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bermuda triangle

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Bermuda Triangle is an island type map with extra unusual features. All kinds of added bonus items can be found in the sea. For non-American readers, the Bermuda Triangle is an area off the East Coast of the United States where paranormal activity is said to take place. Ships have vanished inside the Bermuda Triangle and sometimes ships or airplanes the area will have unusual instrument readings.

All kinds of different ships can be found, both in the water and on land.
Ships found may suddenly disappear.
People found may disappear and reappear again.
Player controlled boats may suddenly change course for no reason.
Population counters may be inaccurate.
The mini-map may be inaccurate.
Any gold you see may not be real.

This is my first attempt at random map scripting. It should work ok for any game type or any map size. There may occasionally be problems with king of the hill style games, as the monument will never switch control once captured.

I plan on making other random map scripts based on freaky places throughout the world. Ideas currently include Area51, Roswell, Tunguska, and Atlantis.
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raider stinger7 Sounds cool I'll give it a try...
Official Reviewer
Visual Appeal3.0
Bermuda Triangle is basically an islands map. However, there are all kinds of wierd things. There are many small islands littered with gold - or fake fool's gold. There are also strange ships, people that dissapear, and flying objects. This makes it a rather interesting map.

Theme: 4 The idea to make a Bermuda triangle map is original, and is executed almost perfectly. All kinds of wierd objects are used, from invisible cliffs that make ships suddenly change course to red-caped flying dogs. There are plenty of shipwrecks, and some fool's gold too. The main problem is that the map is not random enough - the author could've used a lot more variation to make this map better.

Visual Appeal: 3 Visual appeal is the weakest aspect of this map. While there are islands, forests, and water blending used, as well as a bit of eyecandy, there is nothing much in terms of terrain blending, secondary terrain patches (for variety), or forest mixing. Also, there are hundreds of shipwercks on the seas, which don't look right just floating there. The author could've done a much better job here, though he did an OK one.

Playability: 5 Bermuda triangle is an extremely fun map to play. The wierd objects and fool's gold make for interesting games. The resources are nicely balanced, and though some patches of fish are unfair there's still enough for everyone. Even though units may act wierd, this fits in with the theme and doesn't make it less fun. There is very little lag too, and you never get bored.

Overall: 4 This map is definitely good, but it needs a little bit more to be a classic. Hopefully the author, ropeart, will come up with an update. In any case, download it as it is now, because you certainly won't be dissapointed. And ropeart, keep up the good work!
Official Reviewer
Good job, you got reviewed a 4.0. Keep up the good work!
advoss_1999 Keep up the good work

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Visual Appeal3.0
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