground. Probably the key for the closed gate was initially in one of the five cracks, unfortunately the author had to hide the opening mechanism on the opposite map side, thus the highest upgrade this map has to offer becomes a random event for the player. 4

OVERALL: The Underworld is a fantastic, very creative scenario.

OBSERVATIONS: You should play the scenario with Mod ID 126 pre-Alpha Castle by Agamemnon, which replaces the church 4, and Mod ID 106 Dragon Mod by Vampire_Slayer_ to replace the stormy dog with a dragon and you need Utility ID 147 MPS Lite 2.0, by JC Alsup, aka j_c_a to install the dragon. There were reproaches that the Underworld is a rip off the Swallowed Realm series, which is downright ridiculous. There is nothing resembling in story, game play, scenes or lay out apart from the starting town using the buildings in the same places to be distinct about the references. For the rest, I refer to creativity above.

SUGGESTIONS: The triggers at Majestics home should only activate after the player finds the man in the human city of Equador, the unfulfilled objective leads to confusion. Give at least a hint to look in a town for Garvace and mention that town in the scout section. Rework the sequence for the Diablo Spirit, the player gets a statement about a closed gate, but no hint to search for a key, not to mention its rough location. The guards misleading information should be erased or better to place the key in one of the cracks. With a realistic approach to blend areas, your map would be perfect. Well, for the city of Kolgan, east is on the right hand side on the map and west is left. ;)

IN CLOSING: E-mail Bearded_Dragon for the Soundtrack and I recommend the download, you will certainly enjoy.

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Map Design4.5
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