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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Ash's Pokémon Journey Demo Final

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Ash's Pokémon Journey Demo Final

Author File Description
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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
UPDATE! Fixed neutral status on the town!

Many bug fixes were made on to my previous creative work. You were called by Professor Oak to do a task for him. You've just finished training and is now going back to town...


- Food Eating and when you run out, pikachu will attack you!
- Anti-Cheating
- A forest full of wild pokemon!
- Trainers
- Pretty Towns
- Better Timing
- Team Rocket Cut-Scene!
- A ferry!
- More People Talk!
- Cars
- Funny Scenes
- Simple, yet fun gameplay!
- Even more?

I hope you people enjoy it!
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File Author
Oh and, you also need the ai script: Immobile Units Ai GOLD
File Author
Let me try again. Immobile Units Ai GOLD
File Author
On the next update, I will maybe add another town, some more creatures, more difficulty, more difficult to cheat, and maybe it'll be a Real campaign episode! I'll pour all my mind into this about triggering. I might also change the name so more people would download it.
rokkitman I'll only download it if it involves killing the buggers.
Ragnarok2301 I ran out of food deliberately and Pikachu never attacked me, all that happened was all of the Pokémon living in Pallet Town just attacked Pikachu.

Anti-Cheating, eh? I just kept on typing ROCK ON to get 1000 stone and keep on doing it, lol.
magna_gb haha! so called anti cheating huh, it only supports marco and polo

ah well, you did good with it, good job
WaR PhIeNd Im not much of a pokemon fan but.... I think ure game was really amazing. I really hope u can make ,more games like that please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THanks
Satosh1 Couple of years old, yet still being downloaded. Well, i'm just checking out my previous scenarios' status's, so good for them that they're still being spread.
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Ash’s Pokemon Journey Demo Final is a single scenario, a RPG. Originally a Nintendo Game-boy game, the story based on the first of the animated Pokémon TV series, you play Ash Ketchum, a 10 years old on his quest to become the best Pokémon trainer, a Pokémon Master.

PLAYABILITY: I liked the scenario, the short story plays well with AoK, has some nice features but too many bugs for a short Demo. You do not loose when Pikachu dies in a fight against Ivysaur and you need him for the continuation of the game. I do not use cheats unless the author advertises his anti-cheats, which do not work as intended; after ‘rock on’ the stone reduces by 1000 but Pikachu receives the upgrades. ‘cheese steak jimmy’s’ works at all time except after the warning that you have two minutes left, deducts only then and you do not loose when running out of food, other than stated, Pikachu will not attack you but all Pokémon turn against him. During the end cut-scene, a looping trigger repeats a text, spawns kings running over a bridge until stopped with the victory signal. 3

BALANCE: The aspects to balance the scenario failed, the intentions were good though. 2

CREATIVITY: This is a convincing, creative adaptation with AoK, many details of the TV series included. 4

MAP DESIGN: A pleasant, above average design of a small town and forest area with a good use of Gaia. 4

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: It includes objectives and hints, a small story that develops in game, ends abrupt the moment the international Pokémon crime syndicate ‘Team Rocket’ appears. 4

OVERALL: A short and buggy Demo which leaves you wanting more.

SUGGESTIONS: Address the bugs in playability and finish your scenario, it is worth it.

OBSERVATION: The earlier version, old file ID 502, posted 02/25/01 received an overall 3.2 by Revned, 03/26/01.

IN CLOSING: I recommend downloading ‘Ash’s Pokémon Journey Demo Final’.

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Map Design4.0
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