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Ultimate Jungle

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy

Behold my masterpiece!!!!

This is my best random map. It is a jungle (duh) with lots of deer, forage bushes, and fish. It is perfectly balanced; a lot of land with some water; so you can field an army and a navy. I don\'t like to brag, but I think that this is the best random map EVER!!!!!!

Please download.
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File Author
Oops . . . I screwed up the Readme. Just forget the Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v.
File Author
Oh yeah ... just forget my other ones they are just rainy day scenarios, but this one is the best.
Official Reviewer
Visual Appeal2.0
Ultimate Jungle is an rms whose author claims it to be "the best rms EVER". So I decided to take a look at it to check out this claim.

This rms was created by simply copying the Coastal script from the RMSG.doc, and making some minor changes. There is a lot more starting food: more berry bush clumps, larger sheep or turkey groups and larger deer herds. There is a slight change in the percent chance of the different amounts of land terain randomly selected. No other changes were made to improve gameplay.

THEME: (2) This map does not fulfill my expectations as the claimed to be best RMS ever. The map has a 96 percent chance of being a Jungle map, and a 1 percent chance each of being Desert, Alpine, Frozen or Asian, 4 of the other 5 randomly selected terrain patterns in the original Coastal. Why he left these choices in I am not sure, but they do not fit the 'jungle' name well. The snow patches on the jungle floor as noted below do not fit the theme either. There is no real 'jungle' theme other than jungle terrain, turkeys, and jaguars (but only 96% of the time for each).

VISUAL APPEAL: (2) The author placed snow on the jungle terrain pattern, which looks rather foolish. There are more macaws scripted on jungle maps too, but these are the only changes from the ES Coastal map, which is a good standard.

PLAYABILITY: (1) This map generally is as playable as the original Coastal, for all but 2 of the civs. The author did NOT improve on the major gameplay flaw with Coastal, as some other scripters have previously done, by moving the one border in to give all players equal access to the water. He did change gameplay by adding more food, which is a nice variation to play occasionally. The AI has no problems playing this map.

There is a problem with Villager creation, though, if you are Chinese or Mayan. The author specifically scripted for 3 Villagers per player, so Mayans and Chinese are still penalized their missing starting resources but do not get extra Vills. There is no warning of this in the author's description, and is very unfair to a player choosing one of those 2 civs or getting one of them on 'Random Civ'.

I have a problem with one other change the author made - he tried to change the number of Relics to one per player. However, he mis-scripted it and there is only ONE Relic per map (he wrote "ste_place_for_every_player" instead of "set_place_for_every_player"). If this was announced ahead of time and done fairly, that would be OK. However the Relic is placed randomly, giving the possibility of unfairness in placement, and the author makes no mention of this change, giving those "in the know" about this little secret an unfair advantage & making a Relic victory much easier.

I assume that some of the above problems could have been unintentional and caught by adequate testing of the map before release.

There are better scripted high food maps out there if you want one. This map script has some problems.

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Visual Appeal2.0
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