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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
MFO@SuperFortress by RF_Gandalf and MFO@Mapster

This script is basicly an upgrade on Fortress. Each player starts with a TC, castle, 6 keeps instead of towers, fortified walls, 5 houses, blacksmith, market, university, monastary, two barracks, an archery range and 7 farms around the TC. There is also a set of outposts ringing your fortress. Regicide mode adds 5 kings (Royal Flush style regicide) for a different style of Regicide. The walled area is larger than in Fortress and there is plenty of room for expansion inside your base.

Starting resources include the 7 farms around the TC, 2 groups of berry bushes just outside your walls, the usual 8 sheep or turkeys (4 should be inside your fortress and 2 groups of 2 outside), 2 groups of deer and 3 separate boars outside your walls, and one gold pile and one stone pile inside your walls, the usual amount of gold and stone outside your walls. The forests are all outside your walls, unlike the usual Fortress map, and there are few if any trees inside your Fortress.

As with many of MFO maps there is a wide variety of terrain patterns possible, but there is no snow on these maps.

Because of the difference in starting resource location, there is a slight difference in our reccommended starting tactics. The first 7 villagers should go on the farms until the 4 sheep inside your fortress can be located quickly. There is no need to make initial houses since you have population space for 50 at the start(a TC, castle and 5 houses - pop space for 55 if Chinese). The next villagers should be sent to any empty farms, then the next should move outside the fortress to setup a mill near any berries, deer or boar. You will also need to setup a lumber camp outside your walls, but not as soon as in a usual start because of the lack of pressure to build houses or barracks. Care is recommended in initial scouting because the enemy keeps can sure put a hurting on your scout. The difference in startup tactics and the prebuilt buildings make this an interesting map for those wanting to play a defensive game at the start or for those who prefer to get into Castle Age before commencing with warfare.

Because of the size of the starting walled areas, it is very important to play on a map size appropriate to the number of players, or walls may overlap or towers may be able to shoot at outposts or even each other at the start. The minimum recommended map size for 4 players is the Small Map, for 6 players the Medium Map and for 8 players the Huge Map, although it is slightly possible that some outposts may be in enemy tower range even at these sizes.

Look here for a description with graphics:
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Visual Appeal4.0

The theme of this map is to take the Ensemble Studios map Fortress to an extreme. The 8 Keeps, tower, and walls make it impenetrable until Castle Age, when rams become available. It very effectively executes this theme. I tried to attack a computer using Goths in late Feudal age, and lost the game because I lost so many units (and resources) trying unsuccessfully to break through the walls. My opponent castled, and attacked me with rams and mangonels, crushing my tiny Feudal town.
The theme of this map was very well thought out, but, since it is only an improvement on an Ensemble Studios map, it receives a 4.

Visual Appeal

I was very impressed that such a small script (5 kilobytes, if I am not mistaken) could produce such a visual appealing map. In the largest settings, the map is a little boring, because there are not many rules defining objects based on the map size. However, everything is scaled to the map size, so there are enough resources, high terrain, forests etc. I give this map a 4 in this category.


The playability on this map was excellent. Of the 30 or so times I created a map to either merely look at it, or to play a game, it didn’t crash once. The extra housing gives a player of less skill (who would probably be the only type of person playing on this map) more time to worry about other issues. The same applies to the 7 or 8 farms which each player gets at the start of the game. The outposts give the player even more time to react to an attack. And there is a reasonably straight route to all other players (with forests and other units as obstacles) for when one has the rams which with to attack another player. I rate this map extremely highly in playability, giving it a 5.
Official Reviewer
Visual Appeal4.0
MFO@SuperFortress by RF_Gandalf is a Random Map Script based on the original ES Fortress Random Map.

Theme: 5
Super Fortress aims to take the beloved fortress to the extreme by supplying each player with a seriously strong starting position. Like the original Fortress, players start off in a walled base with a Town Centre, Farms, and a couple of Houses. In Super Fortress, you are also given two Barracks, and Archery Range, Keeps surrounding your walls (yes they're still keeps if you start in Dark Age), a market, blacksmith, university, monastery and even a Castle. You are also provided with outposts surrounding your base to give you extra warning of incoming attacks. With all of these starting buildings, beyond having to build extra houses for population and towers for defence, you don't really have to use builders at all. The base has plenty of excess space for building houses and also has a good deal of resources located in it. The Random Map certainly fits its desired theme of being a super fortress and is a great step up for fans of the original Fortress Map and would like something a bit different.

Visual Appeal: 4
The Random Map has a number of different setting written into the script that provide a different map style every time you play. Sometimes you'll be set within a nice temperate landscape with grass plains and thick forests. Other times you may be placed in a desert with lots of sand and clumps of palm trees. The map utilises a good mixture of different terrains and there is some visible effort of mixing between them. Elevation and eye-candy is used throughout as well to some decent effect. As good as the map is I can't however, stop feeling as though something is missing. There are many places where the map just looks... well, boring. Bland open spaces with nothing but a single terrains used for a much larger area alone than should be.

Playability: 4
I'm a big fan of Fortress style random maps, they can provide some intense gameplay due to the starting resources and the ability to rush to the Castle Age and get rams to knock down your opponents walls. This scenario is no different, in fact it takes the gameplay to the extreme. You can rush to the Imperial Age Extremely quickly given the fact you have 7 starting villagers and all the buildings you need to Age Up. Resources are in abundance around your base so you have no shortage throughout most of the game. The Random Map is highly enjoyable and works well with both the Standard AI, Custom AIs and Multiplayer. One problem I discovered with the fortresses was that the keeps only appear on one side of the base rather than appearing on every wall. Sometimes this meant that I had keeps on the wall that was against the age of the map, rendering them practically useless as no enemy would attack that side.

Additional Comments:
Overall this is a fun Random Map that is an extreme version of the classic Fortress


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Visual Appeal4.0
Favorites: [Who?]1
Size:4.38 KB