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Meadow Lake v.5 (Mountains of Japan)

Author File Description
Magnum Zero
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c

Meadow Lake, formerly known as Japan Mountains

Because of much unsettlement, I have decided to convert Japan Mountains into Meadow Lake.

The Story

Legends tell of a sacred place nestled in the heart of of the land called Ardalya. This place, commonly known as Meadow Lake, was once filled with nature. Word soon got out that the lake had healing powers. Then, they came. They were tribes of men. The tribes colonized at the lake, honing its power. For the first years, all was peaceful. Then, fighting broke out among the tribes. Greed blinded the tribal leaders into thinking that the Lake should belong to them and them alone. Soon, all of the tribes had killed eachother off in a terrible battle. All that remains are ruins. The new medieval lords who want the mystic power of the meadow lake send their armies to the ruins, to attempt to gain the power of the lake. Here, the armies clash with such a force that it makes the waters boil and turn red with blood.

Enjoy the RMS!

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Magnum Zero
File Author
Please hold off on any reviews, I'm fixing some bugs some people pointed out...;)

Magnum Zero
File Author
Bugs are fixed, reviewing may commence! :p
Official Reviewer
Visual Appeal4.0
THEME: The script's unifying theme, 'Meadow Lake', comes with a story; the lake is in the maps center, the player bases around it on broken road terrain. The idea is creative, quite original; the execution seems rushed. 'Meadow Lake' is an edited version of 'Mountains of Japan' and adding a lake in the maps center provoked some playability issues. In addition, I did not feel the theme, the lake looks like any ordinary lake, some 'meadow' at the shore and from the story, "All that remains are ruins. The new medieval lords who want the mystic power of the meadow lake send their armies to the ruins..." I expected ruins on the maps. The lake is not crossable and thus the fights do not involve the lake, apart from walking the shores, they battles take place in and around the players' bases or resources. The script provides enough variety, randomness, but often this results in maps with balance and playability issues. 4

Visual Appeal: The maps are beautiful; good is the use of elevations, the blending of water and forests, while it is missing on land. The landscape is green with flower patches; the only terrain variation is the broken roads, still the terrains match, rocks, mountains, cliffs, give an overall realistic feel exception to the bamboo. While it was a plus to the original map, for its Asian feel, here its natural environment is the broken road terrain, where it is plenty while it seems not to grow any place else on the map. It also overloads the area of the players' base to which I refer under playability. 4

Playability: It is fun to play the beautiful map against human players and the computer as the standard AI handles well the map. There are some flaws which deny an above average rating and affect balance and playability. The shores, in all games I played, only few players could build a harbor. In one game I was the only one to have a harbor out of four players, most of the times, the player whose road terrain reaches to the water has the advantage, and apart from building harbors he can block the way with walls. Stone and deer are another balance issue, the bamboo traps the deer and stone and you cut wood before you mine or it makes your nearest stone difficult to access, easier for the neighboring player. Some players are separated by trees and cliffs; others have a disadvantage as their road terrain melts into one another. 3

OVERALL: A great map with some minor flaws.

SUGGESTIONS: Edit your script, I do like it a lot, and I edit my review. Get rid of the bamboo, add ruins, have a minimum distance between road terrain and water, best if no player can build a harbor or all can do, make the lake look like a 'Meadow Lake', so that the players can cross by the shallows instead of walking around, make the road areas smaller so that all players have some trees between them.

IN CLOSING: As it is now Meadow Lake suits best to play against the computer, it is fun, a good map and I recommend the download.

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Visual Appeal4.0
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