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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
Tsunami Studios

*You now start with a scout cavalry rather than two hunting wolves.
*Water is more evenly spread.
*Fish are more evenly spread.
*Resources are more fair.
*Plant growth has been added.
*Misc. Minor Tweaks.

You start your reign in the middle of "river of grass" - the Everglades. You experience many challenges here, but your spirit fires you on. You must use resources and especially land sparingly. Beware of the other tribes that would steal this land and build outposts to blockade you from leaving.

Later, the Seminole Indians would use this same swamp to hide out from the Spanish and U.S. Army.

You start out with a TC and villagers as normal. At the start, you will see an outburst of macaws, displaying the richness of this paradise (Do this in slow mode and it looks really beautiful).

This map contains a land base surround by miles of swamp. Within this swampland, one may find small slices of land and pools of water. This land is rich in wildlife and forage bushes. You start with four boars near your camp! - but you'll need all you can get.

This map can be played both in a normal random map and a death match - both are just as fun. Note: This map is like none other.

*Use land sparingly

*Secure a water pool to build a navy.


*Collect relics (especially important in death match).

*Fast units, ranged units, and navies work well.

*Suggested civs:
-Huns (no houses)
-Many more

*In death match, keep up a strong economy early.

*Bombard towers work well, especially in death match.

*Build lots of outpost/towers on the land pieces.




Phenix Sunflame
Brave Sir Robin
Ballista Turtle
Mokon (Kingforester)


*Put all files in your Age of Empires II/random folder.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Visual Appeal5.0
Ah some fun in the sun. Thats what this random map is about, some fun i a tropical swamp. The idea of having Everglades is pretty interesting, I know i haven't seen anything like this RMS map before.

Theme 5

The Theme of this RMS is pretty good. The theme is of course the fact that its the Everglades and this map pulls this off nicely. I like maps that try something new, but do it reasonably.

Theme Improvements
-Perfecto, no problems from me

Visual Appeal 5

When you start this map birds burst from above your town center, this is breath taking and really makes the map look nice. The mixing of the various terrains of water, shallows and a little dirt_grass looks really good. To make things look even better some flowers have been spread over the shallows adding even more to the overall beauty of the map. If you look over on to the small patches of water you can see fish swiming around peacfully.

Visual Appeal Improvements
-There was far to much beach, but since you can't do anything about that its not your fault

Playability 2

The Playability is poor and is a contrast to the rest of the map. There is very little room to build buildings in and I don't think that that is the intenison of the script. It makes for extremly cluttered bases and really limits the fun in the map.

Playability Improvements
-Add more land for players to build on
-make shallows take up less of the total percentage of terrains in the script

This map overall is worth playing, but only online, since the computer AI's do not preform very well on this map.
Official Reviewer
Visual Appeal5.0
I had reviewed the original map script and wanted to see how the 'upgrade' had changed.

THEME: 4 Still has a nice feel for the Everglades, at least as best as can be represented by the art of AOKTC. The map is as described. Unfortunately the script is a little unstable. I got 2 'crashes' in a dozen starts, which made me downgrade the execution of the Theme. ? if these crashes are from some change in the scripting from the original( I did not notice that on the first script)?

VISUAL APPEAL: 5 Nicely done, with some newly added eyecandy of 'flowers' over the water. I think it looks OK when just viewing the map, but I did not really care for it when playing the game because it made it harder to see my units on the water clearly. There is little else that the author could have done differently to depict the Everglades given the limited amount of eyecandy available in the game. Cluttering the screen with otherwise meaningless objects would not have added anything to the appearance of this map.

PLAYABILITY: 4 Words do not describe how tricky and challanging this map is to play because of inadequate room to build on. I personally prefer space for forward building, but this is a valid script forcing a different playing style. However, that is the intent of the scripter, and it is fairly even for each player.

My former complaint about the hunting wolves was addressed - they were removed. The complaint about the unevenly placed patches of water was improved also - there are now many more smaller patches of water and all players seemed to have roughly equal access to water and shorefishing. Shorefishing was difficult due to the lack of space near some pools of water for even a mill, though.

It should be noted that from a resource standpoint the map is 'atypical' because of the high amount of deer and boar, the vast number of shorefish and the absence of deep water fish. It is also atypical because of the random possibility of encountering a group of 3 JAGUARS (occurs 25% of the time).

The AI still cannot play this map well, I think because of the limited space.

All things considered, this is a fun and different map to play forcing a style of play without space for forward building.
Visual Appeal5.0
If you downloaded the original TS@everglades get this one. It is still one of the best RMS i have seen

THEME: 5 This map has a great theme. Have any of you seen any other map with swamps as the formost terrain. I havent. I think it is an unique map that no one will be able to match. I also feel the athour desciption of it was great because it got you ready for a great game.

VISUAL APPEAL: 5 Like Grandolf said "nicely done". I feel this map has the proper balance of eyecandy (I hate RMS's were that is all you see.) I also feel that the map swamps just bend beutifully with all the other terrains. Any one that has this map i suggest u look at the zoomed out view it is great!!!

PLAYABILITY: 5 Just another expamle of this map wonderful design. While there is very little places to build that is the point of the map. One hint while playing this map is that u can some times build docks on swamps. As far as i know the ai plays this map just fine.

This map is one of thew greatest i have ever seen try playing it on the zone it is VERY fun.

Visual Appeal5.0
THEME - 5 The theme is basically a swamp-ish jungle map. I haven't seen these two themes mixed together before, but the visual results that svede comes up with are amazing.

VISUAL APPEAL - 5 The visuals in this map are incredible, and must have taken him forever to perfectly blend the shallows with the water and the flowers and everything that he did. One thing I noticed was that there was no elevation changes, everything done on flat land. However, I want to overlook that fact just becuase he did such a great job on the rest of the map.

PLAYABILITY - 4 In this category I give it a 4 only for one reason, there's not really a lot of space to build. But if you look at in one way you could say that it adds to the difficulty, making it funner to play to see if you're really as good as you think you are. Are you up for it??

It's a fun map, download it.

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Visual Appeal5.0
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