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The Lord of the Rings v.0.3

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Version: The Conquerors
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 3
This is version 0.3 of The Lord of the Rings!
There are 3 scenario's now and the first two are improved!
Journey to Tom Bombadil
Onwards to Rivendell
Finding a way over the Misty Mountains

PLZ post your reactions or mail me at

Have fun!
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Bilbo_Bolson Character players surrender before I meet them and missions become impossible to win, unless I cheat to reveal all the map and go directly to the point. Was it tested by the creator before being published?

The missions completely fail to be like the book. Everything is missing or unlike the story

Unless you follow the path, the rest of the land is a completely empty land without anything in it. If the player must carry a unit from a point to another, the way should be interesting, with options and difficult tasks in the way. See the first Joan The Arch mission (the one in the game itself, not any that might be in this forum) and learn.

They cover just the easy part of the story, just the first book when there is only one story happening at a time. The next two books, with 3 and 4 stories taking place at the same time each one, are simply omited. Not to mention how incomplete and wrong are the 3 missions present. Merry Brandigamo didn't begin with the other 3, he joined them later. The Dark Riders were the Nazgul but that name was used later, for the flying units. When they first meet him Aragorn didn't use that name, he was "Trancos" (at least in Spanish, but not Aragorn from the begining that's for sure), the misty mountains could not be crossed due to snow, not wolves; the Moria Mines and Lothlorien are completely ignored as if the mission ended when Gandalf opened the door (that was less than the middle), etc.

[Edited on 02/24/08 @ 07:50 AM]

StG_Phoenix Hmmmm. You seem to have had a good idea. I myself am trying to make a Lord of the Rings scenario/campaign with Mods and other things. And yes, in fact, Aragorn's name was Strider when he met Frodo in the Inn at Bree.
Brandybuck Congratulations on a great work of the storyline, but there is one LARGE problem I found!

Your maps, they lacked anything that made me not wanna puke all over my screen. They had no detail except for a missed placed tree and a hill here and there.

The city of Bree is supposed to be a huge city with many gates on all sides, but you made it out to be a sad little rectangle city with one gate.

The shire also was a sad place, Hobbits dont live so close together like that, they live in holes in the groud, so try to find a way around that to.

One last thing, Strider is known as Aragorn, as you mentioned, but he also goes by the name of the Dunadan, which is Elvish for 'The man of the west'

Just thought you would like to know :)
fishface60 Aragorn was also known as Elessar the Elf stone
Map Design1.0
Playability: 2
Nothing to do, you just had to walk from one point to the other, occasionally killing a few people. Play on Hard difficulty, if at all.

Balance: 2
It was easy to the point of being boring, the only place I ever lost anyone was in the third when Legolas was swamped by a thousand Wargs before I could get out. Admittedly, I did find a bit more of a challenge on Hard difficulty.

Creativity: 1
A blah map, long walks through uninteresting countryside, endless easy-to-beat of the least creative scenarios I have ever seen in LotR.

Map Design: 1
Three Huge maps with blank areas, straight roads everywhere and nothing even remotely similar to eye candy, you used Copy Map to place huge square boxes of Orcs all over the third map, which was completely unrealistic. The first map wasn't so bad, though, but not enough to save your grade.

Story/Instructions: 4
The instructions, at least, were fairly clear (because they were usually "Walk from Point A to Point B" but the story was terrible, completely swamped by bad design and no creativity.

Additional Comments: A good start, but make your maps smaller, that way it is easier to fill them with eye candy. Also, work on gameplay bugs; as Tanneur said, some of the players resign (which is not a bad thing in itself, but can annoy players)

[Edited on 02/24/08 @ 07:34 AM]

Official Reviewer
Map Design1.0
The campaign consists of three scenarios it is a RPS. The story follows a part of the first book of the fantasy tale 'Lord of the Rings' by John Ronald Reuel Tolkien 'The Fellowship of the Ring'. The journey takes you from Hobbiton to Crickhollow, Bree, Rivendell, the Misty Mountains and the gate to the Mines of Moria.

PLAYABILITY: There was some challenge on hard but I did not really enjoy the campaign. The three scenarios consisted of long walks on giant maps lacking any design approach. Some bugs and glitches, player Tom Bombadil resigns eventually in the first two scenarios. Rivendell and Moria defeated at the game's start of the third, they have no unit on the map only gates and walls. Scenario 2, no victory signal therefore Frodo dies after 5 minutes but I did not lose. In the third you win even after Frodo, a Ring-bearer died. 2-

BALANCE: There was some challenge playing hard. I lost Pippin and Frodo was down at 28 HP before I reached Crickhollow in the first scenario. In the second, I had Frodo drop from 200 HP to 15 in the first two minutes and from the Weathertop it was difficult with all Nazgûls tasked towards Frodo. In all scenarios, you need some micromanagement, keeping the weaker units out of first contact with the Nazgûls and Orcs but overall the campaign was on the easy side. 2+

CREATIVITY: All aspects factor into creativity. The positive aspects were the scenario's balance and the story/instructions category. The mix of strong and weak units, the challenge on the Weathertop followed by fights against the Nazgûl are worth mentioning but game play and map design lacked creativity. 2

MAP DESIGN: This was disappointing, three giant maps with sparse to no design at all. The maps consist of one terrain, lifeless rivers with one water depth, and lack of Gaia. However, there were some unrealistic elevations, flat on the top and mountains. 1+

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The small story develops well in and between the scenarios', always in the history section, the instructions and the victory messages. The instructions were clear, you receive hints, scout, the author wrote text for every message box. 4

OVERALL: The Lord of the Rings campaign has potential with a better map design.

SUGGESTIONS: To avoid the defeat messages, place hold off units for the player Tom Bombadil in scenario one and two. Second scenario, for a victory signal activate trigger 'Rivendell' somewhere after the bridge. To make the player always lose when Frodo dies, give a hold off unit to player 2, red, "The Nazgul" (spelling) as victory to a defeated player does not work. Third scenario, the player should lose when Frodo dies and after the Warps, the effects fire when Samwise instead of Frodo is in the area including victory.

OBSERVATIONS: Nazgul is a Turkish female name, 'gul' meaning flower.
Nâzgul is a Persian girl's name meaning 'shy rose' or 'delicate flower'.
Nazgûl (nazg=ring, gûl=wraith, spirit) means Ring-wraith in the Black Speech of Mordor.

IN CLOSING: Download if you do not care too much for map design. Play on hard for some challenge and fast speed to feel the long walks as shorter.

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Map Design1.0
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