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Magnum Zero - Era Product
File Details
Version: The Conquerors



We only needed seven days.
In that time, the warring nations had bombarded each other with atomic weapons, virtually ending the world for humankind.
You see, the world was at war for a long time before all this happened. The two nations of United Eastern Umbria (UEU) and the North Star Alliance (NSA) had been at war for the resources the resources of the central sea islands, which had abundant minerals and productive farms. Armies of marines and paratroopers rushed from island to island in the sea that separated the two, and soon they were fighting over wastelands.
The War was no longer about who had the most territory, money and power, but for national pride. If either side backed down, they faced shame and dishonor. They had locked each other into this.
They both developed the strange, atom splitting weapons at the same time. If one or the other developed them, the civilized world would have survived. However, both threatened each other with them at the same time. Immediately terrified of each other, UEU and the NSA immediately deployed the weapons, annihilating major cities and destroying armies.
This exchange went on for seven days, until there were an estimated 20% casualties on either side. The UEU and the NSA ceased to exist. No one cared about territorial boundaries or nationalism any more.
Humankind had been reduced to its most basic state; the one instinct that permeates all life in the galaxy: survival.

Those days since the original use of the bombs have long gone. Humans have resorted to medieval weaponry and have long since forgotten the technique to make firearms. The world has gathered in the dust and rubble, in the shadow of the past; however, they do not unite under the foolish ideals of “national pride” or “territory.” These are base, material things. They unite under ideology. The modern technology is gone. One of the factions must dominate, if the world is to move forward.

Things to note:
There are three different RMSes in the Zip. Era@Fallout is the original Fallout. In Era@Fallout, players start with a band of soldiers. Will players defend their blossoming cities or go pillage and plunder others? In regicide games, players no longer get castles they get Keeps. The bases are surrounded by palisade walls. In both game types, there are abandoned yurts scattered about the Nuked lands, just waiting to be found.
In Era@FalloutN, the ‘N’ stands for normal. In this script, nothing is different from any other default Random Maps except for the map layout. Players no longer get extra troops; players receive castles in regicide, etc. However, the same great Fallout map-design remains.
In Era@FalloutNC, the ‘NC’ stands for no convertibles. This is for gamers who wish to play the computer or other players without the capturable Yurts.

Enjoy the Script!
-Era RMS Team

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
kevingamer prime
Visual Appeal5.0
Fallout, by led by Magnum Zero in the name of Era Productions, is an example of a wonderfully done, very thematic random map script. There are 3 versions of Fallout included, with different setting for different types of gameplay.

Theme: 5/5
The theme in Fallout is omnipresent and very suiting, especailly in the dark age. The story, included in the readme, is nicely done, and gives a good decription, both literally and subliterally, of the RMS to come. Though the theme is a bit cliche, Zero does an excellent job making his ideas work. The map does a jood job of being random, and every time I felt the theme. I liked the first time best, but thats normal.

Visual Appeal: 5/5
The minimap is very pleasing to look at. Little blue dots going off and killing little purple dots across a very colorful and textured minimap. The map itsself is very pleasing to look at. It feels incredibly real and the terrain matches nicely. The map features many many cliffs and ruins, creating chokepoints and excellent backdrops for battles and skirmishes alike. The eyecandy impressed me, aswell. Some parts looked so realistic that I thought I was playing a custom scenario. Nicely populated map aswell, sparse map but alot of interaction with other players.

Playability: 5/5
Incredibly fun to play. great use of elevation and cliffs makes for great strategy, especailly for ranged units. There are good sources of resources around you, but you need to expand sometime in the castle age. Looking at the starting units and good amount of resources, I'd think of this map as a rushing map. My rushing skills, however, is rather subpar, but I had a fun time c-rushing. Nicely balenced, as everyone starts off with equal advantages and disanvantages. You can gather up your band of soldiers (some archers and stuff) and go skirmish or stay back and protect your villagers. Gaia yurts also litter the map, so there is a tangible bonus for exploring.
Petsuchos Ra
Visual Appeal5.0
Theme: 4
The theme is well thought-out, and the terrain and starting units perfectly matches the theme. I don't like the use of the Roman Ruins.

Visual Appeal: 5
The visual appeal was good. I like the mixing of different types of trees. However, I thought it had too many small clumps of terrain and not enough large ones. I would have liked to see some groups of stumps, as if trees had been knocked down by the nuclear explosions, and less of the Roman Ruins. It didn't quite look realistic, again because of the smaller clumps of terrain. The terrains matched each other perfectly.

Playability: 3
I liked the idea of rescueable yurts for extra population. The mixture of starting units is good. This RMS is playable, but the jumble of terrains makes it hard to build a forward base.

Overall: 4
The map was great except for the Roman Ruins and jumble of terrains. I would like to try it again if those parts are fixed.

Petsuchos Ra
Magnum Zero The Roman Ruins are destroyed buildings. I thought they would give the map a decaying look. The jumble of terrains make it interesting.

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Visual Appeal5.0
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