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After the Plague

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Version: The Conquerors

The plague has swept across the countryside leaving corpses and abandoned farms everywhere. You may be able to take advantage of this catastrophe by harvesting the farm animals left behind. Of course, the pigs have gone feral and can't be herded, but the sheep and turkeys are still docile. Also, some of the huts left behind may be useful to your civilization for housing (or will your vills contract the plague also?). There are some farms that you can take over. There are some plague survivors who will be willing to join you since they have lost everyone in their family.

This new rms is a wide open land map with many sheep, turkeys, boar and a few 'gaia' houses scattered around the map. There is only one starting group of berries and deer near each player. Other resources are standard. There are two 'gaia' villagers per player who can be converted to your side. There are 3 'gaia' farms per player that can be farmed, but watch for the farm terrains which look like farms but cannot be used.

Note that in this map, playing against the computer gives the player a real advantage. Although the computer can use the sheep and turkeys, it does not hunt boar and cannot convert the 'gaia' houses and villagers, which gives a human a definite advantage. Therefore this map may be best for playing against other people, or for those who need an advantage vs. the computer. If you like the concept of this map but want to play without the houses, villagers and farms, try my companion "Barnyard Raider" map, which is identical except for the gaia farms, houses and villagers, and the eye-candy.

Enjoy! Feedback appreciated.
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Mr ED Leave it to RF_Gandalf to have killed two birds with two stones. “After the Plague” and “Barnyard Raider” finally dispels the old notion that just because two maps have the same terrain they must have the same play. In addition he has made two fun maps. Unlike Cowboys& Indians and
Dog Fight which use off the wall tactics to produce new starts his changes are subtle and nearer to normal game play. The terrain is base grass with grass3 for the player area. His use of Forest is 12% but he takes back 3 for a net of 9%, which is 1% less, then Arabia. The trees are in 10 clumps like Arabia but it has the feel of much more wood, at least when you first start. I attribute this to the artwork of forest vs. the art of palm. A very deceptive way of hiding the lack of 1% I must say. To this he adds the fun element of Farm terrain. I first saw this used on a map by Vauxhall called FARMLAND. For first time players the planted farms can be inviting to set up mills but swearing follows once they find them to be just terrain. He adds to this scattered stone and gold mines in random placement unfamiliar to those who use standard maps. I had the opportunity to play these two maps and here how the play went:

“After the Plague”: The teams were idiot (a fellow player and yes that’s his game name) and me Vs two friends in zone play I was Hun and idiot was Spanish vs. a Korean and a Aztec. During the first 15 minutes of play Idiot discover the scatter villagers and yurts on the map and scrambled to pick up extra houses and workers. I made the mistake of thinking the houses would not help the Huns so I worked on what could only be called central play which is a bad idea for such a scattered map. At 21 minutes of play The Korean started to tower the hell out of me and rather then die I left for other ground. In the mean time idiot was laughing to find the Aztec had tried to build a mill on the farm terrain. At 29 minutes he had flushed the Aztec to the Korean camp while I was trying to rebuild. The stone and gold being spread the Korean had not really captured all that much recourses. I began to split off to find the pockets of gold and began to build knights. At 35 minutes the Aztec was hit again by Idiot and resigned. Starting at 40 minutes He and I hit the Koreans main camp. Heavy with woodchoppers and farmers we easily reduced his work force by 2/3. The Korean countered with a hit on a forward post on Idiot and then uncovered my forward post, which I lost immediately. We then began a series of hits and runs taking turns at killing workers or removing buildings. At 55 minutes in the game we had him surround at which time he informed us he had no partner and resign. In the follow-up to the game the Korean said he never seen a map like that and would play it again. I told him it was made by RF and gave him the link to Heaven’s Gaming Site and told him to download the other maps made by RF_Gandalf. No rematch was scheduled.*

“Barnyard Raider”: The teams were Idiot (Goths), bro2(Franks), and me(Korean) vs. Grizz (Japanese) , Mparting (Byzantines), Free(Goths). Having come off a win and full of our selves we started this game as if it was over. Having chatted with Idiot about the last game and seeing the same terrain I started to look for houses and villager. Man did I waste my time. Also Bro2 tried to farm the terrain, which made me, and idiot 11 taunt for what seemed like 5 minutes. At 7 minutes in the game bro2 lost his scout to the old too close to the TC move. He said a bad word. In fact he said several. At 15:00 in the game I was leading in score followed by Mparting. At this point Idiot found what he thought was Free ‘s main base and began to move villagers in for the flush. Later we found out it was more of the farm terrain( boo-who ). At 22:00 mparting and grizz began to tower bro2 at gold and stone and also all other sources of mining near bro2. By 28:00 Grizz was hitting Bro2 with man-of -arms. Mparting, grizz and free had uncovered most of the map by this point and was systematically closing off the mining. Idiot countered at 33:00 with longswordsmen and a seesaw began between mparting and idiot over a gold mine.
In the meantime I decided to boom and then knight them (which I thought would be clever since Korean’s knights are not usually used.)I had managed to cover 1/3 of the map with villagers and felt overconfident. Idiot made a drive for mparting and then Grizz came in and drove bro2 too Idiots camp. I was sitting too long on my recourses ( which you never do) and was just starting to build an army when mparting Grizz and free came in from three points and took me so fast I didn’t have time to say good bye. I was defeated at 41:00. Grizz used Samurai’s, Grizz had Trebuckets and Free had Halberdier. They were swift and I was in such disbelieve I failed to run villager till it was too late. I then watched the rest of the play. Bro2 tried to rebuild but grizz just knocked it down again and again. Idiot went into building a fortress and kept telling bro2 I lost on purpose. I really laughed at that. The enemy closed off all but ¼ of the map and scooped up all the stone and gold. Bro2 finally resigned at 57:00 failing to ever regain his footing. At 1:13:00 with a curse word on his lips Idiot gave up the ghost. The after game I was only able to contact Free from the enemy who loved the map and wanted to know how they were made. I gave him the name of Brian Tighe and RMS Editor He said he wanted to take a look at it. After calming down Bro2 and Idiot said the map was fine but admitted we had sucked. Also the other guys were good.*

In closing I want to say to those who are not aware, RF_Gandalf is a premier scripter who has been posting to this site since it was first set up as a scripters forum. He has been my mentor unbeknown to him for quite a while. I have view his scripts in guidance to key methods of scripting. His scripts are an art and worth looking at. Thanks for two fun games. Looking forward to your next maps as I always do. Hope this post was what you were looking for in way of some feed back.

* I am sorry I don’t have these two games recorded but I messed up both times on the settings.

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