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Downloads Home » Projects » Final Fantasy demo how to fight

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Final Fantasy demo how to fight

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 1
This is a demo from my Final Fantasy this tought you to fight...
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Wildom Heh, it was interesting, and pretty fun too. But I doubt you can create a full-scale campaign using this battle system. It's too much of a tedious work. : )
File Author
Yes it will be.. So it whill be normal battles to.....
Map Design2.0
A very short campaign, since it only teaches you how to fight in a battle system similar to the game Final Fantasy. The demo is based on game Final Fantasy 9, with four characters that would be familiar if you’ve played it: Zidane, Vivi, Steiner, and Quina.

Playability: perfect. The battle system is very similar to the actual game’s. Basically you choose the character and it’ll attack your enemy. The characters all perform their unique attacks perfectly. Vivi’s special attack is Fire, looks really awesome because the author can somehow create a huge flame that will strike your enemy. I have to give a perfect score for this.

Balance: average. Since this is a demo and the author guides you through the battle, there is no way you can lose because everything is already planned. But I will be more lenient on this area because even though everything is planned beforehand, the enemy will still attack your characters, causing your characters to be weaker. In fact, I was actually nervous and excited when I played through this battle. So I will have to give a 3 for balance.

Creativity: fantastic. Everything from the overall battle system to individual unit attacks make this an awesome campaign resemblance to the actual Final Fantasy game.

Map Design: poor. There were no map designs at all. Also since this is only a demo, you only have to finish one battle to win the campaign. There are no travellings nor town buildings. Because of that I will only mark the design based on your starting position, which was only dirt and some rocks and trees. I’m sorry, but I will have to give a low score for this.

Story/Instructions: none. Yep, you heard me. There are no story or instructions at all other than “Click on to attack.” I will not judge too harshly on this though because that basic one-line instruction is already enough to tell all players what to do. So there shouldn’t be any confusion even without any instructions.

Overall, a very unique campaign. Anyone that likes Final Fantasy should give it a try.

Good Points:
- Very cool battle system
- Individualized character attacks (Vivi’s is especially awesome!)

Bad Points:
- Very short (only one battle, but hey, it’s only a demo)
- No spectacular map designs
Big Travis cool fighting thing
could you please tell me how to make those poofy explosions?
please tell me
Ragnarok2301 The explosions with Quina were made by making a saboteur next to the enemy and destroying it.

Vivi's Fire attack was made using a trigger, that makes:

Create Object, the object is a Gaia Macaw, and then Kill Object, Macaw again.

For some reason, macaws and hawks EXPLODE when killed, lol..

Of course they can't be killed with normal archers/blokes but with triggers only.

Hope it helps.

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Map Design2.0
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