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Alpine Mountains v. 2.58

Author File Description
Magnum Zero
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c

Where Frigid Mountains are stained with the blood of Valiant warriors

In this RMS pack there are two maps. Both of which will take your AOK game into the alpine mountain range of Europe.

What is this Map?
This is an AOK Random Map the takes place in the Alpine Mountain region of middle Europe. This map is quite interesting. Players may be generated in a small cove with one way in, while others are left in the open, forced to take attacks from all sides. This map beautifully re-creates the basic geography of a snowy mountain range. Enjoy this one, folks!

Recomended Settings
Normal Map
3 players
(The map is very packed on tiny and small. These should only be played on by two players in post imperial as there is little space for expansionistic building.)

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Visual Appeal5.0
This map was just as described

The recreation of an alpine mountain range is about as perfect as you can get with what the game allows. It has the feel of a rugged alpine landscape

The use of elevation variance thoughout provides a more realistic feel then many maps that have just a few random elvation spikes at all the same height. The ground cover, and use of eye candy is also well done

I generated this map 5 or 6 times, and have played two games on it. The placement of players is done well, and the dense forests offer a defensive option, but are easily traversed by the a.i as path placement is good.

All and all this map was a wonderful surprise, you never know what you are going to get when downloading these scripts, i highly recommend this one
Berserker Jerker
Official Reviewer
Visual Appeal5.0
Theme: 5
The setting is the Alpine Mountains as the name aptly states, with primarily snow-based terrains, and good use of elevation. The author has also used Mountains to emphasize this, and done an excellent job here. Not many scripts venture in to the use of Mountains with snow terrains, I suspect this is because the mountains are green around their base, and sometimes look out of place against a snow setting. However in this script, they seem correct, and certainly add appeal.

Visual Appeal: 5
I have played this map several times on various settings, against both AI, and human players. Each time I have been presented with a delightful looking map. The Alpine Mountains setting is very good, and the author has clearly put a lot of effort in to creating the right look for this. The map is always Snow based, many people don’t like Snowy maps, myself included, but this map has a good mix of terrains, mountains, cliffs, trees, rocks, flowers, some very nice looking lakes, and you should NOT be put off by the thought of a snow map. The maps are always easy on the eye, and use a mix of terrains and elevation to good effect. This in turn improves the otherwise stark look that some snow maps can give. I only wish there could have been mountains with snow on them available in AOK, to compliment this delightful script.

Playability: 5
The starting locations are always easily defendable, generally surrounded by trees, and cliffs, with a few paths/entrances to the Town Center. This in turn offers some good strategic decisions for the player, both from a defensive and offensive point of view. It also helps a novice player defend against a flush, and generally helps even out the odds with players of different experience levels. If you like Black Forest random maps, then Alpine Mountains is similar in game style, and offers a refreshing change. The only downside is that sometimes you can be rather restricted in room for building your base. This is fine for human players, and can enhance a player’s enjoyment. However this can cause problems for AI players, and occasionally it will place buildings directly blocking a path to its own base, then as it creates units at this building, it causes a severe traffic jam. This in turn destroys the AI’s ability to mount an offensive strategy. It is rarely a major problem, more of an occasional annoyance. A more serious issue is with the AI’s walls, often the AI will build a wall across a path without a gate, and block a route to a resource. I’ve seen this happen a few times, and due to the layout of the maps, the AI will often send villagers on a diversion to these resources, which marches villagers straight through its enemy’s base ensuring their doom. If you do play this map with AI players, then I recommend setting Goths for them, as they can’t build walls. Another solution is to play against a custom AI that doesn’t build walls. I personally feel this is more a shortcoming of the standard AI, rather than a fault in the map, but nonetheless it is a problem the player needs to be aware of. I haven’t deducted anything from the score for this, to quote the review tutorial “since most random map scripts are written for multiplayer use, no script should be demerited for lack of AI functionality”.

Resources are well balanced, each player gets the same reasonable amount, but not overloaded as some scripts can be. There are always some lakes on the map that contain fish, this is a nice touch, and can aid your economy greatly in the early ages, so scouting them out can be of great benefit to you. There are the standard 5 relics each time you play, and they seem well spread out over the map, ensuring you should get the chance to obtain at least one relic. Occasionally resources can be in restricted areas, but not completely blocked in. Your main resources are always close to your starting location, and are always easily accessible.

The author includes two maps with the download. The second map is essentially the same, but provides slightly higher resources, and 10 relics. You also start with a monk and monastery making for quite different game play. This is indeed a nice touch, and offers extra game play.

Overall this is a very good Random map script, that offers a nice setting, is a delight to view, and has good balance, coupled with some great strategic opportunities for the player, I’ve personally had hours of enjoyment from this great map. I highly recommend you download this.

It is best suited to human players, as the AI can occasionally have difficulties playing on the map, but setting a slightly larger map size, and a non wall building AI or Goths for the AI player will solve this.

I look forward to seeing more from the author.

Thank you Magnum Zero for a great RMS.
Visual Appeal5.0
Theme: 5/5 The map gives the feel of being in the mountains, which is what the author was looking for. The combination of cliffs, snow, elevated terrain, and snowy pines worked wondrously on the map.

Visual Appeal: 5/5 I almost didn't download this map, since I really hate playing on snowy maps, but I sure am glad I did! If others feel the same way I do about snowy maps, do not hesitate to download this! Its combination of several different winter terrains made this winter map work! The issue I saw was that flowers sometimes appeared on the lakes, but it doesn't look very bad at all.

Playability: 5/5 The cliffs are in perfect amount, and the resources are ample and well balanced. Your base shouldn't be hard to defend, but possible to breach. I am greatly looking forward to playing multiplayer on this map.

Overall it's a wonderful map that brings the snowy terrain to a harmonious balance. It is truly a relaxing map, that is, until it is soaked with the blood of fallen soldiers!

[Edited on 11/30/10 @ 06:15 PM]

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Visual Appeal5.0
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