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Titulus Invadere Chapter One

Author File Description
SCN Punk Team
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 2
Features:(This will list only a few, the rest will be inside the scenario)

-Choose to play from the viewpoint of 3 different characters
-You 'buy' monks to heal you
-Buys techs from the Blacksmith
-food/market system
-Read at your own pace first used by Jerusalem and then Shadows.
-Impassible Bridge Trick first used by me
-The players text is the color of which player it is except for Player 1 and 2 who has white text
-many more....

You can get the Music Pack(warning it is 13.2 megs, but is highly recommended) from this page. You can also get the full size map(1.2 MB) which lists all the key places, but is not required, from the same page. Send any comments to or just post a comment here. This is only the first scenarios for it so there will be more coming :)


860 A.D. The nation of Eire is in turmoil. The hills are alive with the sounds of death and destruction. Conspiracies and warfare plague the, until now, tranquil countryside. These harsh circumstances have been brought about by the appearance of warrior pagans, who go by the name of "Norsemen". These invaders have enthusiastically been raiding and destroying outlying towns and monasteries scattered across the eastern coastline of Eire. The wise and just King Olaaf is unsure of how to approach this situation, as he has never faced such enemies. Generals and noblemen alike advise him on the best course of action, but their advice falls on deaf ears, as the king's thoughts have been deterred by the poisonous whispers of the Lord Chancellor. Unfortunately the Lord Chancellor's whispers have poisoned the thoughts of some very bold noblemen, and they have formed a conspiracy to overthrow the king. These treacherous lords plan on using the Norse invasions as their means to an end, but they are unaware of the intentions of the Norse chieftain...

The fate of the country lies in the hands of three young men, every choice they make and every action they do will influence the outcome of this saga. The turmoil that is plaguing Eire has affected each of these three in some way which drives them for revenge and justice! Their honour, valour, courage, spirit and skills will all be tried and tested; they will be presented with strong and cunning adversaries, clever and challenging puzzles and much more. The one question that constantly looms large is will these three young men ever be able to overcome the turmoil’s that are slowly destroying Eire? If they fail in their quests all of Eire is doomed to destruction...

And so unfolds the story... will you be able to save Eire from it's, seemingly, certain fate?


Male, 20
Born of the nobility, he has always dreamed of joining the army. Now he finally has his wish! Before long he will find out how little he actually understood of how the army really works and functions. He is confident, yet a tad arrogant, and always willing to prove he has what it takes. He is also a self-reliant man as well as being an excellent swordsman. Soon he will be caught up in the greatest adventure of his life! It will take him to distance lands, confront him with powerful and cunning adversaries, test his strengths and abilities to limit - but will he, or can he, survive it?

Male, 18
Growing up in a small merchant town with his father, on the outskirts of Stranraer, Curti has never thought that he would amount to much. One-day Curti's father and a few other merchants set off for Caernarvon to sell their goods at the annual market day, held in commemoration of King Olaaf. Curti's father has left him in charge of their small plot in the town, until his return, as usual. After two months of his father's absence Curti begins to worry... the trip to and from Caernarvon usually only takes a month or so. With determination in his heart, Curti packs up and sets off to find his father and the other merchants. Little does he know, but this adventure will make him more important then he has ever imagined... but only he can choose which paths he will take.

Male, 17
Lasta grew up in a small village, with his mother and father, close to the city of Tintagel, across the Strait of Tyre. One day while hunting deer in Tornoch Forest, he heard screaming and the sounds of battle - quickly he gathered his belongings and ran towards the direction of the noises. Before long he realized that the noises were coming from his village! When Lasta came into the clearing where is village nestled he was horrified! The whole village had been destroyed! Houses and crops were burnt, animals and livestock slaughtered and the inhabitants killed... Lasta began searching for his mother and father, hoping he would not find them. Unfortunately, among the burnt debris, Lasta found his parents - hacked and killed. He began weeping and swore to the gods that he would have vengeance! He lay down beside his family and cried himself to sleep. When we awoke he found himself in chains, chained to other people, and soon realized that these were slave traders and that he was now a slave! Only his self-reliance and a quick mind will help him survive through this adventure.

King Olaaf:
Male, 50
King Olaaf has been king since he was crowned thirty years ago, and has been a good and just king. The people of Eire love their king and often hold festivities in his honour, such as the annual market day in Caernarvon. Although Olaaf is a wise king, he has unfortunately surrounded him self with lackeys who have only their best interests at heart. These men are dangerous and pose a threat to the security and sanctity of Eire. He does not realize the intentions of his "friends" and "loyal" servants, as he is a trusting and kind man, but this may indeed cause his downfall. The fate of Eire and his life rest in the decisions and actions of three, seemingly unimportant, young men.

Lord Chancellor Vulgan:
Male, 46
Lord Chancellor Vulgan is second only to the king, and holds power with which he should not and cannot be trusted. While the king is away or is indisposed, he runs the kingdom. He is known to be a sly and cunning man and enemies of the Lord Chancellor often have a way of disappearing. His brief tastes of power have made him greedy and led him into an event that could possibly destroy, not only the country, but also everyone involved. Although he is a somewhat intelligent man, he cannot even begin to imagine what he has gotten himself into...

Norse General:
Male, Age is Unknown
No one actually knows whom... or what this man is, but people speak rumours that would drive fear into the heart of any man. They say that he can crush a man's skull with his bare hands and that he has evil powers given to him by demons! None but a few know the truth about this man, but they remain silent, whispering their secrets in cold chambers, protected only by the blanket of night. These people know that this man's power is unparalleled, as when he enters those cold chambers under the cover of night, even though they cannot see him properly, his mere presence sends shivers through their bodies and creates an unnerving eeriness. Will this man, or even, can this man ever be defeated? The question remains...
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AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Shadow Angel This is by me Shadow Angel, for those that want to know :)
Danielthemaster The Lag is Terrible I Found, Also Lasta does not do anything when he goes to the Gladiatorial Ring. Nothing Happens.
Shadow Angel Well I have an AMD K6-2 its not exactly the fastest computer, and I didn't have any lag. Nobody else who playtested it had any problems either. Also did you click Lasta anywhere? after 5 or 6 seconds he walks on his own to a certain place in the rink. So retry it.
Danielthemaster No, I Know Lasta goes into the Ring by Himself But Nothing Happens then, I Waited a Few Minutes, Restarted and tried as Svalbard.
Shadow Angel Hmm. That is very strange because noone else has had a problem like that. sorry if that happen I have no idea why. Believe me I tested that scenario more than you could possibly imagine.
Red_Shift This Rocks!!!!!!!But,
How the **** do you kill the Catphract and two Beserks as Lasta,plz help!
Shadow Angel Ok...I'll help. Try somehow to fight them one at a time, or try to get your monk attacked and he will draw one or even two of the guys. Just walk your monk around repeatedly and you should be able to pull it off.
elmicha_c27 [color=red]Very good scenario. Well made and good stories for all characters.
The Kestrel This is GREAT, but at the end of Svalbard's quest, why is he called La Hire? You renamed General McCumthal but not Svalbard. Also, why is the Svalbard who jumps the wagon weaker than the first (less HP and attack)? I've beaten Lasta, my brother beat Svalbard, but neither of us can beat the part on Curti where you take the Hussar. Oh, yeah, when you don't have any gold, you can still buy stuff. Put the 'Accumulate Attribute' in your conditions and use 'Gold Stockpile'.
Shadow Angel As for those bugs I thought I had got them fixed. I could swear I changed the name and hp and attack; but I guess not. As for Curti, there are certain routes to take that are better than others; less enemies to fight.
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