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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
This is an Oriental themed random map script, complete with aesthetically pleasing eye candy (not TOO much) and enough resources to permit long games.

Have fun.
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Official Reviewer
Visual Appeal4.0
Oriental is a sort of cross between the Yucatan, Arabia and Mongolia maps, with some oriental semi-snowy (spring?) scenery. There are wide open spaces as in Arabia, strategic cliffs and elevation as in Mongolia, and extra resources as in Yucatan.

Theme: 5 A well-thought-out, well-executed theme. It is clear that you are in Asia, and the map plays in a pretty unique way. The placement of cliffs and elevation is pretty random, and it makes each game different enough to be noticeable, while still in the bounds of the theme. The extra resources also result in unique gameplay.

Visual Appeal: 4 The map has some eyecandy, several types of forest, and spaces within these to look good. The high hills look nice too. My main concern is that the eyecandy is too spread out to have a good-enogh effect. There are many single rocks and berry bushes for example - these would've done better in groups of at least 2. As another note, the haystacks look wierd just standing there on the grass; placing some farm terrain near them would've helped a lot.

Playability: 5 Oriental is a very fun map to play. The extra resources make for a long game. The cliffs offer strategic locations. The openness means surprise attacks can occur - or will you use that extra stone to wall off? Almost everyone will have fun on this map.

Overall: 4.7 The author, KungLao, has done a great job here. A unique theme, beautiful terrain, and fun gameplay. Download Oriental and play a few games - you won't be sorry. This is one of the best RM's out there.
Official Reviewer
Visual Appeal3.0
Oriental is one of the recent maps submitted to the Blacksmith. I found the idea interesting and tried it out. There are a few interesting features of the map but overall I did not feel that it really added much new in the way of playability.

Theme - The premise is one of an oriental theme. The terrains chosen could represent the orient, or anywhere else. I am not sure exactly why rocks, haystacks, signs and broken trade carts make an oriental theme. Certainly all scripters are limited by the relatively few items of eyecandy provided for our use, but I could not tell by looking at the map why this was "oriental".

Visual Appeal - I could not appreciate the "oriental" bent that the map was supposed to have. The haystacks simply looked out of place, the other eyecandy items were of only limited appeal. The map as a whole looked OK but there were some detail problems that I did not like. First, the SNOW_PINE_TREES were placed on LEAVES not the scattered patches of GRASS_SNOW, and looked out of place scattered across the plains. Second, because there were patches of LEAVES in the PINE_FOREST, occasional isolated SNOW_PINE_TREES were in PINE_FOREST. It would have looked better to place patches of SNOW_PINE_TREES in the PINE_FOREST as terrain. I also felt there was a problem with how there was virtually no SNOW_PINE_FOREST in the map, although the scripter actually called for 2% of the terrain to be this type. He made an error in trying to place this on patches of GRASS_SNOW that were too small. I looked at 3 maps of LARGE or greater size and found only one patch of SNOW_PINE_FOREST (totalling 3 trees) on any of them. Careful checking of the script could have discovered this problem.

Playability - The criteria for judging playability is as compared to the standard ES maps. The only real difference with the standard type maps with regard to gameplay is the increased resources, which is certainly not a novel or unique feature to this map. The map is fine to play, and unlike some maps where the scripter places open terrain patches within forest, this author was careful to place the resources on the base terrain, avoiding locked up resources(the only item I saw on a patch of LEAVES within PINE_FOREST was a wolf). I did see one instance of inaccessable resources(gold)locked in a curled cliff.

All in all, this map meets the standard of a good, playable map, but with very little to distinguish it other than increased resources and a slightly different terrain pattern than the standard maps.

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Visual Appeal3.5
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