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Downloads Home » Best Files » Cincinnatus : The Liberator of Rome v1.2

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Cincinnatus : The Liberator of Rome v1.2

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only

This is C:LoR v1.1 There was a serious bug with the first one and it crashed the game earlier. The bug has now been removed! *Now more thing have been changed*

I'm Shiva and the 2nd in Command of AOK Woad. This is a story of Cincinnatus and his adventures half-a-century before the birth of christ.

Cincinnatus was a Roman hero who was instrumental in saving the early Republic. In 458 BC, Rome was in danger of being destroyed by the Aequi, a neighboring Italian tribe. To defeat this threat, the Senate voted to appoint Cincinnatus as dictator, a temporary office vested with unlimited powers. A deputation was sent to his small farm, which was the smallest landholding allowed to qualify for citizenship. The senators found Cincinnatus at work tending his crops. He was told of the Senate's decision and was saluted as dictator. However, the plebeians, the ordinary people, feared that Cincinnatus might abuse his position. Their fears proved groundless and, after the defeat of the Aequi, they voted Cincinnatus a golden wreath at the end of his sixty days of office. He then returned to his fields and was remembered as the perfect example of a virtuous and
dutiful Roman citizen.

Some facts about C:LOR:-
201 triggers
About 1000 effects.
And 500 conditions.
Many new tricks NEVER seen before...

I'll give some away right now:-

Blow up a river and send the Carnivorous fish down the stream.
Thunder and Lightning!
Don't take my sheep!
Meet a circus group from Persia.
A special appearance from the GARBAGE DUMP!!

Credits : -

I would like to thank Derfel Cadarn for admitting me into Woad Creations and also for making me the 2nd in Command for AOK Woad. I'm really pleased.

I would like to thank the testers - Talon Karrde, Derfel Cadarn, Lt_Surge and others.

I would also like to thank Andres_Age for his great bitmap! It's really one of the best I've seen!

And, I would like to thank Cincinnatus, for doing the things he did. ; - )

And that's it!

Thanks again,

Woad Creations
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RevengeofOdin Cool game, i like RPGs and RPSs and this was a good one, keep up the good work
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
“Cincinnatus: The liberator of Rome” is an excellent campaign with lots of creativity and it’s a solid campaign overall. Moreover, this campaign has received additional efforts from the author Shiva who actually submitted this improved version where the minor bugs have been fixed. After playing this improved version I decided that my previous review was obsolete, so without further notice let us examine this awesome game once again.

In the original version Cincinnatus campaign had some bugs, which made the playability and fun factor go down. Now, that the bugs have been fixed, and as a result this campaign is now far more enjoyable to play through.

The balance in this game is very close to perfect, but it’s not exactly a 5.0. In this Improved version the enemies are indeed harder, and the game provides a good challenge. In short, Shiva has done a really good job, and other designer interested in this style of gameplay should definitely take a look at the balance because it’s almost perfect.

This campaign has also a lot of creativity in it. As an illustration, we can find some interesting tricks such as lightning and thunder, carnivorous fishes and more. In addition, one of the rivers is dangerous and you will get hurt if you stay there too long. In fact, Shiva has a pretty good mastery of triggers overall, and I’m sure with time he is going to get even better.

The storyline is definitely intriguing and if you like stories about the once almighty Roman Empire you’re gonna love this one. The instructions were also very nice and easy to understand.

The map design was very nice and pretty to look at. In fact, every parts of the map had plenty of details. The cities were pretty realistic, and I think Shiva did a great job in creating a Roman ambiance to the cities considering the limitation in the designing tools.

In the end, “Cincinnatus: The liberator of Rome” is an excellent campaign and it deserves its place among the best campaign. My final is advice is to download now because it’s a fantastic campaign and playing with the Romans is just a blast.
Map Design5.0
This was a very good scenario. The reason I came to review it is because once Shiva commented on a campaign of mine, The Chronacles of Aarot, and we've been friends ever since. He asked me to playtest it. I never really got around to that, so I downloaded the new version when he asked me to review it. I did, and I thought the first one was great, and the same for this version because it's not really all that different:) Anyway, here's my thoughts:

This scenario was very playable. Nearly every part of it was understandable, and a careful player would be able to follow the rest. The only problem I had with playability is that in the main mission you may not know where to go unless you listen carefully, as it's explained with a cutscene but the directions aren't really put on the Objectives... but if you listen it shouldn't really be a problem.

Hmm... the balance was great. I feel that any player interested in history would have fun time playing. I lost a couple times trying to beat the army at the Aequi base (the real one). Not too much else to say about balance.

In terms of creativity, this scenario is a jewel. So many trigger tricks, like thunder and lighting, and the circus was a nice touch. The map design was beautiful, in the mountains where the Aequi base was I actually got the feeling that I was hiking or something, and the careful placement of obstacles to your army is good. I had to backtrack twice just to get to the fake base.

Map Design:
This map was great. In all the areas I really believed that I was actually in that type of area. 'Nuff said.

In a word: perfect. I never even knew there was a Roman general named Cincinnatus before, and I thought I knew a lot about the Romans. 'Nuff said.

Final Thoughts:
DOWNLOAD THIS NOW. This is one of the best ever scenarios in AOKH and we should all thank Shiva for bringing this angelic work to us. The Romans were a very interesting people and playing historic scenarios like this one is one way to learn about them. I say again: DOWNLOAD THIS NOW!!! or the Mookleman will come to get you! :o
Andres_age The best thing is the bmp! HAHAHAHAHA :D :D ;)
Vixron Cincinnatus : The Liberator of Rome v1.2 is an excellent campaign that no one should be without. Definitely worth downloading.
Map Design5.0
Cincinnatus is a very good campaign from Shiva. I can't remember seeing many qualitiy campaigns in the blacksmith about the Romans, but somehow Shiva was able to pull it off.

The campaign's playability was above average, and there are times when things can be fun. However, some of the important information are sometimes hard to catch and this can lead to some frustration. Otherwise, Cincinnatus was playable and fun.

The balance was near excellent. Shiva did a really nice job in creating a mix army with plenty of different units and this means that gamers will have to use some battle tactics if they plan on surviving. The only problem that I found is that the hero units were too strong so they take too much center stage and brings the game on the easy side. Overall, the balance is pretty good and it’s not far from perfect.

In the creativity area Shiva did a pretty good job. The way the whole campaign was creative in the sense that the player have to make vital choices which have some long-term impact on the victory. There was also plenty of nice trigger treats. In short, the creativity was really good.

Map Design:
The map design was really nice and interesting for gamers to wonder around. The visual effects such as the river meandering between the mountains and lightning were also very nice and enhance the map design. In short, I think the map design was inspiring and Shiva has done a fine job.

The story line was captivating and the more we advance through the game, the more we want to go on and find out more about the plot. The instructions were also nicely laid out, so the overall package was indeed worthy of a 5.0

In closing, Cincinnatus is an excellent campaign that everyone should have and this is worth the download
TheNakedGun Hi, I hope someone can help me with this campaign.
Near the start when Cininnatus has to go to the high priest to get to be dictator,there are two monks within the cathedral grounds and it says "Click the Monk"...I click one and it does nothing, so I click the other one, and it does nothing again...I have restarted the campaign and the same thing happens...can anyone please help me because it really looks like a great campaign...

thank you

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Map Design5.0
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