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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
This map is a new Random map script that I have been working on for a while. Its sort of like arabia, exept that each player starts on a dried up lakebed, and must be able to get to wood at the edge of the lakebed in the surroundin sandy hills.
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Official Reviewer
Visual Appeal2.0
I would like to apologize that it has taken a while to get this posted.

THEME: (3)

UNIQUENESS: not the first map I have seen with lots of clutter from forest and cliffs to make access to other players difficult; at least players do not seem to be completely cut off from each other

RANDOMIZATION OF MAP (if applicable): map randomizes normally


WRITE UP: poor writeup, needs to specify what is different in resources and/or gameplay about the map, and why anyone should download it!


REALISM: map looks 'ok', nothing special

BLENDING OF TERRAINS: not really used, no patches of terrain other than the base terrrain, player lands and one type of forest

EYE CANDY: none used


UNIQUE GAMEPLAY FEATURES: there is an overabundance of wolves on this map. It is impossible to send less than 4 unguarded villagers across the map in the transition between the first and second ages and expect them to make it on a tiny map, and it gets worse with larger sizes. The script calls for 16 groups of 1 or 2 wolves, scaled to map size, which in reality means 20 groups on the tiny setting, and a whopping 90 groups on the gigantic setting. This for me ruins gameplay, and would for most players as well (remember, the author did not bother to explain this in his writeup).

RESOURCES: These are different from normal as well. Berries are standard, but sheep are scattered widely in one group of 4 and 15 single sheep per player. There are 2 groups of 3 boar around every player, and a single group of 10 deer per player. Stone and gold are placed differently, in groups placed slightly spaced apart, making it a little inefficient to have very many workers at the same location unless you build a second mine building. In addition, sometimes not all of the scripted gold or stone place because of crowding issues.
There are 20 relics on the map, also a variance from normal.

MAP SIZE SCREWS: There are huge numbers of wolves on larger maps. If playing several players on a smaller sized map, the area between players can get choked a bit and make access poor to other players. If played on a map size appropriate for the number of players, it works ok.

AI: The computer plays this a little less well than a standard map. The large number of boars gives a human player a bigger advantage than usual since the comp does not hunt boars. The comp does not handle the wolves as well as a human - it does not send villagers guarded by military!

SCRIPTING FLAWS: There are a couple of points in the script that should be cleaned up, although the first does not affect the performance of the script. First, the author lists land percent, borders, and other commands for the base terrain, which is not used. Second, the author seems to be trying to make multiple commands for creating deer, but the second and third attempts do not work because the "create_object DEER" is missing before each of these sets of commands.

SPECIAL POINTS: I am not against maps that vary from the standard resources and gameplay, but authors owe the players at least an explanation of what varies from normal.

SUMMARY: This is a somewhat playable map, interesting in the use of different resourcs and the way the clifs and forest make a contorted pathway to the enemy, but the large number of wolves makes it difficult to rush and on larger settings, the number of wolves is obscene. Forward building is also hard due to limited building space, to some extent, and also due to elevation. I suspect most players will not appreciate this map.

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Visual Appeal2.0
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