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Fight For Atlantis

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 6
This was my first Campaign for AoKs, and as the maps
progress so do the maps. I like it, but I don't know
if you will. Missions include: Find and Destroy, Defend and
Conqueor, Navigate and Conqueor, Build and Destroy, Search
and Rescue, and Regain Control. The first maps are kind of
corny and just Random Maps, but bear with, they get better.
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Map Design2.0
Playability: Overall, not a bad campaign. There were no trigger bugs, and the victory was very precise, in other words, you couldn't cheat to win.

Balance: The first couple of scenarios had almost no difficulty. There were only a few adversaries and then a couple of guard towers. But as the map maker said at the end, he was getting better at it, as you can see in scenario # 6.

Creativity: On most of the scenarios, you start off with a town center and you have to go and destroy something. Not very creative in my eyes.

Map Design: Wide open spaces......Just grass or water. The map maker would have scored higher if he had created a random map. There were some details, but he left out too much to be considered average.

Story/Instructions: He provided a short blip of a story on the first scenario, but then it kind of stopped there, unless you say rebels are attacking your base is considered a story. Good instructions, they were clear and to the point.

Overall a pretty mediocre scenario. I began enjoying it near the end, so if you have about an hour go ahead and download this level.
The Conquistador
Map Design2.0
This scenario, Fight For Atlantis, sounds pretty cool and so I downloaded it. However, to my disappointment, it turned out to be a very bad scenario, despite the promising name. "Not all that shines is gold", I guess.

The playability is, like the definition for the mark 1, crash and burn. All you have to do is breaking down 2 palisade walls and knock down some towers to get the relic (which is the objective), which is hardly any fun.

The balance was slightly better than creativity, since there's the wall. However, it's pretty easy to knock down the wall so a 2 will suffice.

The creativity was non-existent. Just "capture the relic".

The map was a blackforest map with some eye-candy, but those eyecandy can hardly take the mark to a 4.

There was no story, unlike the title might suggest. Also, the instructions were pretty bleak.

+ Points

- Non-existent

- Points

- Uncreative
- no fun

Final Thoughts: Overall, this scenario is below average. However, for a 1st timer, this isn't that bad. I would like to see that this scenario designer continue to design and improve. As I said, nobody really "sucks", they are just new and don't know what they are doing.
Map Design3.0
"Fight For Atlantis" is a straight-forward “build & destroy” campaign, but it has the potential to be better. The first few scenarios were mediocre, but as the author already promised, they get better. The story develops too, especially on the last scenario. If one word was to describe this whole campaign, it would be ‘mobile’, since everything improved.

Fight for Atlantis's playability was okay. There weren't any obvious bugs that would seriously affect your gameplay. The computers, however, behave like a deathmatch enemy would do. In several scenarios, I saw my ally resign in the first 5 minutes, which would raise an eyebrow to some players.

The balance is probably the weakest area for this campaign. The first few scenarios were extremely easy, such as destroying a poorly defended Monastery or town that only required 10 minutes of army preparation. One scenario also had an objective of escorting a hero to an area, which could be accomplished just by dashing the hero past the enemies.

Fight For Atlantis’s creativity is a little below average. Objectives such as escorting a hero can be boring if repeated more than once. The town layouts, however, were nicely done, especially on the 2 last scenarios. Resources were distributed in a way so as to make them look attractive. Overall, though, most of the scenarios still feel like a random deathmatch.

As you progressed through the campaign, the map design improves a lot. As a contrast, the first scenario was simply of a ‘black-forest’ random map, while the last scenario was of carefully-designed towns and fortresses with attractive islands along the sea. Map design is undoubtedly one of the strengths of this campaign. If only more time was spent on going over the first 5 scenarios’ design, a score of ‘4’ would be easily given.

The story in this campaign was pretty brief, but sufficient for a non-RPG campaign. Even though the story was not gripping, it was better than none, which would have sounded automatically like a deathmatch. The instructions and objectives were very clear. Except for the occasional spelling mistakes, the instructions can be easily followed. A solid ‘4’ would therefore be given.

In conclusion, Fight For Atlantis is very nicely created, especially for a first-time. The campaign shines especially near the end, since the author has obviously improved by practice. I will look forward to future creations by him.

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Map Design2.3
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