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MFO@Rumble Reefs

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
MFO@Rumble Reefs by RF_Gandalf and MFO@Mapster

Your kingdom starts on the edge of a broad, shallow tropical sea. Your advisors say that a great source of food for your growing population is the plentiful shorefish that inhabit the shores of this sea and the strange ponds that dot the coastline. Your oldest sage thinks these ponds resulted from ancient reefs exposed when the water level dropped - but he is an old fool and has other crazy ideas. Anyway, the fish are just too plentiful to overlook as a food source. But get your army RUMBLE on those reefs!

Rumble Reefs is a new random map script with a unique feature - much of the shoreline is honeycombed with pockets of water which contain fish. The map looks a little like Baltic otherwise, with a central body of water.

On smaller map sizes especially the 'reefs' and pockets of water almost separate players, though the players are always connected. Another unique feature is several central jungle-covered islands. These are essentially unusable land, placed for structure to affect naval action and to increase the amount of shoreline. Although there is a tremendous amount of shorefish, there is only a modest amount of deep-sea fishing available. A typical boat-boom is not as effective on this map due to the limited deep sea fish, although boats can harvest the plentiful shorefish along the islands as well.

What civs are best for this map? Japanese(shorefishing like crazy with cheaper mills), Vikings(free wb and cheap docks), Aztecs(carry more resources/less walking time while shorefishing) and Mayans(longer lasting shorefish) will have a little more advantage from the shorefish than other civs, but the other resources are pretty standard so the Chinese, Mongols and Britons have their usual early advantages also.

It is possible to try to play this map defensively to a point by walling off some of the reefs or narrow land connections, but as in all water maps you are still vulnerable to water-based landings.

NOTE: With this map it is important to play on a map size consistant with the number of players. Playing with a map size too small for the player number will cause straight borders of some of the player bases(losing some of the shoreline effect) and cause too little land per player, with the possible result of dropping gold or stone for some players.

Note that rarely on larger maps one or more player's starting areas may be almost surrounded by reefs and ponds - somewhat limiting his free open land but compensating him with huge shore-fishing opportunities.

Feedback appreciated!

See this site for description with graphics:
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Visual Appeal4.0
3-theme- the islands in the middle helped with the theme(making it look like a reef)

4-Visual appeal- looks good but needs more eyecandy

5-playability-very good, i saw no major problems

overall- very fun and easy to play.A must have.

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Visual Appeal4.0
Favorites: [Who?]1
Size:3.42 KB