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Labyrinths (Improved)

Author File Description
Hector Ocampo
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Build and Destroy
There is a legend that counts that long time ago in some countries around the world, the Hopians,
peacefull and rich tribes lived in some places known as Labyrinths, (because they did a lot of
"winding roads" between the jungles or forests, in that way they could hide from invaders or
wild animals easily ). They lived from farming and fishing. It is said that the places in which
they lived were plenty of food and wood and good places for farming. However minerals like gold
or stone were not so plenty. Fortunatelly they didn't need gold because of the magic of their
treasures. The legend says that those "relics" give gold to the owners, and it is supposed that
they had lots of them.
It is not known why, but today those tribes doesn't exist anymore. One man said that it is still
possible to see some things of the Hopians abandoned on the Labyrinths.
If you go there bring with you your scout and a monk. In that way since your arrive you could
look for the relics near to you and wait until you could build a monastery to place them.
Labyrinths are hilled places, with great lakes, big forests and your base in a valley.
Be carefull, some invaders could be there trying to know more about the Labyrinths, or looking
for those incredible "relics" you.

What will you find in this map?
A great random map with good realism. With a lot of wood and food. It is a land based map but
it has some lakes near every player to allow fishing or secure sea trade. Stone and gold are
placed on good quantities but not plenty. However there are a lot of relics on the map.

You start with the usual villagers and scout, but now a monk is included so you can begin to
pick up relics as soon as the game start and placing them near your Town Center waiting for a
monastery to be built.

It is a map in which ranged units play their best, this is because of the winding paths
(they can be protected against infantry or cavalry by strips of forests), cliffs and elevations.
So maybe you may prefer to use archers, scorpions, onagers than champions or cavalry.

Some extra resources or relics are available far away from players but they could be locked
behind forest. So if you find them you could need “extra work” to get them.

3-9 Straggler Trees (depending on map size)
2 x 6 Forage bush
2 x 5 Gold mines
2 x 7 Stone mines
1 x 4 Turkey or Sheep (not in snowy map )
1 x 7 Deer (on snowy map)
1 x 4 Deer
2 Boars or Javelina

2 X 3 Gold mines
1 x 4 Stone mines
1 x 4 Turkey or sheep (not in snowy map)
1 x 7 Deer (on snowy map)
2 x 5 Deer
2 Boars or Javelina

Jaguars / Wolves

3 Wolves or Jaguars at medium distance
2 wolves or jaguars at far distance


Lots of them (Salmon, Dorado, Tuna, Snapper and shore fish)

Based on the original version Labyrinths and the great review done by RF_Gandalf this random map has been improved by doing the following:

1) There have been added some patches on the player lands (road and snow road), this allows to place all
the missing resources of the previous version.
2) More resources have been added, some small gold and stone mines.
3) Boars and wolfs have been added adequately. In the case of tropical maps the animals are
Javelina and Jaguar.
5) Connection generation setting is now to all player lands. Great contribution by RF_Gandalf.
6) The size of the lakes is small, and shore fish placement has been optimized,
there is more space to allow objects placement on a land.
7) The forest or jungle tiles is a little bit small, so there is more room on the map but the
main idea of Labyrinths still remains.
8) The mistake that RF-Gandalf noted with lenght misspell has been corrected to length.
9) It is a less crowded map.
10) The story line is more precise and gives a better detail about the kind of the map and what
will you expect to find in it.
11) Of course Labyrinths with CP option has been deleted.
12) The probability of having an snow map or jungle map or forest map has changed:
The more probable is forest map (called BOSCOSO), then jungle map (TROPICAL) and finally
snow map (NORDICO) by this pecentages: 36%, 34% and 30%.
13) Yurts have been eliminated from the NORDICO type map (Snowy map)
14) Mountains have been eliminated form the NORDICO type map as well.
15) ROAD2 terrain has been substituted by SNOW_ROAD on NORDICO type map.
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